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Quotation1 Hey! My voice! It's back! Quotation2
Cubot, Sonic Colors
Cubot SLW
First appearance

Sonic Colors

in other media
Real-world designer(s)

Sonic Team

Voice actor(s)
voice actor(s)

Wally Wingert

voice actor(s)

Wataru Takagi

Biographical overview

Dr. Eggman

Also known as
  • Idiot
Physical description



None (referred to as male)

Color scheme

Yellow, black, grey


Light Blue

Alignment and character traits



Eggman Empire

  • Eggman
  • Orbot
  • Slacking off
  • Coffee
  • Looking at stuff
  • Stuff in general
  • Talking
  • Bugging Eggman
Skills, abilities and powers
  • Limited levitation
  • Holographic video projection

Cubot (キューボット Kyūbotto?) is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a robot build by Dr. Eggman and serves as one of his assistants.

Cubot's main job is assisting Dr. Eggman in his schemes for world domination and is paired up with his counterpart Orbot to perform various duties.[1] While loyal to Eggman, Cubot is rather dim-witted, lazy and will try to avoid work. He has a faulty voice chip which causes him to randomly switch between different accents.


Sonic Colors

In Sonic Colors, Cubot, along with Orbot, assisted Dr. Eggman in his scheme to control the world by capturing the alien Wisps from their planets in Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park so their innate Hyper-go-on could be harvested to power Eggman's Mind Control Ray. At some point prior to the day before the amusement would open to the public, Cubot received a new voice chip by Eggman and Orbot to replace his old voice, but occasionally got stuck with a cowboy-accent.

Cubot on the hunt
Cubot out hunting for Wisps.

The day before the amusement opened, Cubot was out with Orbot to try and capture Yacker and a Cyan Wisp. As he chased the Wisps around, trying to catch them in a net, Cubot almost got them when Sonic suddenly arrived and brought them to safety. Some time later, Cubot and Orbot presented the Wisps they had caught to Dr. Eggman, but were soon after send out to capture more, though Cubot did not get that at first due to Eggman's sarcastic remarks. No sooner though, Sonic arrived at the scene, but Cubot did not understand Sonic's snarky joke despite Orbot's help. When the Rotatatron was unleashed and Sonic began fighting it, however, Cubot finally got Sonic's joke. After Sonic destroyed the Rotatatron, Cubot and Orbot were send to clean up the robot's remains. Though they were unable to find Rotatatron's arm, Cubot was not concerned, not aware it had been jammed into Eggman's mind control cannon.

Later, back at Eggman's headquarters, Cubot got a new voice chip installed by Orbot. However, because he received the wrong chip, Cubot got a pirate accent, and took off upon having it installed to deal with Sonic.

Following that, Cubot continued working on his voice, only to end up with a Brooklyn mobster accent. When the mind control cannon was filled with enough Hyper-go-on to enslave the Earth, Cubot was with Eggman and Orbot as the doctor activated the Mind Control Ray, only to see it explode due to the Rotatatron's arm being stuck in it.

Cubot getting his voice back
Cubot getting his old voice back.

As Eggman was in denial of what was happening, Cubot complained about it not being unusual at all as he remarked to the doctor that Sonic had always foiled his plans. Cubot was then playfully slapped in the back by Orbot, who praised him for being more attentive, which made Cubot get his original voice back, much to Cubot's joy, but to Eggman's annoyance. As Eggman took off to salvage his victory by killing Sonic, Cubot praised the doctor for his efforts. When Eggman and his Nega-Wisp Armor was destroyed by Sonic, Cubot was pulled with Eggman and Orbot into a black hole created by the mind control cannon, which was soon after quelled by the Wisp race.

With Eggman's plan foiled and them stranded in outer space, Cubot and Orbot began helping Eggman get back to civilization by pushing him in his trashed Egg Mobile through space. When Orbot tried to offer a bright side in their situation by telling Eggman that Cubot had gotten his voice back, Cubot was excited to have it back expressed his desire to speak by continuously taking, much to Eggman's chagrin.

Sonic Generations

Cubot and Orbot with Eggman when they discovered the Time Eater.

