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The Digitizer is a device that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is an invention created by Dr. Ellidy that can transport people's consciousness into the Digital World.


Digitizer explaination

Nicole explaining the Digitizer's function, from Sonic Universe #74.

The Digitizer is a steel scanner platform that allows living individuals to manifest themselves in the Digital World and interact with it by transporting their consciousness in there. However, the Digitizer works by creating a reality that its user can understand-thus, the extent of their abilities in the Digital World is limited by what they can believe themselves to be capable of.[1]


Dr. Ellidy first used the Digitizer in a desperate attempt to preserve his dying daughter Nikki's mind in the Digital World. While this attempt failed, the scans he managed to make created Nicole the Holo-Lynx.[2]

After detecting an issue with one of his badnik helpers, Ellidy used the Digitizer to enter the Digital World and investigate the issue. Unfortunately, he came under attack by Phage's digital monsters who blocked his return to his body until Nicole rescued him.[3][4] Later, when Phage attempted to seize control of Ellidy's systems, Sally Acorn would use the Digitizer to enter the Digital World to aid Nicole in battling Phage.[1][2]


  • The Digitizer is similar to the Particle-To-Light Organizer and Transporter Device in that it allows a person passage into the Digital World. However, whereas the Digitizer can only transport a person's consciousness, the P.L.O.T. device sends the person's entire body into the Digital World.


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