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Deeper (feat04:11

Deeper (feat. Hunnid-P) - Death Chamber Theme from Sonic Adventure 2

"Deeper" is a song from Sonic Adventure 2 that is played during the Death Chamber level. It was performed by Hunnid-P.


This is Knuckles
And you've reached the Death Chamber

(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)

From front to back
All I see is thorns
I'm glad that I don't call this home

(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)

A lot of trick stuff
That makes you fall into a trap

(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)

Eggman wants to steal the stones
Keep the emeralds and build a throne

(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)

Not if I can help at all
I will not let him take it over
Sonic, what are you doin' here?
I heard you were on a quest to find the Master Emerald
You know me and you don't get along
I don't think that's the point right now, Knuckles
I know how much the emerald means to you
And I wanna help get it back
Stop bein' stubborn and think
Well I guest you're right
Ya damn right, Knuckles

I know Eggman's secret station's here somewhere
All we have to do is find it

I know we'll need a key to get inside,
That's our only way to find it
So let's go


  • In the GameCube version, the entire conversation between Sonic and Knuckles was removed and replaced with a saxophone solo because of the line "Ya damn right, Knuckles."
  • This song, along with "Unknown From M.E." (Knuckles' Sonic Adventure 2 theme) and "Kick the Rock" (Wild Canyon's theme), is the reason the game has a warning indicating it has "mild lyrics", although the reason in this song specifically was removed in its HD port, as noted above.
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