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For other uses of the term, see Dash (disambiguation).

The Dash is a move used by Sonic the Werehog in Sonic Unleashed. It is a feral running style that Sonic uses to run at a greater speed in his Werehog form.


Werehog dashing

Sonic the Werehog when using Dash.

When using the Dash, Sonic the Werehog falls down on both his hands and feet where he starts to run along the ground like a quadrupedal animal. When doing this, Sonic the Werehog is able to move at a much greater speed than he can on two feet.

In gameplay, the Dash allows the player to move around with Sonic the Werehog at much greater speed than by walking around. Additionally, the Dash enables the player to make much farther jumps by jumping during the Dash and to use some of his special Skills.

To perform the Dash in gameplay, the player has to do the following actions:

PS2 Wii (remote) Wii (Classic Controller) Wii (GameCube Controller) PS3 Xbox 360
Push the left analog stick in same direction twice Push the Control Stick in same direction twice Push the L Stick in same direction twice Push the Control Stick in same direction twice Hold down the R2 button while moving Hold down Xbox-Button-RT while moving

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