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For the objects in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, see Chaos Crystal. For the object in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, see Lost Crystal of Power.

Quotation1 Crystals increase in point blue from blue to green to red. Grab the best crystals you can to keep your combos going! Quotation2
Hint, Sonic Runners

Crystals are objects featured in Sonic Runners. They are gems in different sizes and colors which are used in gameplay to earn points.


Like Rings, Crystals float around in the stages as different types of string, group or formations. When the player collect a Crystal, they earn points to their score, and by collecting them in close succession the player starts a combo that increases by one for each Crystal collected. As long the player keeps the combo going, more points they earn. There are a total of six different types of Crystals, each which grants a different number of points:

  • Small blue Crystal = 5 points
  • Small green Crystal = 10 points
  • Small red Crystal = 15 points
  • Large blue Crystal = 50 points
  • Large green Crystal = 100 points
  • Large red Crystal = 150 points

Smaller crystals are the most common, while the larger ones only appear occasionally and more often as the player advances with the stages. If the player does not collect Crystals for several seconds or take damage, the combo will be broken. However the combo can be kept going by collecting Rings. Using different items like Magnet or a Color Power, Crystals are automatically drawn to the player. When the player is using Combo Bonus, the Crystal collecting combo becomes unbreakable and keeps increasing the score significantly for a short time.


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