Some time before the events of Sonic Generations, a short while after the destruction of Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, Cubot was still pushing Eggman in his damaged Egg Mobile through outer space alongside Orbot when they encountered the primordial form of the Time Eater. After examining the Time Eater, Eggman discovered the creation's unique ability to erase time and space, and decided to exploit it to erase his past defeats at the hands of Sonic. Cubot and Orbot then pushed Eggman in his Egg Mobile into the Time Eater, disappearing with it to prepare it for his plans, with Cubot waving goodbye to him. It is unknown what happen to Cubot afterwards.

Sonic Lost World

In Sonic Lost World, Cubot and Orbot were working for Dr. Eggman in his newest scheme to conquer the world with the help of the Deadly Six, who Eggman had forced into serving him with the Cacophonic Conch.[2] After kidnapping a capsule full of animals for Badniks, Cubot was flying through the sky with Eggman and Orbot in the Egg Mobile when they were pursued by Sonic and Tails in the Tornado, until Eggman shot the Tornado down with a laser gun.

Cubot - drinking
Cubot drinking the energy from the Extractor.

Making it back to Eggman's factory on the Lost Hex, Cubot worked with Orbot on making Badniks. Later on, when Eggman tested his Extractor, Cubot accidently drunk a portion of the harvested energy, delighted of his strength increasing, until Eggman shut the machine down as the Extractor was unstable and could destroy the planet.

SLW JND Robot Numskulls
Cubot's decapitated head being caught by Orbot.

Later in Desert Ruins, Cubot and Orbot were with Eggman as he punished the Deadly Six for their failures with the Cacophonic Conch when Sonic arrived and knocked the conch away. The Deadly Six then rebelled against Eggman by taking control of Eggman's Badniks and attacked everyone present. During the assault, Cubot got his body destroyed, leaving only his head functional and his voice chip malfunctioning again into his pirate accent. Fortunately, Cubot's head was caught by Orbot, and they soon after escaped with Sonic, Tails and Eggman.

Escaping to Tropical Coast, Cubot was carried away with Orbot, who followed Eggman as he departed from Sonic and Tails. When they learned that the Deadly Six had gotten hold of the Extractor and were using it to destroy the Earth, however, Cubot, Eggman and Orbot came back and teamed up with Sonic and Tails to stop the Deadly Six before they could destroy the world.

During their alliance, as the group traveled across the Lost Hex, Cubot got his voice chip repaired by Tails. Later, Cubot had his head put on a Crabmeat by Tails, but got mean urges from being attached to a battle bot and attacked Tails, before Cubot got his head knocked off by Sonic. When the group got to Sky Road, Cubot got his head attached to Orbot's body by Eggman.

When they arrived at Lava Mountain, the group was attacked by Zazz and Zomom, who destroyed the bridge they stood on and causing Cubot and Orbot to fall into a lava pit. However, they were saved by Eggman, who faked his death in front of Sonic by falling into the same lava pit and then flying to safety with a jetpack, with Cubot and Orbot hitching a ride on him. After Eggman then shut down the Extractor and charged his mech, Cubot and Orbot appeared alongside Eggman in his mech before Sonic and Tails following the defeat of the Deadly Six, with Eggman then engaging Sonic in battle, but was defeated.

Eggman located
Cubot and Orbot finding Dr. Eggman after his fall.

After that, Cubot and Orbot saw Eggman fall down from the Lost Hex due to Sonic sabotaging his jetpack before heading down there to find him. They eventually found Eggman in a hole, where Cubot tried to tell Eggman that half of his mustache was gone, but was kept from it by Cubot. Cubot was convinced by Orbot to wait telling Eggman about his mustache until he had separated them, but Eggman overheard them, making Cubot and Orbot flee.

Other Game Appearances

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

In Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Cubot make several appearances in the game's different events, along with Orbot. In London Party mode, Cubot is one of the helping characters, where sometimes, when placing a sticker on a question mark spot, both Cubot and orbot will appear and copy an existing sticker on that page, placing it in a random spot that is not a question mark. Additionally, Cubot and orbot have their own bonus game, "Orbot And Cubot Tag", where they will try to trap the players in metal cages.

