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Death Chamber

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Death Chamber is Knuckles' penultimate stage and the twelfth stage of the Hero Story, in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. It is a treasure-hunting stage and can be unlocked in mulitplayer in SA2 Battle after beating Hero Story. The music for the stage is "Deeper".


After locating the entrance to Dr. Eggman's pyramid base, Sonic and co. find that the door to a rocket that will take them to the Space Colony ARK, where Eggman is located, is locked. Sonic persuades Knuckles to find the three keys to the door so they may proceed.


The first goal to this level is different from all the other levels belonging to Knuckles. Instead of finding Master Emerald shards, he's actually looking for three keys to unlock a door to find the rocket to take the team to the Space Colony Ark to stop Eggman. This level, like some others in the game, has quite a few ghosts in it. King Boom Boo is the following boss after this stage, and Egg Golem following right after that.

Level Up Item

The Level Up Item in the stage is the Hammer Gloves, which allow Knuckles to break open iron boxes. The Hammer Gloves can be found in the hall from the first room behind a wall of crates.


  • Oddly, despite being inside Eggman's Hidden Base, the Egg Beetle is not used, unlike Rouge's stage, Egg Quarters where it was used.
    • This can possibly be explained by the fact that Rouge was breaking into the base while Eggman was gone, while Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy are breaking in while he's still there (which can be deduced from the fact that Eggman shows up in person after the King Boom Boo boss fight). Thus, it makes sense that he might disable the Egg Beetles while he's inside his own base.
  • This stage is similar to Rouge's Egg Quarters, yet the Egg Quarters is Rouge's second stage while the Death Chamber is Knuckles' fourth stage.


Sonic adventure 2 battle music Death Chamber04:08

Sonic adventure 2 battle music Death Chamber


Sonic Adventure 2- Death Chamber Mission -1 - A Rank HD03:09

Sonic Adventure 2- Death Chamber Mission -1 - A Rank HD

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