Darkness, or just Dark, is an element that appears in Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Darkness-based skills don’t have a clearly defined trait, unlike Fire and Wind. They mostly have miscellaneous effects that otherwise don’t fit with the other two elements’ effects. When using Darkness, Sonic is often enveloped in black and purple energy.


The following list is the skills that are of the Darkness element.
  • Soul Absorber: Gives a Soul Gauge boost when you land.
  • Soul Assimilator: Soul Gauge increases more than with Soul Absorber.
  • Soul Devourer: Improves your Gauge's rate of increase more than with Soul Assimilator.
  • Sub S Devourer: Soul Gauge increases when landing but Rings are consumed.
  • Cancel Absorber: When landing off a Jump Cancel, experience is gained.
  • Cancel Assimilator: More experience is gained than with Cancel Absorber.
  • Cancel Devourer: More experience is gained than with Cancel Assimilator.
  • Sub C Devourer: When landing off a Jump Cancel, exp is gained but Rings are used.
  • Expert Attack: Experience is gained with each Homing Attack.
  • Soul Slider: Gradually gain experience points while sliding.
  • Slowed Search: Enables lock-on to certain objects while in Time Break.
  • Sub S-Search: Enabled lock-on to objects while in Time Break but increases Soul use.
  • Ring Saver: Reduces the number or Rings lost when damage is taken
  • Soul Resurrection: Uses Soul Gauge to revive when defeated.
  • Soul Armor: Reduces the Soul lost when damage is taken.
  • Sub S Armor: Reduces soul amount lost when damaged but defense is greatly reduced.
  • Soul Barrier: Soul Gauge increases when you lose Rings.
  • Sub S-Barrier: Increases Soul Gauge as Rings are used but greatly lowers defense.
  • Pearl Collector: Attracts nearby Pearls.
  • S-Pearl Collector: Increases the area in which you can collect Pearls over Pearl Collector.
  • H-Pearl Collector: Increases the area in which you can collect Pearls over S Pearl Collector.
  • Ring Bonus: Adds additional Rings to counter at game start.
  • Rower Restart: Gives additional Rings when restarting after defeat.
  • Exchange: Each Ring collected counts as 2 Pearls.
  • Expert Drift: Gain experience by drifting when approaching a corner.
  • Homing Bonus: Bonus experience for defeating multiple enemies with Homing Attack.
  • Ring of Zero: When Ring Count is 0, the amount of experience gained increases.
  • Chain Bonus: Bonus experience is earned when collecting Rings in succession
  • Present: Limits the total number of Rings. When Rings reaches 100, experience is gained.
  • Sub C Present: Limits total Rings. When Rings reach 100, Soul is used to gain experience.
  • Crest of Darkness: Unlocks the power of darkness if you equip 8 dark-based skills.