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Quotation1 You would not understand, nor could you understand. That is why I must do what I must do. I am finished with you. Quotation2
Dark Queen, Sonic and the Black Knight
Dark Queen
Merlina as the Dark Queen
First appearance

Sonic and the Black Knight
(First and only appearance)

Transformation overview
Base character

Merlina the Wizard

Cause of 

Scabbard of Excalibur

Voice actor(s)
Voice actor(s)

Melissa Hutchison

Voice actor(s)

Mamiko Noto

Physical description





Amber yellow

  • Black cloak with orange hemlines, yellow markings, white feather-like rims and red locks
  • Black dress with purple markings
  • Belt with red swirl symbol in the front
  • Metal headband with purple gem
Skills, powers and abilities
Enhanced powers
and skills
  • Enhanced High Ancient Magic
    • Impenetrable barrier conjuration
    • Shadow manifestation
    • Energy projection
    • Spectral transformation
  • Swordsmanship
  • Granting immortality
  • High reflexes

The Dark Queen (黄泉の女王 Yominojoō?, lit. "Queen of the Underworld") is a transformation of Merlina the Wizard achieved through the power of scabbard of Excalibur and is the final boss of Sonic and the Black Knight. Merlina assumed this form when she tried to make her kingdom everlasting by applying the Scabbard of Excalibur's immortality-granting magic to the world of Camelot, but she was stopped by Excalibur Sonic and Excalibur before her forces could destroy the world.


In her standard form as the Dark Queen, Merlina appears as a darker version of her regular self. Her long red-violet hair has turned violet-blue and hangs lose and voluminous behind her back with a large and detailed red hairclip adorning it. Her skin has also turned white, her eyes have turned amber yellow, and below her left eye, she has gained a tattoo composed of two curved violet-blue lines.

In terms of attire in her standard Dark Queen form, Merlina's cloak has become black, with the hemlines having turned orange, the symbols adorning it having turned yellow, the lock on her chest having turned red, and has gained large white feather-like extension on the rims. Likewise, her dress has become black, with the symbols adorning it having become purple and her belt having become red, with white feather-like extensions adorning it as well.

In battle as the Dark Queen, Merlina can assume the appearance of a giant ghostly version of King Arthur. This spectral form of King Arthur, while sharing many of his characteristics, is colored completely black with an aura of blue flames, is equipped with an eye on its chest, has four arms, whereas two of the arms are connected at the hips, no legs and a cloth-like tail. On the back of this form, Merlina has dozens of cape-like energy strips floating, and a large circle composed of medieval symbols at the top of her back. In her two lowers arms she has two copies of Deathcalibur, and in her two upper arms she has two short orb-like wands.


Merlina first assumed the form of the Dark Queen after she betrayed Sonic by revealing her intentions for bringing him into the world of Camelot. Using the scabbard of Excalibur, Merlina called upon the forces of the Underworld to spread the scabbard's immortality to the entire kingdom, becoming the Dark Queen in the process. Using her High Ancient Magic, the Dark Queen created the Dark Hollow and began spreading the Underworld's magic across the kingdom.

While residing in the Dark Hollow, the Dark Queen was confronted by Sonic and Caliburn, who had come to stop her before her forces could destroy the kingdom. As Sonic questioned her actions, the Dark Queen calmly replied that the kingdom would end one way or another and began to solemnly tell about the grim future that awaited the world of Camelot. Not willing to let this future come to pass despite her grandfather's efforts, the Dark Queen told how she would make the kingdom eternal with the scabbard of Excalibur, but Sonic refused a world without an end.

Unfazed, the Dark Queen questioned Sonic's stance in the face of her sorrow, but Sonic attacked her. The Dark Queen, however, easily repelled Sonic, before deciding to kill him with her shadow, cleaving and seemingly destroyed Caliburn in the process. Despite beating Sonic to an inch of his life, the hedgehog continued to attack her in vain. Suddenly, however, Sonic received the remaining Sacred Swords from the Knights of the Round Table, transforming him and Caliburn into Excalibur Sonic and Excalibur.

In response to her foes' transformation, the Dark Queen transformed into a giant ghostly version of King Arthur and confronted them in the depths of the Underworld. Eventually, however, the Dark Queen was worn down from their fight and she was dealt the final blow. After her defeat, the Dark Queen reverted back to a normal Merlina, who was then redeemed when Sonic convinced her to live her life to the fullest in their time they had.

Powers and Abilities

As the Dark Queen, Merlina's High Ancient Magic have been vastly increased and she can command the unbelievably dark magical forces of the Underworld which are powerful enough to engulf and take over an entire kingdom. In this state, she is so powerful that she can easily beat back opponents like Sonic the Hedgehog, who at the time possessed the Sacred Sword Caliburn and had advanced swordsmanship skills in addition to his normal abilities, without any effort.

