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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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For the version of this character before the Super Genesis Wave, see Doctor Eggman (Pre-Super Genesis Wave).

Dr. Ivo Robotnik, also known by his alias Dr. Eggman, is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-off comic series' published by Archie Comics. He is an evil human scientist and dictator who seeks to rule over the entire world and turn it into his personal Eggman Empire. With his Egg Army, Badnik Horde, and airships, he is ever persistent in his quest for world domination despite his constant losses at the hands of his most hated enemy Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies, the New Freedom Fighters.


During during his service to the Kingdom of Acorn, Eggman had a round torso and wore the same costume he had in the earlier Sonic the Hedgehog games - a red shirt/jacket with yellow triangles (which can be described as either a collar or part of a cape, which can be seen on his back), with black pants with connected boots, and mirrored pince-nez sunglasses.

In the present day, Eggman remained obese but has become somewhat burlier, taller and less flabby with long, almost disproportionately thin arms and legs. He now wears both tinted glasses and goggles as headwear, through his moustache retains its length, density and mass. Gone are the cape and his suit-like clothes, in their place an elegant, red coat sporting two square metal buttons on both sides of the chest in gold with white stripes and yellow cuffs on the sleeves with white gloves covering his hands, and a pair of black pants with matching boots seemingly attached to them bearing circular plates on the both sides of the ankles and three square ones riding up the shin.


Early life

Dr. Eggman was born as Ivo Robotnik, the grandson of the brilliant scientist Professor Gerald Robotnik. In childhood, Robotnik looked up to his grandfather as a hero, and believed him to be a great man who had done his best to help mankind. Thus the doctor decided to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and became a scientist. However, at some point he became obsessed with the idea of the entire world under his rule, and using his unmatched genius, began his plans.[1]

Robotnik started his career as a technical researcher for the Guardian Units of the Nation. It was not long before a fellow coworker of his, Dr. Julian Snively, stumbled across his plans for world domination. Not wanting to let it slip out, Eggman bribed him into becoming his chief mechanic.[2]

Early schemes and conquests

Eggman service

Eggman in service to King Acorn, from Sonic the Hedgehog #252.

With help from the royal wizard, Walter Naugus, Dr. Robotnik became the royal adviser of King Acorn, the ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn. He claimed that the United Federation was launching an invasion against the kingdom, but it was all a ruse created by him and Naugus to prepare an army of robots to aid in their takeover of Mobotropolis. Thanks to his "contributions", Robotnik was granted full access to the kingdom's resources, which assisted in his conquest to obtain the Chaos Emeralds and construct his superweapon: the Death Egg. After conquering Mobotropolis, he banished King Acorn and Naugus to the Special Zone, and was able to establish his Eggman Empire.[3][4][2][5]

A young group of heroes would later be formed to oppose Robotnik's schemes, and would become known as the Knothole New Freedom Fighters. Dr. Robotnik, now calling himself "Dr. Eggman", then made his first attack on the heroes at some point in the past, but eventually, his rule over Mobotropolis was ended by the Freedom Fighters and King Acorn was freed soon after. Eggman however had still managed to create a powerful empire for himself and was able to use it to spread his evil ambitions across the globe but would continually come into conflict with his mortal adversary Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters each time.[3][4][2][5]

An early attempt of Eggman's to eliminate Sonic involved the Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad and a "captured" Breezie the Hedgehog.[6] Breezie fed information to Eggman that allowed him to deploy robots against Sonic such as the original Silver Sonic. In return, Eggman would rewards Breezie in such a way as to insure her financial security.[7] Sonic eventually faced off against Dr. Eggman in the Egg Storm Chamber, where Eggman held Tails captive. However, the Naugus twins, Walter and Wendy, arrived nearby seeking revenge on both Eggman and Sonic. Eggman let Tails go free in an attempt to keep Sonic from chasing after him while Eggman fled before the twins could find him. However, he was intercepted and trapped in crystal by the twins before he could escape, and Sonic caught up with him moments later, only to be trapped in crystal himself by Wendy. In the end, the twins were defeated, and both Sonic and Eggman were set free.[8]

Some time after this, he launched his first Death Egg, only to have it be thwarted time and again by Sonic.[9] This was despite his briefly tricking Knuckles the Echidna, Guardian of Angel Island, and gaining control of the Master Emerald.[10][11] He also launched an operation on Isolated Island that was thwarted by the Chaotix, resulting in numerous Badniks being left on the island. Another creation of his was the computer virus Phage, who despite her abilities apparently disappointed Eggman severely. Her fear of Eggman's wrath later prompted an attempt to retake Isolated Island and Dr. Ellidy's research for Eggman.[12][13][14][15]

Sonic defeats Eggman in Lupe's past

Sonic defeats Dr. Eggman during the invasion of Lupe's village, from Sonic the Hedgehog #277.

