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Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Death Egg Zone

Death Egg Zone is the eleventh and final Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It takes place onboard Dr. Robotnik's iconic Death Egg satellite.

After Wing Fortress Zone's destruction and hitching a ride to space aboard Robotnik's fleeing rocket, Sonic makes his way inside the battle station - to be greeted immediately by the two final bosses in the game: Mecha Sonic and a brief showdown with Robotnik in his Death Egg Robot. There are no Rings in the entire zone.


Mecha Sonic

Mecha Sonic is perhaps the Sonic robot which bears most resemblance to Sonic apart from being a little taller and has a silver-colored scheme. Since there are no rings, just one slip-up is deadly. Mecha Sonic has many different attacks that are mostly similar to Sonic's, such as the turbo-dash and spin-jump. However, the most challenging move of Mecha Sonic's is his jump-and-spike-launch-attack. The best way of avoiding this is to kill the robot before he gets a chance to use it; spin dashing Mecha Sonic the moment his jet-boots touch the decking. Sonic can hit him 4 times in one bout if one times it right. Then accrue another 4 hits (total of 8) to the robot's head to defeat him.

Once Mecha Sonic is vanquished, Sonic enters a quick chase scene with Dr. Robotnik, before he jumps into the final boss robot.

Death Egg Robot

I do remember too that, how hard this final boss was

The final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

This mecha towers over twelve feet tall (about four times Sonic's height), bristling with antennae and sensor dishes. Its torso is spherical, with red and yellow paintwork mimicking the Doctor’s own jumpsuit. Immense robotic limbs branch from the central mass, secondary motors roaring as the arms swing and titanic feet ram down one in front of the other. A pink dome of a head bulges out from the top of the central sphere, with a vast metallic mustache twitching back and forth beneath its pointed nose.[1]

With no rings at all, one hit will be instant death. Robotnik's attacks include launching his arms like rockets, and trying to stomp on Sonic. Also, don't get caught behind the robot - Dr. Robotnik launches a pair of grenades which almost guarantee death. Just be patient, and attack the head or underside only when the mecha bows its feet after landing from one of its jet-pack flights. As the player attacks the robot, be careful not to accidentally hit the spikes on his arms or it'll be instant death.[2] The robot, despite the bombs, is actually vulnerable at the back. The best strategy for dealing with this boss is to move right to the edge of the screen when Robotnik jumps into the walker's cockpit. When the robot is in position, the player can get two free hits this way as it moves, aim for its backside and be careful of the jetpack. This tactic makes this boss much easier.

The boss is defeated after twelve hits. Once the mech is taken down, the Death Egg begins to explode and Sonic manages to survive by hurling himself out of an airlock into space. Looking like the end for Sonic as he descends through the stratosphere of his world, Tails appears and catches Sonic on the Tornado, thus ending the game, but if the player has all seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic instead safely flies beside the Tornado in his Super State.



Name Length Artist Music Track
Death Egg Zone (Part 1) 2:10 Masato Nakamura
28 StH2 Death Egg Zone (Part 1) ~Mega Drive Version~
Death Egg Zone (Part 2) 2:18 Masato Nakamura
29 StH2 Death Egg Zone (Part 2) ~Mega Drive Version~



Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Death Egg Zone Credits05:08

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Death Egg Zone Credits


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  2. Advice from the Sonic Retro article.

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