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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Cutlass Depardieu, formerly known as Antoine D'Coolette, is an alternate reality version of Antoine D'Coolette and a member of the dwindling resistance opposing Enerjak in an alternate future zone. As his name implies, he fights using a sword.


The Last Resistance

Cutlass had joined up with Jani-Ca's resistance movement and was one of the few left free after their attempt to defeat Enerjak was foiled. At some point, Cutlass wrote a letter to Jani-Ca about a man, Sir Charles Hedgehog, from their world that he had told her about before. In the letter, he included an introduction to Charles since he doubted that he would present himself well due to seeing more hardships than many of the remaining resistance members. He also mentioned that Charles could be temperamental and would try her patience, but to give him her sympathies. Cutlass' letter then went on to mention that Charles was amazingly brilliant and knew of a medical technique that was sure to save some lives. He warned that it was a dangerous technology and that Charles was loath to use it, but Cutlass had convinced him that it was truly for the greater good. He ended the letter by telling Jani-Ca to give his regards to Blockbuster Polar Bear, who had presumably been injured and was in need of Charles' Roboticizer. (SU: #26, Official Blog)

Cutlass continued to live in hiding within Nekronopolis; one day, he and the other Freedom Fighters ventured out to attack a group of Enerjak's Prelate warriors. Cutlass and Dagger Walrus made quick work of one of the Prelates, catching it in a cross of blades. It was soon discovered that the Prelates had been after Silver the Hedgehog; when he explained that he was a time traveller from another zone, Cutlass was both amused and exasperated, thinking the young hedgehog was insane; he was taken aback when Jani-Ca said she believed his story. The group returned to their hidden base with the hedgehog. Unfortunately, they were soon discovered by Enerjak, who set his reformed Prelates against the group; Cutlass managed to slice a thrown weapon in half with his sword, but the battle was going poorly. (SU: #26)


Cutlass is a brown coyote with longish, messy blond hair and blue eyes. As an alternate counterpart to Antoine D'Coolette, the two share some similarities, though there are some marked differences. Being older, Cutlass has some lines around his eyes; his torso is crisscrossed with numerous scars. He wears blue pants and brown boots; his hands are wrapped in bandages.


Cutlass is a bit arrogant and rough around the edges. He was initially dismissive of Silver's claims of being a time traveller. However when Dagger and Silver were fighting, he tried to separate the two.



  • The name Depardieu stems from SatAM, in which it was Antoine's last name (as opposed to D'Coolette, as it is in the comics).

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