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Sonic Rush Adventure
Deep Core

Deep Core (ディープコア Dīpukoa?) is the true final stage in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is an underground stage, accessible by obtaining all the Chaos Emeralds by racing Johnny and collecting all the Sol Emeralds by completing missions from Gardon and by defeating the Ghost Titan at Big Swell.


The story starts with the heroes discussing a plan in Marine's house how to send Sonic and Tails back to their own dimension. Gardon approaches to Blaze alerting her that the Jeweled Scepter has been stolen again. After an earthquake, Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega piloting the Egg Wizard appears before Sonic and the others, after obtaining the Jeweled Scepter to unleash the Power of the Stars. Tails builds the Magma Hurricane and Sonic, Blaze, Tails and Marine set off for the underground chase of the two scientists. The heroes found themselves beaten to the Power of Stars by the Egg Wizard. Sonic and Blaze transform into Super Sonic and Burning Blaze and do battle with the Egg Wizard. After the battle, Eggman Nega, insane over his defeat, prepares to launch the Planet Buster Laser to destroy the world only to be stopped by a mysterious energy projectile from Marine the Raccoon. Sonic then puts an end to the Egg Wizard by charging through it, leading to the epilogue.


  • This is the only stage in Sonic Rush Adventure where the player doesn't earn any Materials.


Sonic Rush Adventure "Deep Core (Boss)" Music Request07:22

Sonic Rush Adventure "Deep Core (Boss)" Music Request

Boss - Deep Core - Allegro - Sonic Rush Adventure Music Extended01:51

Boss - Deep Core - Allegro - Sonic Rush Adventure Music Extended

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