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D-Fekt, originally named RagnaBot, is the primary antagonist in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.[1][2] Originally a mining mech created by Dr. Eggman, he had a malfunction that granted him powers beyond his intended purpose. Eager to prove himself, D-Fekt sought the defeat of Sonic the Hedgehog, but wound up in Sticks the Badger's care.

Concept and creation

D-Fekt's name is a play on the word "Defect," which is a reference to his defective magnets.[2]



D-Fekt compared to Sonic and Amy.

A rather small robot, D-Fekt is similar to Orbot and Cubot in terms of facial features, possessing the duo's cyan mouths and cyan eyes, but no lower jaw. Other than that, D-Fekt has an orange, black and tan color scheme, a tall head and a rather small humanoid body by comparison. His four-fingered hands and forearms are overall more armored than the rest of him. He also has round shoulder pads, simple and small legs, two caps on his head resembling ears, and a grey slot-based screw cap on his forehead.



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice


D-Fekt in Eggman's lair.

Created as "RagnaBot" by Dr. Eggman in Eggman's Lair, D-Fekt was designed to extract Ragnium from Ragna Rock for Eggman's EggBot Racers using magnetism. Hearing Eggman's premature praise of him upon his activation, RagnaBot was smitten with affection for the doctor. However, RagnaBot failed his testrun when his malfunctioning magnets could not attract Ragnium, prompting Eggman to rename him "D-Fekt" in contempt. However, D-Fekt secretly learned he could magnetize everything else to gain more power, and so sought to beat Sonic,[2] if only to please Eggman.

While D-Fekt continued to be a failure in Eggman's eyes, he was made one of Eggman's Island Defenders tasked to keep fissures open so the by-products from Eggman's operations on Ragna Rock could piped through them, lest Ragna Rock would explode from the pressure. In an attempt to keep Sonic and Amy from sealing fissures on Kodiak Frontier, D-Fekt got the attention of Team Sonic. While D-Fekt escaped the heroes, his failed attempts to stop them earned him more chiding from Eggman when he dropped by.

D-Fekt would subsequently travel to other fissures, with Team Sonic hot on his heels and sealing the fissures he protected. Along the way, he met Sticks the Badger and the two developed an affection for one another. D-Fekt was eventually captured by Team Sonic for tests, and though he escaped, the heroes got him to wear a tracker which they used to follow D-Fekt to Ragna Rock. There, D-Fekt showed his powers before Eggman for the first time when following the doctor's orders to destroy Team Sonic when they arrived. However, D-Fekt went overboard and destroyed Eggman's Ragnium mine before he was defeated by Sonic and Sticks. Afterwards, D-Fekt was given to Sticks by Eggman in reluctant gratitude towards Team Sonic for saving his life in the mines. Tails then reprogramed D-Fekt into a harmless mech and Sticks took him home.

TV series

Season two



D-Fekt showing affection.

A silent, yet emotional Eggman robot, D-Fekt is defined by his stalwart faithfulness and unwavering affection for those he care about. Shorty after coming online, he quickly came to love Dr. Eggman after hearing how proud the doctor was of what he was meant to accomplish, and despite being mistreated by Eggman afterwards, D-Fekt's affection for him never faltered. D-Fekt is also very determined; though he was labeled a failure and constantly mistreated for it, D-Fekt never let those experiences get to him. Instead, he resolved to serve his master to the best of his abilities. This lead to D-Fekt discovering the true potential of his malfunctioning magnets and devoting himself entirely to his assignments.

Despite his willingness to please, D-Fekt is not above running away from his jobs when finding himself in a pinch. D-Fekt is also very clumsy, often tripping and falling when jumping or running, and his determination can make him overzealous and reckless at times, like facing Team Sonic several times without powering up for their confrontations. Also, D-Fekt can go overboard to the point of rampaging in his eagerness; after finally getting praised by demonstrating his new powers, D-Fekt ended up destroying Eggman's precious Ragnium mine and nearly killing Eggman himself while following the doctor's orders destroy Team Sonic.