At some point in time, Dr. Eggman and his forces invaded Lupe the Wolf's village. Sonic, Sally Acorn and Antoine D'Coolette came to her aid, and Sonic ran off to follow and defeat Dr. Eggman while Antoine defended Sally and Lupe. Using the terrain of the Thunder Plains Zone to his advantage, Sonic lead the evil dictator into a lightning bolt, destroying the doctor's vehicle and sending him fleeing while his hated nemesis mocked his name.[16]

At a later point, he was known to have devised a plan involving the water beast Chaos and his flying airship the Egg Carrier, but was stopped by Sonic with the aid of Tikal.[17][18] Sometime after that, his creation Metal Sonic rebelled against him and became the Metal Overlord, forcing him to rely on the aid of the Chaotix (and later Sonic and his friends) in order to stop it and after its defeat he was able to place a safeguard on Metal Sonic to ensure its continued obedience.[19] Sometime after that, he was caught up in the Black Arms invasion, in which he was one of the many inhabitants of the planet to be rendered immobile by a toxic gas released from the Black Comet.[20][21] At another time, he created a massive Interstellar Amusement Park in order to take control of other planets and enslave a small race of aliens called Wisps in order to harness their Hyper-go-on power for his Mind Control Cannon, luckily this interstellar invasion plan was put to an end thanks to Sonic and Tails.[22][23]


Eggman Genesis

Eggman in the Genesis Wave reality, from Sonic the Hedgehog #226.

At some point before his attack with the Time Eater, Dr. Eggman unleashed the first Genesis Wave over the planet. During this Genesis event, Robotnik spent his time capturing and placing small animals inside robotic shells for his Badnik Army in preparation of global conquest. After his nephew reported back to him about an incident, Doctor Eggman decided to investigate himself. Finding a group of Mobians in the Marble Zone, he recognized the blue one as the one who had bullied his nephew and opened fire on Sonic after a brief exchange of words. As the rodent avoided his weaponry, Eggman eventually cornered him on a pillar in a lava field. Gleefully preparing to finish the hedgehog off, the doctor was attacked by a reprogrammed Badnik which he swiftly eradicated, only to leave himself open to a direct and critical hit from Sonic. With his Egg Mobile severely damaged and spewing smoke, the scientist retreated while shouting threats of his master plan, despite not being entirely certain of all the details of it himself.[24]

Eggman escaped to the Scrap Brain Zone where he waited for the Freedom Fighters. When they came, he trapped Sonic in a force field near some elevator shafts and then attacked him with balls of electricity. Before he could do anything else though, Antoine fell through a hydraulics pipe and into his arms. In the distraction, Sonic smashed the pipe elevator he was sitting in and Eggman hid in another pipe elevator as Sonic was freed from the force field. Unluckily for the doctor, Sonic caught him as he tried to sneek away and smashed his Egg Mobile, causing him to fall into a pit below.[25]

Eggmn survived the fall however, and returned to the Death Egg to check up on his plans. Like Snively, he did not seem to remember well the effects of "Phase 1" to his scheme, but stated "Phase 2" to be a global one-shot "robotization" after the Death Egg was fully recharged with the seven Chaos Emeralds in their possession. He then brushed off his nephew's concern about the dimensional disturbances, saying that he would soon win and proceeded to work on a "logic puzzle", refering to Sonic.[26]

Eggman returned to the planet and went to the Metropolis Zone, awaiting for Sonic in his Egg Mobile. Once the hedgehog arrived, he congratulated the "Rodent" for coming this far, this time causing a memory reaction in Sonic. This annoyed Eggman greatly, not wanting it to go further, and he deployed replicas to attack Sonic. Midway through the battle, all power across the zone shut down due to the actions of the Freedom Fighters in Oil Ocean Zone. Eggman then fled to the Death Egg in a shuttle with Sonic grabbing on in hot pursuit. Aboard the battle station, Eggman confirmed to Sonic that the world was falling apart, but would be "cemented" once the Death Egg's roboticizer made everything his "robotic slave". Piloting his Egg Destroyer Battlesuit, Eggman viciously attacked Sonic, saying he changed the world to stop him from interfering with his plans like always. With Sonic all but beaten, the doctor then made the mistake of telling him the Death Egg was powered by the Chaos Emeralds right before crushing Sonic under his foot, only to find he survived by using the Chaos energy in a broken power cable to become Super Sonic. Incredulous that the hedgehog still lived, Eggman was infuriated as all his attack were trumped and had no effect on Sonic. As Snively attempted to warn him the planet was beyond saving, Super Sonic slammed his Mech into a wall with Eggman cursing him while he used Chaos Control to undo the reality warp.[27]

