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Derek Wombat from Sonic the Comic #101. Art by Roberto Corona and colouring by John Burns.

Derek Wombat is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was one of two candidates, along with Giles Baboon, who ran for World Leader of Mobius following the fall of Robotnik's planet-wide dictatorship.


During the election campaign, Wombat made numerous ridiculous promises, including free school gravy for every child, fewer buttons on shirts, and whiter snow at Christmas, but refused to comment on difficult matters such as the victimisation of ant colonies. He chose to run for office so that he could abuse his power, not because he cared about the people.

The day before the election, after an argument about homework for parents, he and Baboon put on armoured battle suits and started fighting in the middle of the street. Their suits were disabled by Sonic, who left them tied up unless they worked together to free themselves.

His aspirations of being World Leader ended when it was revealed that nobody in the election had voted for either candidate, and it was decided that each Zone should have its own leaders instead of a single person ruling the whole planet.[1]

Some time later he was seen working in the business sector of the Metropolis Zone.[2]


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