When not focused on his goals, D-Fekt can be very docile. When meeting Sticks, he allowed the badger to play fetch with him and even pet him. He similarly accepted a supposed "gift" from Sticks, showing he was not entirely hostile towards his enemies and at least somewhat trusting.

Powers and abilities

D-Fekt power

D-Fekt using his powers.

D-Fekt is the most powerful mech ever created by Dr. Eggman, having been described as "unflinchingly powerful."[3] Supposedly, not even opponents of Knuckles' caliber is a match for him alone.

D-Fekt is equipped with powerful eco-magnets which were intended to magnetize and move around Ragnium. However, a malfunction enabled him to magnetize everything other than Ragnium, from artificial structures to substances of organic origin. This allows D-Fekt to draw the environment itself to him and form it into new objects, his most prominent use of this skill being to build himself up to form giant robotic creatures with enormous raw strength and durability. These constructs also possess destructive powers depending on the material used in their construction, from generation of organic substances to channeling of pure elemental forces of nature. He can also use his magnets on himself to gain flight.

As an Eggman robot, D-Fekt is also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[4]


D-Fekt's own body possesses very little physical might, putting him at a disadvantage against opponents in direct combat. In fact, he is so weak that Sticks alone was able to keep him immobilized with minimal effort. Also, being an Eggman robot, D-Fekt relies on Eggman's lair to provide him with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then he will too.[4]


Dr. Eggman

Created by Dr. Eggman, the doctor was the center of D-Fekt's world. Shortly after being activated, D-Fekt heard Eggman voice all the great things that he was meant to accomplish, leaving D-Fekt with such a positive impression of Eggman that he came to love the doctor. When D-Fekt could not attract Ragnium as he was meant to, however, Dr. Eggman's opinion for him turned around almost immediately, prompting Eggman to label him a born failure and change his name from "RagnaBot" to "D-Fekt" in recognition of this fact.


Eggman apologizing to D-Fekt for his mistreatment of him.

Although saddened about Eggman's new opinion for him, D-Fekt never held it against the doctor and stayed unwavering faithful to him. In fact, despite being constantly chided by Eggman for being a disappointment and skewing up everything he did, D-Fekt's affection for Eggman never changed. To D-Fekt, all he wanted was give Eggman love, even though he got nothing but contempt in return. D-Fekt thus worked diligently to please Eggman by protecting his fissures and seeking to defeat Eggman's enemy, Sonic. When D-Fekt finally regained Eggman's admiration by demonstrating his powers on Ragna Rock, D-Fekt went so much out of his way to destroy Team Sonic as Eggman had ordered that he tore Eggman's Ragnium mine apart and nearly killed Eggman himself. Afterwards, Eggman apologized to D-Fekt for how he had treated him despite being obligated to give him to Team Sonic, something which D-Fekt did not resist.

Team Sonic

Originally, D-Fekt viewed Team Sonic as his enemies in general, seeking their defeat to please Dr. Eggman and regain his favor. D-Fekt was in particular determined to defeat Eggman's arch nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog.[2] However, D-Fekt had a somewhat friendly relationship with Sticks the Badger, who was the only person besides Eggman he was shown to like. During their first meeting, D-Fekt would play fetch with Sticks and even let her pet him, although he was a little confused about the former and perhaps a little unnerved by Sticks' quirky nature. This did not stop him from accepting a "gift" from Sticks though, hinting a degree of trust towards the female badger.

During his mission to protect Eggman's fissures, D-Fekt often fought Team Sonic with extreme determination, going as far as to challenge them without boosting his power, although he was not so obsessed about defeating them that he would not run away when outmatched. In return, D-Fekt was constantly tailed by Team Sonic who sought him for his connection to the fissures. In the end though, D-Fekt allowed Eggman to leave him in the care of Sticks and Team Sonic after their final battle on Ragna Rock.



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