The Dark Queen possesses impressive senses and reflexes, being able to keep track of Sonic's movements and react according to them.

With her magic, the Dark Queen is capable of several supernatural feats, such as conjuring up an impenetrable barrier that can repel enemies with extreme force, levitation and teleporting objects. She is also able to call forth a physical manifestation of her own shadow in the shape of King Arthur that she can control at will, which possesses enough physical strength to cleave through Caliburn's blade and heavily injuring Sonic, and has fast enough movements to strike Sonic while he is running.

Due to possessing the Scabbard of Excalibur, the Dark Queen can as well bestow immortality to anything she desires, making the object in question immortal and everlasting.

As seen during the battle with Excalibur Sonic, the Dark Queen can transform herself into a gigantic spectral and demonic version of King Arthur. In this form, the Dark Queen possesses enough strength to fight on par with the heavily empowered Excalibur Sonic, and has enough physical durability to withstand several sword slashes from Excalibur, the strongest of all Sacred Swords. She can also, in this form, call upon her magic to form temporarily barriers to protect herself, though they can be broken by Excalibur Sonic's attacks, and project destructive balls of energy. She has also demonstrated efficient swordsmanship in this form, being able to dual-wield two large Deathcalibur-like swords at once and use them effectively in combat.


Boss Guide

Dark Queen
Darkqueen fullpower
The Dark Queen's spectral form during the final battle.

Sonic and the Black Knight


Dark Hollow


The final fight of the game takes dark dimension, where the player has to gain enough of Soul Gauge and do multiple slashes to the Dark Queen to make her dissolving.

The battle resembles the final duel with Alf-Layla-wa-Layla in Sonic and the Secret Rings since both are played in a different dimension and both introduce a new transformation for Sonic (Darkspine Sonic in Sonic and the Secret Rings and Excalibur Sonic in Sonic and The Black Knight). The objective for the player to beat her is to flick the Wii Remote when one is shown on the screen to power up Sonic's Soul Gauge, then after slashing her multiple times, it will show her slightly dissolving, emitting dark energy, and then the screen will feature the Final Cutscene and Credits.


Sonic and the Black Knight Final Boss- The Dark Queen(02:36)

Memorable Quotes

  • "I've been expecting you."
  • "This kingdom will fail one way or another. Such as its fate."
  • "Do you know what is to become of this kingdom?"
  • "This was to be our ideal world, but it will not last. 'King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table will end in ruin."
  • "The King Arthur my grandfather Merlin created led to nothing but mistakes, but I can succeed with the power of the scabbard, creating a kingdom that never ends."
  • "My sorrow at its ruin runs deeper than the depths of the Underworld. Do you not understand?"
  • "Your efforts are futile."
  • "You would not understand, nor could you understand. That's why I must do what I must do. I am finished with you."
  • "This story and the world it created will come to an end. Is that what you wish?"
  • "Your blade can not touch me."
  • "I thought the sacred sword Excalibur was a mere legend."
  • "Why can you not understand how magnificent an everlasting kingdom will be?"
  • "You could never understand my sorrow at seeing the ruinous future of this kingdom."
  • "Your selfishness is going to be the end of it all."
  • "Aaaaaaaaah! But I.....I....! Aaaaaaaaah!!!" - When defeated by Sonic


  • The Dark Queen monster looks very similar to King Arthur.
  • The Dark Queen is the only villain who doesn't wish to destroy or rule over everything. In fact, her goal is the opposite, since she wants the story's world to last forever.
  • A similar final boss appeared in one of the Mario Games. The Shadow Queen, final boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, is similar to the Dark Queen. Both have control over magic, both have a similar name, as shadow and dark are almost the same thing. Both are at first invincible and both are weakened by ancient artifacts.
  • The Dark Queen's role is similar to Morgan Le Fay, the antagonist of the novel King Arthur. While Sonic's similarity role is King Arthur.
  • She is the first female antagonist and final boss that Sonic faces.
  • There is a way to defeat the Dark Queen in very little time. As perfect hits are dealt, the soul gauge will keep filling, up to a point where a second will fill on top of the first. If the second gauge gets maxed out, the player will win automatically.
  • If the player defeats her with 5 Mastery Stars, the player will obtain a profile of Merlina.
  • When telling Sonic her intention to make the kingdom that last forever, she summons a yellow carnation. A yellow carnation means disappointment or dejection. This implies her disappointment with either: 1. Sonic not aproving of her desire 2. Her sorrow to her world ending 3. refusing to let her world end.
  • The image of the Dark Queen at the beginning of her boss fight is actually a texture, not a 3D model.
  • Her transformation does not include her actual name like most transformations.


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