The Time Eater and meeting Dr. Wily

Eggman eventually launched an attempt at conquest using the power of the Time Eater, which he attempted to harness with help from a past version of himself. This thwarted effort left him stranded in a white void outside time and space, which led to his initial contact in this reality with Dr. Albert W. Wily.[28][29]

Eggman meets Wily New

Eggman making contact with Dr. Wily, from Mega Man #24.

After explaining alternate realities to Wily, Eggman came up with an idea on how to eliminate both Sonic and Mega Man. Meeting up in the Skull Egg Zone, a pocket zone constructed by the Doctors, the two got to work on constructing their collaborative air fortress, the Wily Egg. Safe from being directly effected, the doctors set off a second Genesis Wave: once again resetting the Prime Zone, and for the first time, Wily's dimension, Earth in the year 20XX.[30]

Worlds Collide

Note: Due to the Genesis Wave, Eggman's history from this point were changed to be nearly identical to that of his game counterpart's.

With the Prime Zone completely changed, and Earth 20XX skipped forward in time, the doctors began the next phase of their plan, beginning by sending Metal Sonic and Bass to kidnap Tails, and having the young fox Roboticized in the first ever Roboticized Master, Tails Man. Bass and Metal Sonic were deployed to capture other friends of Sonic's, and in no time the doctors commanded a force that included Rose Woman, Shadow Man, and Knuckles Man.[30] While using their Roboticized Masters to collect the Chaos Emeralds for their ultimate plan, Eggman and Wily set about pitting their respective enemies against each other in an effort to buy time. They accomplished this by having Metal Sonic interfere in Mega Man's attempts to stop the first four Roboticized Masters from stealing a Chaos Emerald from the Mega City bank, while having Copy Robot attack Silver the Hedgehog in view of Sonic. Luring the pair to the same area of the Green Hill Zone, they watched eagerly as their respective nemeses did battle while Tails Man relayed footage to them.[31] However, their celebration was interrupted when a Warp Ring opened to allow Mega Man to take the battle back to his world. Realizing that his old rival Dr. Thomas Light-whom he had neglected to tell Eggman about-must be responsible, Wily agreed with Eggman's assessment that he be dealt with. Metal Sonic and Bass volunteered to take on the task, and headed out for Light Labs.[32]

As the fight continued in Mega City, Sonic and Mega Man started to converse and realize that things were amiss. Terrified that they would figure out the truth and join forces, Eggman ordered Tails Man to attack them, and after some convincing Wily agreed. Much to their horror, the attack not only failed, but resulted in Tails Man being restored to his organic form by the combination of Sonic and Mega Man's abilities. However, all was not lost, as Metal Sonic and Bass succeeded in capturing Dr. Light and bringing him to the Wily Egg.[33] Sonic, Mega Man, Tails, and Mega Man's allies Rush and Proto Man soon entered the Skull Egg Zone in pursuit, and Wily dispatched the Copy Robot and Genesis Unit to stop them. Eggman remained unimpressed with Wily's developments, and annoyed his partner with claims that he contributed more to their team. After Silver Man and Blaze Woman arrived with the final Emerald, the two agreed on a contest: whichever one of their nemeses managed to survived longest would demonstrate the superiority of their representative world. Accordingly, they challenged the victorious heroes with their full remaining compliment of Roboticized Masters: Tails Man's three former teammates, the duo who collected the final Emerald, and the trio of Vector Man, Espio Man, and Charmy Man.[34]

