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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the character in the Archie Comics, see Duck "Bill" Platypus.

Quotation1 Wonderful rolemodelling. Quotation2
D.B. Platypus, "Role Models"

Duck Bill Platypus,[1] or just D.B. Platypus for short, is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is an anthropomorphic platypus and excessively strict image specialist.[2]


D.B. Platypus is a humanoid platypus with chartreuse colored fur and is about as tall as Sonic. He has a very thick head and neck with a broad arylide yellow bill, small green eyes and two hair tuffs on both sides of his head. He also has rather broad shoulders and a fuzzy, apple green beaver-tail. For attire, he wears a black bowler hat, red-framed glasses reminiscent of pince-nez glasses, a black jacket with a befitting white shirt and red bowtie, white gloves, and white and black shoes.


TV series

Season one

1.41 - Role Models (8)

Platypus supervising Team Sonic.

D.B. Platypus was hired by Mayor Fink to make Team Sonic better role models for the village youth after they horsed around in public. Establishing himself upon meeting them, Platypus had the team follow gradually stricter rules about etiquette which eventually made Sticks leave. As Team Sonic then tried to stop Dr. Eggman's rampage, Platypus restricted them from using violence among other things, leaving the heroes helpless. However, he was disposed of by Sticks when she threw him into a garbage can, allowing her to get her team back in action.[2]


Don't even think about it!

D.B. Platypus' strict demeanor.

D.B. Platypus is somewhat regal in his approach with a slight sense of dry humor. However, he is a very strict, if not a little short-tempered, adviser. He demands unquestionable compliance from his clients and their personal opinions hold no importance to him. When pleased, he gladly gives compliments (or blows his praise whistle), but when even the slightest detail is off, he cites his clients by blowing his whistle.[2]

As an image specialist, D.B. Platypus' forte is visual image. He is knowledgeable in the expression people leave on others and is well-versed in proper behavior. However, he takes these ideals to an extreme degree. When Team Sonic faced Dr. Eggman, he had the heroes use excessive safety gear and talk to the doctor instead of fighting, all to have them set a good example for children, even when the heroes got creamed and the children disagreed with him. In his view, the perfect role is a soulless drone who follows every rule.[2]


"Remember, you're not people anymore, you're role models!"
—D.B. Platypus, "Role Models"
"A true role model knows the value of a home cooked meal."
—D.B. Platypus, "Role Models"
"Uh, just a moment ol' chap, running into a room is bad form. Sonic, I'm looking at you."
—D.B. Platypus addressing the Old Monkey and then eyeing at Sonic. "Role Models"
"Role modeling fraction!"
—D.B. Platypus, "Role Models"


  • In the Russian dub of Sonic Boom, D.B. Platypus was just called "Platypus".
  • Bill Freiberger has revealed that D.B. Platypus will return in season two of Sonic Boom.[3]


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