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Cowbot (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Cowbot".

[Scene: Seaside Island, day]

[Knuckles is stretching because he and Sonic are playing coconut hurl. Tails is talking into a pretend microphone made of a pinecone on a stick.]
Tails: It all comes down to this final toss for the young echidna from Angel Island. He'll need a score of four to take the championship.
[Knuckles grabs Sonic and starts swinging him around.]
Tails: Can he do it? Can he score a four? The crowd is on their feet!
Amy: Can you get on with it already?
[Knuckles throws Sonic and knocks three coconuts out of the tree.]
Tails: Denied! Three coconuts is not quite four.
Sticks: Look!
[A fourth coconut falls and hits Amy on the head.]
Amy: Ow! [Sonic and Knuckles laugh]
Tails: They've done it! They've achieved the impossible! The team of Knuckles and Sonic has bested the team of Sonic and Knuckles!
Amy: Wait a minute. You were playing against yourselves?
Knuckles: No! Weren't you listening? We beat Sonic and Knuckles. Ha! In your face, Sonic and Knuckles!
[As a giant black storm cloud comes with a sunrise, Dr. Eggman arrives from the cloud.]

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