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Crisis City (クライシスシティ Kuraishisu Shiti?) is the seventh Stage in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It represents Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) in the Modern Era of the game. A rival battle with Silver the Hedgehog is also fought here and can be accessed from the level hub. This is likely part of an alternate timeline, as the events of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) were negated due to its ending.

Challenge Acts

Act 1

Act 2


Act 1

Classic Sonic, as usual, has to get to the Goal Post. However, a fire tornado blows the piece of building it's on away. He must chase after the Goal Post and avoid the tornado's winds in order to finish the level. At the end of the stage, Classic Sonic has to push his way through a gale that is constantly blowing him back.

Red Star Rings locations

  1. At the end of the first road, make sure you jump into the red aerial rings before the road collapses. Then, jump on the red flying enemy to take the higher path. When you get to the next 90-degree ramp, you’ll need to spin-dash on it to reach the highest path. The first Red Ring is right before the yellow spring.
  2. After you pass the part where you’re running diagonally down the building, you’ll run past a bunch of platforms that fall after you touch them. Run to the end and jump up to the platform above you before the platform you’re standing on falls. Move on for a while and you’ll eventually come up to a 90-degree ramp past a red dragon. When you’re on the flat top of that ramp, stand on the left side to get some speed. Run and jump up to the next narrow platform. Keep in mind though, if you fall here, you’ll have to start over. Jump to the right and you’ll see two red flying creatures and three narrow moving platforms. Use these in tandem to help you get to the platform with the red spring to the right. Again, if you fall, you’ll unfortunately need to start over, so be careful here. After you hit that red spring, you’ll run right into the second Red Ring.
  3. When you pass a checkpoint and arrive at the area with the volcanic tornado and a handful of floating platforms, move forward. You’ll eventually spot a very small platform moving up and down with the third Red Ring to the right. Jump on the small platform, wait until it reaches the height of its path, and jump over to collect that Ring.
  4. When you enter the next indoor area, run to the right, and when you have the chance, take the lower path. The Red Ring you’re looking for is sitting right on the edge of a cliff, but mind the wind that pushes you to the right.
  5. Head back up to the top path and head outside once more. You’ll eventually stumble upon a floating truck with a yellow spring. Jump up to the spring, but make sure to wait until the volcanic tornado passes. Stay on that high path and you’ll eventually reach the last Red Ring.

Act 2

As with previous acts, Sonic's mission is to reach the goal ring. He must cross fiery chasms and lava pits, before running toward a fire tornado while dodging the debris it throws at Sonic.

Red Star Rings locations

  1. Past the first checkpoint, there will be 3 Iblis Takers over a pit, just after a group of speeders. On the left, there is an angled platform, which has a trail of rings leading to a red star ring. Its dangerous and may require several attempts, but if you position yourself right, you can run along this path, get the ring, and cross to the other side (Time Brake can help with this).
  2. Eventually, you’ll reach a platform being raised by volcanic lava. Use your stomping ability to force it down and you’ll be able to continue. You’ll see three flying dragons orbiting a Red Ring. Use your homing attack to help you get the air you need to collect it.
  3. As you move forward, you’ll arrive at a dead-end with a few wooden crates beneath your feet. Use your stomp ability to break through those boxes. When you land, you’ll be on some platforms that fall when you touch them, so be quick to jump up to the left platform and make your way to the third Red Ring.
  4. Head left and drop down the left-most path (you’ll need to stomp through a path of wooden crates). Slam down on the lava-platform and head to the right. You should see the next Red Ring above a lava-platform, so hop to that platform, wait for it to rise and collect it when it’s within reach.
  5. After you hit the trick ramp, you’ll find yourself in the behind-Sonic perspective once more. Use your controller bumpers to guide you through this next part. You’ll eventually see a ramp on the right side of the path leading up, so step on to it and continue. Ahead, you’ll find a red ramp on the left and a string of rings on the right. Take the right side and you’ll collect those rings as well as the last Red Ring.



  • The classic remix from this stage is very different from the original version. It is heavier, but still sounds like the original.
    • The classic remix also bears a resemblance to the main theme of Mortal Kombat.
    • Music very similar to the classic remix of this stage is played during the Gravity Falls episode Dipper Vs. Manliness, when Dipper is riding on the back of the "Manotaur".
  • If you look to the lower right hand side of the hub world, you can see a rusted sign saying "Central Park".
    • This sign also appears at the very beginning of Act 2, alongside another rusted sign that says "Chao Garden".
  • The last part of the stage, where Sonic rushes towards the tornado of flames down a ruined highway, as it throws debris at him, is, curiously, in reverse to the original level, where Sonic had to run down a highway away from the tornado as it threw debris at Sonic.
  • Sonic does not use a snowboard in this level, as he did in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). The most likely explanation for this is that City Escape already used a snowboard.
  • In the "Blaze: Piercing the Flames" mission, Blaze can also be used to defeat Iblis' minions.
  • This is the only stage in Sonic Generations with no robotic enemies.
  • Takashi Iizuka said there was going to be a cutscene when the Sonics completed the stage, but it got cut.
  • Technically, this level shouldn't appear, since the events of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) did not happen. However, Eggman says that the Time Eater can "erase time and space," which implies that all erased time goes to White Space, so its possible that the games events were simply sent there, too, hence why this level appears.


Sonic Generations Blue Blur Crisis City Act 102:32

Sonic Generations Blue Blur Crisis City Act 1

Sonic Generations Blue Blur Crisis City Act 203:04

Sonic Generations Blue Blur Crisis City Act 2


Sonic Generations Crisis City (Classic) 2'07"90 1080 HD02:34

Sonic Generations Crisis City (Classic) 2'07"90 1080 HD

Sonic Generations Crisis City (Modern) 1080 HD02:34

Sonic Generations Crisis City (Modern) 1080 HD

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