The doctors watched gleefully as their eight minions attacked Sonic and Mega Man's team, only for Proto Man to break off to start a solo search for Dr. Light. Fearing the threat Dr. Light might pose if freed, Eggman ordered everyone but the former Chaotix to pursue Proto Man. The remaining trio continued to attack Sonic and Mega Man's party until they, like Tails Man before them, were restored to organic form. Eggman was frustrated by this development, but Dr. Wily surprised him with confidence. The doctors agreed to dispatch both their Robian Shadow Man and the Robot Master Shadow Man against the heroes, and then prepared to build a new shared mecha for their eventual confrontation with the heroes. Eggman questioned his partner's surprising attitude, and was informed that Mega Man's successes had previously come to his receiving aid from Dr. Light, something that was impossible with Light as their prisoner.[35] The two visited the captive Light to gloat over his capture, only for Eggman's henchmen Orbot and Cubot to arrive and inform them of the defeat of the Shadow Men. Silver Man and Blaze Woman were next to be dispatched to attack the heroes, but they were restored as well.[36]

Left with only two Roboticized Masters, both Eggman and Wily put on a brave show, but Eggman secretly planned to betray Wily and take the Wily Egg back to his world in the event that he was thwarted. Still, they began preparing their remaining defenses, including the Robot Master Army. Knuckles Man and Rose Woman were dispatched to attack Sonic's party as well with orders to self-destruct if necessary to destroy the heroes, but they were restored to living form as well. As the doctors concentrated on completing their Egg-Wily Machine X, they began disagreeing over the configuration, only to be informed that the Wily Egg had been sabotaged and Bass and Metal Sonic were in pursuit. The doctors headed to their location and arrived just in time to see spy Rouge the Bat release their Chaos Devil, who helped subdue her before being ordered back into confinement. Confident in the success of their creation, they ordered Rouge's Roboticization and went to prepare for the coming assault of the heroes.[37]

While their Robot Master Army and Rouge Woman engaged Sonic's allies-including the former Roboticized Masters-Eggman and Wily decided to torment Light again by sicking a Motobug and a Met on him. However, the two minion robots ran into each other and destroyed on another, much to the doctors' humiliation. Light took advantage of the moment to try and sway Eggman and Wily from their evil path, reminding them of previous times when they had tampered with greater forces only to lose control. Wily was left unnerved, but Eggman found himself wondering how Dr. Light knew so much about him and their plans. The two left Light in his cell and went to observe the ongoing battle, but Eggman later returned with Metal Sonic after Orbot picked up a signal coming from the cell. Discovering Light attempting to communicate with a device cobbled together from Motobug and Met parts, Eggman revealed that he had deduced that Light had been conspiring against them with Rouge. He then had Metal Sonic throw Dr. Light out of a nearby airlock towards certain death.[38]

Dr. Light survived the attempt on his life, but Eggman and Wily's good-natured partnership did not: Wily proved furious after seeing Eggman's attempt to kill his former rival. Retaining their alliance but treating each other coldly, the pair dispatched the Mega Man Killers, Chaos Devil, and the trio of Bass, Metal Sonic, and Treble to counter Sonic and Mega Man's intrusion into the Wily Egg. However, Eggman determined that Wily had proven himself too soft, and vowed to eliminate him.[39] The two went to work completing the Egg-Wily Machine X, despite the fact that Duo-an ally of Mega Man's who came to his and Sonic's aid-and the Chaos Devil were threatening to tear the Wily Egg apart with their battle. Eggman warned Wily that the disruption of their Genesis Reactor could destroy both their universes, and encouraged him to concentrate on finishing their vehicle. The two managed to complete the Egg-Wily Machine X shortly before Sonic and Mega Man defeated their final defenders, and then attacked the two heroes and captured them. They then informed them of their ultimate plan: to use the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds to rewrite both their universes without limit.[40]

Overjoyed at the prospect of ruling their universes without opposition, Eggman and Wily briefly regained their old enthusiasm but then remembered their existing rift. It became worse when Sonic's attempts to convince Eggman to give up his course prompted Eggman to reveal that his and Wily's efforts in reshaping reality threatened the existence of both their worlds, angering Wily further. Eggman calmed him by assuring him that the Super Genesis Wave they would soon launch would repair all damage to reality. However, the pair were then attacked by Proto Man and Knuckles, forcing them to retreat to their machine. In attempting to defend themselves, each attempted to activate their personal defenses, only to discover that each doctor had sabotaged the other. Reluctantly cooperating in order to survive, they managed to repair the Egg-Wily Machine X and empower it with energy from the Chaos Emeralds. Sadistically informing Wily that he would kill him when it was all over and getting the same in kind, Eggman set his sights on the red heroes only to confront another menace: their freed nemeses transformed into Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man. An intense battle resulted between the doctors and their super-powered enemies, which resulted in the defeat of Eggman and Wily. As the two heroes prepared to undo the Super Genesis Wave and its predecessor, Wily accepted the situation, but Eggman refused to and launched what remained of the Egg-Wily Machine X to attack Super Sonic. His efforts broke Super Sonic's concentration, and he also launched an attack right as Sonic unleashed the energy that would have restored their world.[41]

Countdown to Chaos

Note: From the readers point of view, this picks up from where Eggman's original timeline ended.

