This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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The Dark Arms are a species that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. They are a genetically-fixed breed of the Black Arms, cultivated from the Wisps, made by Eclipse the Darkling, originally meant to feed from the living of Sonic's World.


Origin and Shadow Fall


Eclipse and Black Death overseeing the development of the Dark Arms, from Sonic Universe #69.

The Dark Arms are a genetically fixed-breed of Black Arms, using some samples of the Wisp species and cultivating them for Eclipse the Darkling's grand scheme.[1] As they were placed in a nursery located inside the New Black Comet, the Dark Arms were originally meant to travel to Sonic's World so that they may feast on the lives of countless people and animals to become stronger and powerful. However, thanks to Team DarkShadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E-123 Omega–and the Spider Troupe, the New Black Comet was destroyed, but Eclipse and the Dark Arms eggs were planted on an escape pod, as they crash landed on Red Mountain Zone located in Angel Island.[2]

Total Eclipse


Eclipse feeding the Dark Arms, from Sonic Universe #67.

After crash landing in the mountains, Eclipse had realized that all but four of the Dark Arms eggs were crushed by the crash, and the four remaining Dark Arms–Blurk, Cregal, Cyzer, and Rhygenta–were then tamed and were raised by Eclipse, as he swore vengeance to Team Dark, especially Shadow. After a quick feeding time, Eclipse realized that Rouge, Omega, and a "red-one" were searching for Eclipse. Eclipse, after hearing Shadow being name-dropped, decided to make a quick trip to obliterate Shadow, while he left the Dark Arms for a short time.[3] Whereas Eclipse had ambushed but failed at destroying Shadow, the Dark Arms were nearly caught by Knuckles, Rouge, and Omega. Luckily, Omega received the news of Eclipse attacking Shadow, and thus the three heroes left, leaving the Dark Arms unharmed.[4]


Blurk, Cregal and Cyzer rush to Eclipse's aid, from Sonic Universe #70.

Eclipse had returned to the shuttle where he resided and found the Dark Arms thankfully unharmed. He then gained the epiphany that the Dark Arms, while still too young, are prepared to fight against the heroes and prepare the conquest of the planet. Eclipse and the Dark Arms arrived at the Shrine Isle, where only Rouge, Omega, a G.U.N. Beetle (operated by Doctor Snively), Fixit, and Relic the Pika remained (Knuckles and Shadow had got into a fight on the custody of the Master Emerald, and thus had ended up at Azure Lake Zone). Eclipse used the Dark Arm Powers of Blurk, Cregal, and Cyzer to subdue each individual that he would deem a threat, and began to head to the Master Emerald, preparing to steal it for his own malicious intentions.[1] Once they had stolen the Master Emerald, the Dark Arms and Eclipse headed to Team Dark's G.U.N. shuttle, only to be faced with the opposition of Knuckles and Shadow. Blurk, Cregal and Cyzer used all their strength in the fight but soon became worn out. With this, Rhygenta aided Eclipse with the power of its Sonic Cannon. This put Knuckles and Shadow down long enough for all of them to escape from the island.[5]

Powers and abilities

Main article: Dark Arm Power

The Dark Arms, much like the species on which they are based on, possess a unique power known as the "Dark Arm Power", which allows them to be absorbed into an individual and grant them different powers. Since only four Dark Arms are left in existence, the Dark Arm Powers are limited. Known Dark Arms Powers are:

  • Armor: Blurk's Dark Arm Power. Grants the user a bulletproof shield covering their entire body.
  • Laser: Cyzer's Dark Arm Power. Transforms the user's hands into blue-hued "gloves" with an eye on the palm of their hand, gifting the user with the ability to shoot lasers.
  • Sonic Cannon: Rhygenta's Dark Arm Power. Transforms the user's arm into a cannon capable of unleashing a devastating sonic attack.
  • Wing: Cregal's Dark Arm Power. Grants the user wings that replace their hands, allowing the user to fly through the air.




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