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The Crystal Attack[1] (クリスタル攻撃 Kurisutaru Kōgeki?) is an attack used by Metal Overlord in Sonic Heroes. When using this technique, Metal Overlord fires crystals at his foes.


When performing the Crystal Attack, Metal Overlord forms large chucks of blue crystal and fires them from his mouth as projectiles powerful enough to stun Super State users.

The Crystal Attack is used during Metal Overlord's battle against Team Super Sonic. While it cannot damage the playable characters, it will knock them back if they are hit. However, the player can blast through the Crystal Attack with Super Sonic's Homing Attack which will in turn partially fill the Team Blast Gauge.


  1. Sonic Team (30 December 2003). Sonic Heroes. Xbox. Sega. Level/Area: Metal Overlord. "Amy Rose: I think you can blast through his Crystal Attack using your speed."

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