Following his disastrous failed attempt to stop Sonic from reverting the Super Genesis Wave, Eggman crash-landed in Efrika, cursing both his blue nemesis and Dr. Wily before ordering Orbot and Cubot to drag his Egg Mobile out of the wreckage of the Egg-Wily-Machine-X. However, the days spent trying to find a base proved futile until Axel the Water Buffalo and his Egg Army chapter arrived; Eggman was able to bluff Axel into taking him to the nearest base. En route, Orbot noted that Eggman's forces had not originally been called the "Egg Army", nor was Axel originally the leader of the Efrika division. The doctor acknowledged this, but quickly dismissed it, being more keen on eating, drinking, and getting back to the Death Egg. At the Efrika Egg Army base, he modified the Egg Mobile into an aircraft and flew off. Prior to departure, however, he checked the EggNet and discovered that strange purple fissures were appearing all over the planet. It was clear to the doctor that something was amiss---and he knew it was his fault.[22][17]

Laser Hawks

G.U.N. robots engaging an attack by Dr. Eggman, from Sonic the Hedgehog #254.

Eggman's next stop was Avalon, where he was attacked by G.U.N. aircraft. Confronting Lord Mordred Hood, he demanded to know what was going on before modifying his Egg Mobile into an Egg Walker. Attacking a G.U.N. aircraft carrier, Eggman ravaged it before commandeering a G.U.N. fighter jet and escaping.[42] Next, he arrived in Artika, where Tundra the Walrus had prepared a craft to get him back to to the Death Egg During the journey, Orbot and Cubot became worried of Eggman's haste at getting used to his new surroundings, but Eggman was more concerned about the purple cracks forming in the planet's surface. Before long, the trio finally made it back to Death Egg. Taking his seat on the bridge, Eggman asked his lackeys for a report, expecting good news. To his annoyance, however, he got bad news instead; in the new reality, the New Freedom Fighters had never been decimated as before, and had been busy undermining his plans as usual, most recently in the Metropolis Zone. Demanding more reports, the doctor received another surprise: Sally Acorn, no longer Mecha Sally, had on-board the Death Egg and fled just hours earlier. Eggman, hoping to kill the princess before Sonic could see her again, dispatched Metal Sonic to pursue her; however, the attempt ended in failure.[43][44]

As the Death Egg was preparing for takeoff, Eggman finally revealed what he had discovered in Efrika: the power of the Super Genesis Wave had been too much for the fabric of reality to withstand. The entire multiverse had collapsed upon itself and promptly rebuilt itself as something completely different---their molecular structure had even been altered to accustom to the changes. Even worse, all of the residual energy left over from the Super Genesis Wave's collapse had been trapped within Sonic's World and was now trying to escape---a process that was going to destroy the entire planet. By then, the apocalypse was already too late to prevent: at that very moment, the surface of Sonic's World shattered into dozens of pieces, thus beginning the Shattered World Crisis.[44]

The Shattered World Crisis: Act 1

Eggman finds Pickle

Dr. Eggman learns of Pickle.

Sometime after the beginning of the crisis, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot surveyed the damage to the planet from the Eggnet satellite data. Eggman claimed that all of the damage was the darkest consequence of the Super Genesis Wave's energy shadow and that the damage that had been done to reality was beyond repair. Angry over having to conquer a broken world, Eggman quickly searched his Eggnet for anything in regards to the planet's breaking apart that he could potentially use to overcome this crisis. He then found an article about Professor Dillon Pickle's research on the Gaia Manuscripts and asked his henchbots if there were any Egg Army units near Spagonia. The bots give him a negative, due to them being busy securing their territories following the disaster and their transmissions being jammed in the process. He then asked if any Badnik Hordes are near, and Orbot revealed that E-106 Eta's unit was the nearest. Eggman then ordered them to send Eta and his squad to Spagonia University to grab anything and anyone related to Pickle's research there.[45]

