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The Death Egg Robot sentinel,[1] or simply Death Egg Robot,[2] is a character that appears in Sonic Forces. It is a giant, mass-produced variant of the Death Egg Robot created by Dr. Eggman.


The Death Egg Robot sentinels are designed and named after the Death Egg Robot, but several times larger, being over three times the size of an apartment building. They have egg-shaped bodies with a narrow pelvis, stubby and heavily armored legs, thin arms with cone-like forearms, thick gauntlets, cap-shaped shoulders attached to bars rather than sockets, three straight spikes for fingers and jet packs on the backs. They also have triangular markings on their chest similar to those on Eggman's original jacket and dome-shaped heads. Unlike the original robot though, the faces of the Death Egg Robot sentinels are almost blank, with the exception of a single red eye and a red field for a mouth. They are also completely grey and white with glowing red outlines.


In Sonic Forces, after Dr. Eggman finally conquered the world,[3] a number of Death Egg Robot sentinels would lay siege to a city that Sonic passed through, during which they came under attack by unknown forces.[1]

Powers and abilities

Due to their sheer size, the Death Egg Robot sentinels are incredibly strong and tough; one unit can easily topple buildings single-handed and withstand a barrage of shots from a number of laser turrets.[1] They can also fire powerful lasers from their eyes.[4]


  • The Death Egg Robot sentinels are the largest robots Dr. Eggman has created to date.


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