The Dash Rail,[1] also known as the Grind Booster (グラインドブースター Guraindo Būsutā?),[2] is a recurring gimmick in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a variant of the Dash Panel which grants the user a boost of speed on Grind Rails.


The Dash Rail is a variant of the Dash Panel which is only found on Grind Rails. Like the Dash Panels, the Dash Rails' primary function is to send the playable character forward with a burst of speed when they are Grinding. As soon as the playable character grind into a Dash Rail, they will automatically initiate a sliding dash away from the Dash Rail at the playable character's maximum grinding speed. However, Dash Rails can only launch the playable characters in one direction.

In terms of appearance, the Dash Rails have two basic designs. The first closely mimics the Dash Panels' "Booster" design, resembling two lines of two-three rolling engines on each side of the rail that moves continuously. The more "modern" design looks like a pair of red and cyan triangles with two similar, but thinner, components connected to each of them. This gimmick hovers on each side of the rail.

Game appearancesEdit

Sonic HeroesEdit

Sh Rail Canyon Dash Rail

A row of Dash Rails in Sonic Heroes.

Debuting in Sonic Heroes, the Dash Rail had in this game its "Booster" design, with three engines per row and a rusty look. When used, the playable character's aura will appear ahead of them. They are only encountered at Rail Canyon and Bullet Station.

Sonic Rush seriesEdit

Rush Dash Rail

A Dash Rail in Sonic Rush.

In Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure, the Dash Rails retained their "Booster" design. In these games though, the only have two engines per row, their wheel rods are blue, and they have hazard stripes on the sides. They also only appear at the beginning of the Grind Rails.

Sonic UnleashedEdit


The Dash Rail in Sonic Unleashed.

In Sonic Unleashed, the Dash Rails, each of them referred to as the Grind Booster (グラインドブースター Guraindo Būsutā?)[2] this time around, were given their first modern design. In this game, they only appear in the daytime stages. By using the Sonic Boost while or after passing through a Dash Rail, the player can increase their grinding speed even further.

Sonic ColorsEdit

Dash Rail SC DS

A Dash Rail in the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors.

In the Wii version of Sonic Colors, the Dash Rail retains its modern design from Sonic Unleashed. In the Nintendo DS version of the game however, they look identical to how they looked in the Sonic Rush series. Besides that, its mechanics are the same as in previous games.

Sonic GenerationsEdit

SonicGenerations 2015-02-28 22-46-49-341

Sonic nearing a Dash Rail in Sonic Generations.

In Sonic Generations, the Dash Rails are only available to Modern Sonic, meaning that they only appear in Act 2 of the Stages. In this game, they were given their modern design.

Sonic Lost WorldEdit

Dash Rail Sonic Lost World

The Dash Rail in Sonic Lost World.

In Sonic Lost World, to accommodate the classic feeling of the game, the Dash Rails were given their original "Booster" design, albeit with only two engines per row.

Sonic ForcesEdit


The Dash Rails in Sonic Forces.

The Dash Rails made a reappearance in Sonic Forces.



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