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Deep Typhoon
Deep Typhoon
The Deep Typhoon.
Statistics and Overview
First appearance

Sonic Rush Adventure
(Only appearance)


Allows travel under the sea in Blaze's world.


Travel to distant places on map while moving under the sea.

The Deep Typhoon (ディープタイフーン号 Dīputaifūn-gō?) is a submarine from Sonic Rush Adventure and the fourth, and as well final, naval vessel that can be used in the game. It is a heavily armed underwater vessel that can not only handle the pressure from Blaze's world's deepest waters, but also travel the furthest of all the game's watercrafts and can battle underwater enemies. It was constructed and controlled by Miles "Tails" Prower as his third watercraft and was used by him, Sonic the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat and Marine the Raccoon in order to reach Pirates' Island. Just like the Ocean Tornado however, the Deep Typhoon cannot travel in shallow waters.


After Sonic, Blaze, Tails and Marine had gathered enough clues, they were able to locate Captain Whisker and his pirate crew in some ancient ruins. The only problem was that the entrance to these ruins was located at the bottom of the sea, so Tails constructed the Deep Typhoon in order to travel there.


When traveling in the Deep Typhoon, the player has to play a game of Quick time event, in order to clear out incoming enemies, which is done by tapping on them on the touch screen. Sometimes the player must hold the stylus down and slide it across the screen with the enemy for a time to hit the enemy. The player must touch the enemy as soon as the target markers overlap as touching them too early or too late will result in a failed attack.

The Deep Typhoon possesses a front-mounted laser cannon shooting system that allows the player to shoot enemies, which ranges from underwater pirate vessels, to robotic sharks.

Materials needed

To Build

The following Materials are needed in order to construct the Deep Typhoon:

  • 1 Iron Material
  • 1 Blue Material
  • 1 Green Material
  • 1 Bronze Material
  • 2 Red Materials
  • 2 Silver Materials
  • 5 Aqua Materials
  • 5 Gold Materials

First Upgrade

The following Materials are needed in order to upgrade the Deep Typhoon for the first time:

  • 3 Red Materials
  • 3 Silver Materials
  • 3 Aqua Materials
  • 3 Gold Materials
  • 3 Black Materials

Second Upgrade

The following Materials are needed in order to upgrade the Deep Typhoon for the second time:

  • 5 Red Materials
  • 5 Silver Materials
  • 5 Aqua Materials
  • 5 Gold Materials
  • 5 Black Materials



  • Apparently, the timing the enemies appear in is the same as the Deep Typhoon music's melody as stated by Norman, so a good way to do well when using it is to listen to the music.
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