"Deeper" is a song from Sonic Adventure 2 that is played during the Death Chamber level. It was performed by Hunnid-P. It features a interlude monologue which contains one of the first swear words (Damn) in the series.


This is Knuckles
And you've reached the Death Chamber
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
From front to back
All I see is thorns
I'm glad that I don't call this home
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
A lot of trick stuff
That makes you fall into a trap
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
Eggman wants to steal the stones
Keep the emeralds and build a throne
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
Not if I can help at all
I will not let him take it over
Sonic, what are you doin' here?
I heard you were on a quest for the Master Emerald
You know me and you don't get along
I don't think that's the point right now, Knuckles
I know how much the emerald means to you
And I wanna help get it back
Stop bein' stubborn and think
Well I guess you're right
Ya damn right, Knuckles
I know Eggman's secret station's here somewhere
All we have to do is find it
I know we'll need a key to get inside,
That's our only way to find it
So let's go


  • The album version features an entire conversation between Sonic and Knuckles.  The game version replaces this with a saxophone solo because of the line "Ya damn right, Knuckles."


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