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Not to be confused with Cosmic Fall.

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Cosmic Wall

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Cosmic Wall is the thirteenth stage in Dark Story of Sonic Adventure 2.  It is the final stage for Dr. Eggman.


When Eggman's detector senses two Chaos Emeralds belonging to Sonic and his friends (including Tails' fake one), Eggman climbs in his Egg Walker and sets out to the ARK to confront Sonic. He captures Amy and blackmails Sonic into giving him the Emerald in exchange for Amy's life. He encapsulates Sonic who attempts to give him the fake Emerald and sets the capsule to explode in space. He then bargains with Tails to give him the real Emerald in exchange for their lives. Tails, believing Sonic has died, is angered and instead fights Eggman to avenge Sonic.

Stage Layout

The Stage takes place in the outer portion of the Space Colony ARK, and as such there is low gravity making player jump higher than usual, and even enabling flight for a short amount of time through hovering. The large amount of GUN robots and passive objects make point collection easy, making the Stage one of the easiest stages to earn an A Rank in.

Level Up Item

The Protective Armor is found in this stage. It is found under a platform after the second drop location. One must use the rocket (across from the Level Up Item) to break the cages to allow access to item.


  • This is the only level that a player can score 100,000 points or more


  • (Xbox Live Arcade and PSN Re-release) Grabbing the Chao key is dangerous as it's very common to be sent to a Test Level instead of the Chao Garden with the only way to escape is pausing and exiting the game.


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music - Cosmic Wall03:05

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music - Cosmic Wall


Sonic Adventure 2 - Cosmic Wall07:22

Sonic Adventure 2 - Cosmic Wall

Sonic Adventure 2

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