Eggman was waiting at Rail Canyon Zone Station for the Bullet Train carrying his captives and their research, only for it to arrive badly battered. Despite Orbot's positive note that the train arrived on time, Eggman shouted an order to give an inventory of what was lost. As Eggman opened boxes containing the research in the cart where the Professors where held, Orbot gives the final inventory report: while fuel and munitions remained intact, there was also a total loss of the Badnik Horde, all food spoiled, his two captives gone, and his customized foosball table destroyed. Orbot noted that Eggman did not throw a tantrum despite the losses, but the doctor felt that he had obtained "what really matters" in the form of the Gaia Manuscripts.[46]

Promptly, Eggman called Axel to give a strict order to protect his base at all cost, suspecting it to be one of the Gaia Temples.[46] Later, he hired the Hooligans to search for Chaos Emeralds while he was busy with the crisis.[47] After the trio of mercenaries lost a Chaos Emerald to the Chaotix and Knuckles, Eggman ordered them to make amends by entering the Chaos Emerald Championship in Casino Park.[48] Later, Egg-Bosses Cassia the Pronghorn and Clove the Pronghorn contacted Eggman to inform him that a Chaos Emerald they had discovered in Crystal Cave had been stolen by the New Freedom Fighters. Realizing that Sally must have obtained the information on the cave from the files she stole from the Death Egg, Eggman contacted Thunderbolt, another of his Egg-Bosses. To his surprise, she had been about to contact him with news of a newly discovered Chaos Emerald. He then ordered her to hang onto it, reasoning that the Freedom Fighters would soon arrive in search of it, allowing her to lure them into a trap.[49] However, he first made an attack on the Sky Patrol, the Freedom Fighters' mobile base, using his new War Walrus. When Rotor Walrus thwarted his intentions, he decided upon a new strategy using a brand new Tails Doll.[50]

StH 266 P5

Eggman reprimands Thunderbolt, from Sonic the Hedgehog #266.

As expected, the Freedom Fighters came looking for Thunderbolt's Emerald, and succeeded in capturing it despite Thunderbolt's trap due to Sonic's unexpected transformation into the Sonic the Werehog. A very angry Eggman ordered her to ensure that another Emerald didn't fall into their hands, and began debating over the virtues of Roboticized slaves as opposed to Cyberized minions. However, he was then informed by Orbot that the chaos caused by the planet breaking apart had actually allowed the Egg Army to gain ground while their opponents were stretched thin. After learning as well of the massive amount of Dark Gaia energy around the planet, Eggman decided to keep the Chaos Emeralds and Gaia Temples secure to prevent the planet's restoration. He then began making plans to build a facility to concentrate and refine the Dark Gaia energy. When the Freedom Fighters made an attempt for the second Emerald located in Soumerca, Eggman had E-100 Series units Lambda, Kappa, and Iota in position to intercept them, which Orbot considered overkill. The Freedom Fighters barely managed to escape, but Eggman successfully secured the Chaos Emerald and inserted the Tails Doll aboard the Sky Patrol while the defenses were down.[51][52]

The next Emerald was in the possession of Eggman's former minion Breezie, who had organized the Chaos Emerald Championship to decide who would claim the gem. Eggman contacted her and demanded that she turn over the Emerald to him. Breezie refused to do so, however, countering Eggman's threats of attack with the reminder of the strain put on his resources by the planetary crisis. She then reminded him that he would be fighting his own robots if he did attack her, and then noted that he would lose his best export if he cut off her supply. An offer to buy the Emerald off of her was rejected, as she noted that her tournament was a huge hit with the planet' populace and a boon to her entire network. Much to Eggman's irritation, Breezie put him on hold while she checked on another matter, and then hung up on him in the midst of his tirade. Furious at her defiance, he contacted the Hooligans and ordered them to sabotage Casino Park's defenses in the event that they were unable to win the tournament, only to receive another irritation as Nack insisted upon being paid for any sabotage. Eggman begrudgingly agreed, but warned the Hooligans not to fail him again. He then contacted Metal Sonic, who at the time was on a mission in Apotos, and sent him to Casino Park as well.[6] As it turned out, Sonic, Tails, and Amy were also competing in Breezie's tournament, as were Knuckles, Espio, and Honey the Cat. The Hooligans decided to play by Breezie's rules at first, but were eliminated one by one; by the final round, only Sonic and Knuckles were left. Undaunted, Eggman gave the Hooligans clearance to proceed with the backup plan in preparation for Metal Sonic's imminent arrival, determined to put Breezie in her place despite acknowledging how far she had come in her own endeavors.[7][53]

Ifrit Appears

Ifrit appears next to Dr. Eggman, from Sonic/Mega Man Free Comic Book Day 2015.

