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The Dimensional Bomb is a gimmick that appears in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is a time bomb that can be used to paralyze the Death Egg Robot.


The Dimensional Bomb is almost identical to the Bomb, resembling a black, spiked ball. However, the Dimensional Bomb has a counter on the front and it floats above a metallic pad which generates it.


The Dimensional Bombs only appear during the Death Egg Robot boss battle. In gameplay, the player can press a Switch to generate a Dimensional Bomb from a nearby pad, though the bombs will automatically explode after sixteen seconds. Also when detonating, their explosions can damage the player.

During the battle with the Death Egg Robot, the player has to make it punch the Dimensional Bombs before they explode, causing them to detonate and paralyze the Death Egg Robot, thus leaving it vulnerable to attack. Should the footing for the Dimensional Bomb's pads or their Switches be destroyed by the Death Egg Robot though, they will regenerate in seconds.

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