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Dinosaur Jungle

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Dinosaur Jungle is the third World in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is a lush rainforest filled with Jurassic plants and animals, all much bigger than Sonic. In this World. In some parts, Sonic must surf down rivers using logs, run on dinosaurs' backs and even run from an angry stampede of Triceratops.


Dinosaur Jungle is meant to represent a prehistoric area, thus it has crystal clear waters, bright blue skies, and a lot of rough terrain. There are also several cacti around, probably because game is based off the Arabian Nights. None of the dinosaurs can be killed by Sonic, as most are either used as terrain or obstacles.

Big's Cameo

Big can be seen twice in this level in Paragraphs 6 and 9. In Paragraph 6, after running down the dinosaur, the player can brake for a few seconds on the grassy area as he nears the flower spirit. He can then see Big holding his head.

In Paragraph 9, when the player gets to the river, he can ride the log into the flying pot. He can then fly as high as he can before jumping and do a homing attack into the spring. The player will automatically jump for a bit and then land on a grassy, circular platform with a genie egg. If the player brakes for a few seconds, he will see Big waving at him under a dinosaur.


  • This is one of the very rare cases where dinosaurs appear in the Sonic series.


Name Length Artist Music Track
The Wicked Wild 3:37 Fumie Kumatani
The Wicked Wild