Eggman watched the final match between Sonic and Knuckles, but to his frustration Metal Sonic's attempt to claim the Chaos Emerald was thwarted.[54] The doctor thus set his sights on Gregorios, a sage from Apotos with information about the Gaia Temples. An early foray led to an encounter with Sonic, who engaged his Egg Swats. However, the battle was interrupted by the attacking Ifrit, who emerged from a strange interdimensional gateway. Eggman fled the scene as his robots were destroyed, but kept one in the area that monitored Sonic and his subsequent discussion with Silver.[55] Eggman began pondering how he could turn the portals to his advantage, and set his sites on a new target: the Lost Hex. He set about establishing a base there while Metal Sonic went after the last unclaimed Chaos Emerald, only for his robot enforcer to end up trapped in another dimension. Frustrated, Eggman turned his attention to his other schemes.[55][56][57]

Worlds Unite

Eggman's domination of the Lost Hex's resident villains, the Deadly Six, was brought to a crashing halt when Orbot inexplicably smashed the Cacophonic Conch that forced them to serve him. It was only the first of many unpleasant developments for Eggman, as Orbot proved to be the host of a computer virus from the future of Dr. Wily's world. This artificial intelligence forced Eggman to build him a new body and was thus reborn as Sigma-1, who informed Eggman that he had further plans that required Eggman's technical skills. Recognizing that Eggman needed help, he added one more unpleasant twist: he opened a Genesis Portal and brought Eggman's old ally turned enemy Dr. Wily to be his new assistant. The pair were forced to convert Eggman's facilities into a Mechaniloid factory, and to begin work on Sigma's Unity Engines. However, Eggman began seeing how they could turn Sigma's megalomania to their advantage, and the pair began laying plans to gain revenge on their captor and their heroic foes. At their suggestion, the now armored and mind-controlled Deadly Six were dispatched to capture Sonic and Mega Man.[58]

Villains Team Up Again

Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily team up once again, from Sonic Boom #8.

With the blue heroes in their grasp, Eggman and Wily continued discussing their schemes, during which Eggman learned that Wily had no memories of their previous alliance. He thus spun a web of lies to restore their former relationship, while also revealing how they had ended up working together in the altered reality. They then transformed their adversaries into the newest Roboticized Masters, Sonic Man and M'egga Man, and sent each corrupted hero to attack the other's world. While they claimed to be carrying out Sigma's orders, secretly they planned to have the two weaponized robots restore each other to normal and then join forces against Sigma.[29] The two enslaved heroes soon accomplished their task, but as Sigma's power grew Wily became concerned that they had done their job a little too well. Eggman assured his partner that everything would work out, as their subterfuge instantly took effect. However, realizing that Sigma would recognize their treachery, the pair fled, and were soon pursued by the Deadly Six.[59][60]


Wily and Eggman fire the Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon, from Sonic Boom #9.

Lamenting that their plan to have Sonic and Mega Man returned to normal had not been fulfilled on the Lost Hex, the two doctors were unexpectedly rescued by Xander Payne, who offered them his help despite Wily's firm conviction that he wanted to see Wily dead. The trio emerged from one of Xander's Genesis Portals onto the bridge of the Sky Patrol, where they were promptly imprisoned by their nemeses. The pair then admitted to turning Sonic and Mega Man into Sigma's pawns, but claimed it had been Sigma's idea and offered to help stop him in exchange for being released from the brig. They then set to work helping the heroes prepare for the coming battle, examining the Power Ring engines of the Sky Patrol. Eggman had to admit a certain jealousy as they watched Tails examine the Wily Robot Masters, but he and Wily soon set to work on a new project.[61] They were urged to hurry as the heroes engaged Sigma's Mechaniloids and the Deadly Six, and successfully accomplished the task after the Zeti had taken control of the robotic heroes. Their Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon freed the Zeti from Sigma's control and the heroes from theirs, and the aliens were then thrown into the brig. Unfortunately, Sigma chose that moment to unveil his massive new robot body and the army of Mavericks he had Time-Cloned to serve him.[62][63]

Sigma ended up sending most of his forces to various worlds to set up more Unity Engines, and the handful who remained were dispatched by the arriving heroes of the world of Street Fighter. Sally then proposed that they split up to stop the Mavericks and try to recruit other heroes to join their cause. Eggman suggested that they also form a backup plan, and volunteered to have Metal Sonic recover his single Chaos Emerald to join the six already aboard ship. In reality, however, Eggman and Wily planned to reach the Master Engine and secure its power for themselves, and were assisted in this endeavor by Xander.[64]

The Shattered World Crisis: Act 2

Eggman returns with Metal Sonic

Dr. Eggman returns from the Distant Abyss Zone with Metal Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #276.

