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Cycleclips is a character who appears in Sonic the Comic published by Fleetway Editions. The leader of the Zed Monkeys, Cycleclips has the ability to project bicycle clips to defeat his opponents.


Cycleclips is a humanoid monkey who wears a red and black Zed Monkeys uniform. He wears a yellow belt with a banana insignia in the middle and a large "Z" pin placed on the diagonal strip of his belt. The belt strap goes around his left shoulder to his back side of the belt. He possesses a red visor covering his eyes, and has red gloves, black boots, and brown fur.


Zed Monkey's Powers

Cycleclips projecting his powers, from Sonic the Comic #96.

Cycleclips and the Zed Monkeys arrived at Mootant Village to stop the Yob, but unfortunately, it was the same time as their "hero hour" (which forces them to only pose and flex for an entire hour). Frustrated at their incompetence, Sonic the Hedgehog went and stopped the Yob. He then faced against Professor Zed (who was secretly Madmeano, the Zed Monkey's arch rival) and proved to Cycleclips and the Zed Monkeys that their leader was a fraud. Cycleclips and the other Zed Monkeys thanked Sonic for his help and decided to abandon Hero Hour in favor of their own Agony Hour, where they would feel sorry for themselves about their mentor being evil.[1]

Powers and abilities

Cycleclips is able to project bicycle clips to defeat his opponents at ease.[1]


  • Cycleclips is an obvious parody of the character Cyclops from the comic series X-Men.


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