Additionally, when speaking to Metal Sonic in London, Cubot and Orbot will appear above his head and talk to the player instead.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

In Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Cubot appear alongside Orbot as one of the hosts for the Action and Answer Tour.


Cubot is rather dim-witted and slow; even when things are explained specifically to him, it takes a while for him to catch on. He is also very talkative and generally annoying to those around him. His personality can be affected by whatever accent he voice is set to, causing him to adapt mannerisms and behavior associated with the type of accent in question.

Cubot likes Dr. Eggman, but he is lazy, even capable of dozing off while on duty, and tries to get out of doing any work.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Cubots compact form
Cubot's retracted state.

Cubot has the ability to retract his body into a travel-sized cube. While in this state, he is fully capable of movements.

Cubot is able to levitate himself and can move freely through mid-air. However, he is not able to levitate any higher than a few meters off ground. He is also capable of projecting holographic videos from his eyes.[3]

Appearances in Other Media

Archie Comics

Main article: Cubot (Archie)

Cubot appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-off comics. In this media, Cubot is one of Dr. Eggman's emergency lackeys and personal attendants, along with Orbot. When Snively betrayed Eggman and tried to seize control of the Eggman Empire, Cubot and Orbot were activated to help Eggman capture Snively. After the mission was completed, Cubot and Orbot were permanently instated as Eggman's foremost assistants.

Sonic Boom

In a Sega Blog released on 25 February 2014, it is revealed that Cubot will be a part of the upcoming TV series, Sonic Boom and the video game of the same name.[4]


  • Cubot's name is a portmanteau of the words "cube" and "robot".
  • Cubot and Orbot share a similar role to that of several Sonic-related television shows, where Eggman has two henchmen who do most of his work, but are rather incompetent in their own right (such as Scratch and Grounder in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sleet and Dingo in Sonic Underground and Decoe and Bocoe in Sonic X)
  • At two points during Sonic Colors storyline - once during a climactic cutscene and at another point during the final scene after the credits - Cubot speaks as if he and Orbot had been around much longer than from Sonic Colors and onward. The most telling quote is "he stops you like it's his job or something, in fact I can't remember a plan he didn't stop" to Eggman, seemingly retroactively implying that the two have been around for several of Eggman's previous endeavors despite not appearing. In the second instance he says "Did we destroy Sonic this time? Duh, sorry, dumb question! We never destroy Sonic!" which has the same implications.
    • The quote "he stops you like it's his job or something, in fact I can't remember a plan he didn't stop" was possibly referenced in Sonic Generations when Sonic says "No, seriously, we beat this guy every time. It's like it's our job or something!".
  • In the CGI intro of Sonic Colors, Cubot is seen with a mug of coffee, which is strange as robots are incapable of drinking.
  • In the Wii version of Sonic Colors, Cubot has multiple voice changes, but in the Nintendo DS version, his voice and accent stay the same.
  • In the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors, Orbot said that Cubot didn't really grasp the fact that Eggman was his boss.
  • In the ending cutscene of Sonic Colors, where Cubot, Eggman and Orbot are in space, there was a subtitle error when Cubot says "What's up with those things anyway?" but the subtitles incorrectly said "What's up with those guys anyway?"
  • A large yellow/gray cube appearing at Sky Fortress Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 4 has been noted to bear a resemblance to Cubot.
  • In Sonic Lost World, his actual voice is lower-pitched how it was from Sonic Colors.