Upon reassuming command of his empire, Eggman would set out to recover his lost enforcer, Metal Sonic. Using his Big Arm vehicle, he entered the Distant Abyss Zone where Metal Sonic's coordinates were found to be. He was attacked by a mysterious creature there, but Metal Sonic winded up using the last of its power to save the doctor, who successfully fled the zone with his robot.[65]


Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is the ruthless and megalomaniacal ruler of the Eggman Empire. He is a power-hungry tyrant who believes that his superior intellect makes him the rightful ruler of the world, a view which makes him incredibly arrogant and gives him a psychotic sense of self-entitlement that urges him to not just rule over the planet, but over the entire universe as well. Eggman is a strict man of science and technology, and has little care for the environment, magic, plant life or other living creatures, preferring to have his territories be completely dominated by factories and machinery with no sign of natural elements. His ultimate goal is to turn the world into his ideal robotic empire which he has dubbed "Eggmanland" and is determined to cause as much chaos and destruction to achieve this goal.

He is a manipulative individual who will do whatever it takes to further his plans and will gladly take control over the minds of animals, Humans or even divine beings against their will all for the sake of achieving his goals without caring about the harm he does to them or the world. His uncaring personality is mostly due to his over-inflated ego, as he only views himself and his machinery with utmost pride; the only other individual Eggman has ever admired is his grandfather Gerald Robotnik, whose life would play a major role in influencing Eggman's views. Eggman has no problem boasting about his superior intellect and mastery of science, often making long-winded proclamations about his superiority and looking down on anyone who would disagree. While Eggman's overly prideful views are the core parts of his personality, they are also his greatest weakness, as they cause him to become far too overconfident and arrogant when facing those who challenge his attempts at world domination and it usually leads to his downfall.

Eggman's psychotic mentality makes him a very dangerous man, but it also seems to make him somewhat eccentric and he often acts like an immature and short-tempered blowhard, especially when things do not go his way. Nonetheless, he is still a cruel and conniving individual under the right circumstances, and when he has complete control over the situation, and his plans go accordingly he prefers to toy with his enemies rather than finish them off from the start, but this arrogance as mentioned before is what usually leads to his own downfall. Eggman has a peculiar fascination with the word "Egg", having given himself the name "Eggman" and giving many of his creations egg-themed names and appearances, such as the Egg Fleet, the Egg Pawns, the Death Egg and the Egg Mobile.

According to Breezie, Eggman hates the idea of his robots fighting each other.

Powers and abilities

Eggman is a brilliant scientist and inventor with an IQ of 300 whose mastery of technology knows no bounds, able to create machines that can cause mass destruction or harness the power of nature and the divine itself. His remarkable skills as an engineer and programmer are best evidenced by the armies of robots and mechs he's created for his numerous world domination attempts, some of which he has been able to build and program in only a matter of hours. He is an incredibly skilled pilot: able to manipulate many different kinds of his own mechs, robots and vehicles in difficult battles with Sonic. His most well known ability is his masterminded plots and schemes, however even when successful his plans usually meet with failure due to Sonic and his friends and Eggman's own arrogant overconfidence.





  • In the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline, it seems as though Robotnik has lost much of his former territory/spheres of influence. This is likely being done to reflect the games, where Dr. Eggman apparently controls little territory (he intends to do so, however). It is unknown if he will lose more territory, or if he will lose all of it, but he does not control 99.9% of the planet like in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline.
  • In is shown that Eggman has some technology built into his glove, which he can use to hard-wire into machines and view its data.[8]
  • In the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline Dr. Eggman's true name is no longer considered Julian Kintobor since the Robotnik and Kintobor families are no longer related, making Ivo Robotnik Eggman's true name.
  • Due to the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline being more similar to the video games and Dr. Eggman himself stating in Sonic the Hedgehog #256 "our molecular make-up changed to match our new histories" it's possible that Dr. Eggman is now a human and not an Overlander, but there is no further evidence to state that this is true.


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