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The Death Worm[1] is an enemy in Shadow the Hedgehog. They only appear in The Last Way and Black Comet.


The Death Worm has solid bright brown skin with thorns on the surface, especially near the head. Its face has an wide brown mouth that it breathes and launch worm bullets from. Its body is highly flexible which allows it to burrow and pull its muscles.


The Death Worm is a stronger, golden version of the Sand Worm. They are stronger and faster than regular annelids and are harder to kill. Its skin is invincible to any attacks,[2] except at its hole which is the weak spot. It has a Gold Worm Shooter, that locks on and shots on enemy with enhanced bullets. It can also burrow on ground. It takes seven to eight hits to destroy from a Homing Attack.


  • It should be noted that along with Death and Sand Worm, there is a similar enemy with black internal and external skin. However, it is not named.


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  2. Doom's eye: The Worm's mucosal exterior is made to absorb all attacks.
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