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Daz Dynamo from Sonic the Comic #111. Black and white art by Andy Pritchett and colour by John M Burns.

Daz Dynamo is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a beach hunk from the resort of Skegpool.


Daz is a large brown cat with golden hair and blue eyes.


When Tails was patrolling the skies over Skegpool, Daz Dynamo was jealous because everybody said that Tails was a hero, and Daz thought Tails was a wimp. Daz tried to impress two sunbathing girls by doing forty push-ups on his little finger, but he hurt his finger in the process and had to have it bandaged by Tails. When Tails asked how it had happened, he said he had been wrestling a shark. (The girls were not impressed.)

When Doctor Robotnik sent three Caterkillers to attack Skegpool, Daz was nearly killed until saved by Tails. After this, Daz realised that Tails was an "okay dude". He helped Tails pump toxic waste from the nearby Chemical Plant Zone through the Caterkillers' tunnel, all the way back to Robotnik on Flickies' Island.[1]


Although he looks very muscular, Daz is not particularly strong or brave and can be insecure.


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