  • "Yee haw! Git along l'il aliens!" - Cubot chasing a Cyan Wisp and Yacker, who befriend Sonic and Tails.
  • "You got it, pardner! Come on 'ere, you little varmints! Come back here!" - Cubot to Orbot. (This quote is strangely not subtitled at all in the cutscene.)
  • "That'll be easier. Cheeseburgers don't run as fast as them l'il alien varmints." - Cubot not understanding Eggman's sarcasm when the latter asked him and Orbot to "get him a cheeseburger and a shake" instead of more Wisps.
  • "Y'all want fries with that?" - Cubot before getting hit with a wrench, still not understanding Eggman's sarcasm.
  • "I reckon that hurt a bit. Wait a minute, I need to go over yonder. Sorry." - Cubot after being hit by the aforementioned wrench in response to the previous quote. (This quote is strangely not subtitled at all in the cutscene.)
  • "The bossman said to wrangle every piece o' this mess. When you consider what we're doin' from a robot's point of view, it's actually pretty gruesome." - Cubot to Orbot when they are clearing up the remains of Rotatatron.
  • "Iffin' ya say so." - Cubot taking in Orbot's suggestion of not thinking about how "gruesome" clearing up Rotatatron's remains is.
  • "Naw. But, really, how much can it matter?" - Cubot when asked by Orbot about the abscense of one of Rotatatron's arms (which damaged Eggman's mind-control cannon without him knowing it).
  • "Y'all reckon you'll be able to get yerself 'nuff o' that energy to take over the whole dang planet?" - Cubot doubting Eggman's intentions before his first voice chip change.


  • "Yar! Feelin' ship-shape with me new voice chip, I am. Ah-beggin' yer pardon, Squire, but me and my matey are going to sail off an' search fer that lubber Sonic. Arr!"
  • "Arr! Shiver me timbers!" Cubot during the cutscene that the Deadly Six betray Eggman in Sonic Lost World.
  • "Arr! Me voice chip's all cattywampus!" Cubot when at Tropical Coast in Sonic Lost World.


  • "Yeah, I laugh last all the time. People look at me like I'm an idiot. Fogetaboutit!" - Cubot getting Orbot's joke about "Being the slowest one to get the joke."
  • "You talkin' to me?" - Cubot when Eggman tells him he is an idiot.
  • "Yo, quit bustin' my batteries over here, I been working on it all day." - Cubot after Eggman angrliy asks "Why haven't we fixed your voice chip?!"
  • "Yo, what do you mean impossible? Your plans have been crushed by Sonic for like, eh, ever. He stops you like it's his job or somethin'. In fact, I can't remember a plan he didn't stop." - Cubot when Eggman throws a tantrum over the mind-control cannon backfiring.

Original Voice

  • "Thank you buddy. Hey! My voice... IT'S BACK! Alright!" - When he gets his voice back in Sonic Colors (Wii)
  • "I feel like my old self. All I want to do is talk, talk, talk." - In the ending of Sonic Colors.
  • "Hey, remember when we were chasing those little alien guys? What's up with those things anyway? They sure were funny looking! Hahaha! Smelled good, though..." - In the ending of Sonic Colors (Wii)
  • "Oh, I wish we had some sushi! Oh hey, I heard they started using fish. Bummer, we did bring any with us! Not that we could eat it since we're robots but we could have looked at it! I love looking at stuff! I love stuff!" - In the ending ofSonic Colors (Wii)
  • "Hey, the fireworks show at the end was great! How'd you get everything to blow up like that? LOVED IT!"
  • "By the way did we destroy Sonic this time? Duh, sorry, dumb question! We never destroy Sonic! Ooh, look at that star, and look at that one, ooh, look at that..." - In the ending of Sonic Colors (Wii)
  • "He must really love those things!" - Cubot noticing Sonic trying to hit the capsule in the opening cutscene for Sonic Lost World.
  • "Oh yeah, that's the stuff! Feed me, baby! Glug glug glug! I'm feeling stronger by the second!" - Cubot drinking the juice gained from extracting the Earth's energy in Sonic Lost World.
  • "Aww. Why'd you stop boss? I felt great!" - Cubot after Eggman orders Cubot to shut down the Extractor in Sonic Lost World.
  • "I can't feel my legs" - Cubot after Orbot places his head on the headless snowman he made.
  • "Oh, I don't know. Being a robot's not so bad." - Cubot trying to reassure Sonic after he realises that the Deadly Six are going to turn Tails into a robot.
  • "Uh, why can't we tell him about his mustache?" - Cubot asking why they can't tell him about Dr. Eggman's half eaten mustache.


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