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Daniel (ダニエル Danieru?), often referred to as Danny (ダニー Danī?), is a character from the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is one of Christopher Thorndyke's best friends along with Helen and Frances.



New World Saga


Danny in the anime.

One day in Station Square Elementary School, Danny excitedly chatted about Sonic the Hedgehog to Chris and Frances. They and the rest of their class were then informed by their principal that they would be taught by a new homeroom teacher named Mister Stewart (who was actually an undercover G.U.N. operative sent to keep an eye on Chris and his friends because of their friendship with Sonic the Hedgehog and co.).[1] Another time in class, when Danny and his classmates could not solve a class problem, E-51 Intelligente appeared and took over Mr. Stewart's class, befriending Danny and his class. When Dr. Eggman personally showed up and threatened to disassemble him for his treason, Intelligente had no option but to obey Eggman's original orders of convincing the kids to worship the evil doctor and kept Danny and the other students after class until Intelligente was destroyed by Sonic and the doctor left, allowing Danny and the others to finally go home.[2]

While Danny was in class one day, a rumor came up that another Chaos Emerald had been found in an abandoned warehouse. Danny went to investigate with Sonic, Tails, and Chris, but were lured in the wrong direction by Rouge the Bat. By the time they discovered the mistake and checked out the warehouse, the trap set by G.U.N. had already caught Rouge, leaving Danny and the others befuddled by the false lead.[3]

Danny was then watching an ensuing battle between G.U.N, Sonic, and co. against Dr. Eggman alongside a crowd in Station Square, which included the Diamond Stadium groundskeeper Albert Butler and team manager Elmer Johnson, and cheered alongside them for the heroes as they emerged victorious with Sonic claiming the Chaos Emeralds from Eggman while G.U.N. was able to destroy his headquarters.[4]

Chaos Emerald Saga

One day, Danny was with Helen and Frances on a street corner in Station Square, when they saw the Egg Fort II pass overhead, before Sonic roared passed in pursuit. Whether or not they bore witness to the conflict between Sonic and the Egg Fort II as the E-99 Eggsterminator is unknown.[5]

Chaos Saga

When Perfect Chaos launched his flooding of Station Square, Danny got evacuated from the school with Frances, Helen, and the other students. Mister Stewart joined them to usher them to safety, directly violating his orders from his superiors at G.U.N. to return to headquarters because of the situation with Perfect Chaos.[6]

Shadow Saga

Despite Mister Stewart's heroism with staying with them to get them to safety from Perfect Chaos' attack, Danny and the rest of his classmates soon learned that he had been transferred to another assignment. They did not realize however that, because of him wanting to protect them and violating his orders from G.U.N. headquarters, G.U.N. had reassigned him to work with Scarlet Garcia on finding information on Project Shadow. Danny would soon after say goodbye to Chris when his family had to move to the capital while their mansion was getting cleaned from Perfect Chaos' attack.[7]

Emerl Saga

Danny later fought and lost to Chris during the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up in episode 45, "Prize Fights".

Metarex Saga

He does provide support to aiding Helen and Frances during the Metarex arc with trying to get the portal to Sonic's world working again using the notes Chris left behind.


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