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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Quotation1 I used to go by "Julian," but it's been ages since then, hasn't it? I go by "Robotnik" now, and sometimes... "Eggman" ...of my Eggman Empire... Quotation2
Sonic the Hedgehog #209
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Doctor Eggman
Dr. Eggman Robotnik e A
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #19

in other media

Archie Comics

Biographical overview



Robo Robotnik
Robotnik Mach II

Physical description





185cm (6ft 1in)


128kg (282lb)




Black scleras with red pupils

  • Red and yellow dictator uniform
  • Dark blue/purple pince nez glasses
  • Goggles
Alignment and character traits
  • The Freedom Fighters
  • Team Chaotix
  • Team Dark
  • Sonic and his friends
  • Being defeated by Sonic (in general) or his friends
  • Losing
  • When his plans fail
  • Anyone who betrays him
  • Being insulted
  • Any species other than himself
  • His robots or empire being destroyed
  • Failure
  • His mustache being ruined
  • His robots or his assistants being incompetent
Powers and abilities
  • Roboticize with a touch (formerly)
  • Transport consciousness into another body (formerly)
  • Genius intellect
  • Create machines

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, also called Dr. Ivo Robotnik or simply Dr. Eggman, is a fictional character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-off comic series' published by Archie Comics. He is an evil scientist and dictator who seeks to rule over the entire world and make it a part of his Eggman Empire. With his army of robotic minions and airships, he is ever persistent in his quest for world domination despite his constant losses at the hands of his most hated enemy Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies, the Freedom Fighters.

In the pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline, he was Robo-Robotnik V2.0, an alternate timeline version of Robotnik Prime with whom he shared much of the same history, who came to Sonic's Zone to take over after the late Robotnik Prime. When the Super Genesis Wave altered reality, however, his personal history was altered, making him the true Robotnik of Sonic's Zone.


Origin and the Giant Borg

Robo-Robotnik's early history was largely the same as his Mobius Prime's counterpart up to a point, though there are minor differences such as Robo-Robotnik roboticizing his universe's version of Colin Kintobor. ( #92, #197)


Robo-Robotnik monitoring Robotnik Prime and the numerous versions of Sonic the Hedgehog

The main difference in Robo-Robotnik and Robotnik Prime's history occurred after Robo-Robotnik managed to defeat his reality's version of the Freedom Fighters. Instead of killing them however, he transformed each of them into cyborgs with half robotic-half biological faces. This proved a mistake when the cyborg Freedom Fighters retained their sentience and rampaged through Robotropolis. In a last-ditch effort to save himself, Robotnik turned his own roboticizer on himself, becoming Robo-Robotnik. So dangerous was Robo-Robotnik that he wiped out the resistance and forced Cyborg Sonic to flee from his native zone to seek help from Sonic Prime. Robo-Robotnik soon dispatched a small army of his Shadow-Swatbots to Mobius Prime to destroy all the various Sonics, who had gathered there to discuss how to deal with Robo-Robotnik. However, Robotnik Prime simply dispatched his own SWATbots and destroyed the Shadow-Swatbot army, forcing Robo-Robotnik to temporarily retreat. (StH: #19)

As Robotnik Prime speculated, Robo-Robotnik then went after a piece of the alien Giant Borg suit, the Giant Hand, which was hidden in the Neutral Zone. The Giant Borg, if assembled, had the ability to destroy all the various versions of Sonic and Robotnik. Robo-Robotnik hired the only Sonic from the multiverse not working with Sonic Prime, Evil Sonic, to retrieve the Giant Hand so that he could finish reassembling the Giant Borg. Evil Sonic managed to retrieve the hand before the other Sonics could, and Robo-Robotnik managed to put together to Borg's pieces. He then set out attacking all the various Sonics, but ultimately the Giant Borg was destroyed when every Sonic in the multiverse joined forces and took it apart. Robo-Robotnik was left dismembered from this, his robotic head malfunctioning. His head was hastily brought back to his home zone by Cyborg Sonic. (StH: #19)

Unbeknown to anyone, he survived by transferring his digital mind to a derelict space station in an alternate future reality, where he remained in stasis. (StH: #19, #22)

Some argue that the version of Robo-Robotnik seen in StH #22 is not the same Robo-Robotnik in StH #19, as the two seem to have different histories. However, because Robo-Robotnik himself explained they were the same in StH #75, it is considered canon by this site's policy, despite writer Ian Flynn stating he believes there to be two Robo-Robotniks. This may change if the subject is ever revisited.

Near Defeat and Total Victory

Robo Robotnik

Robo-Robotnik traveling to Mobius Prime, after achieving victory in his universe

What seemed like years later to Robo-Robotnik, Robotnik Prime was accidentally transported by his renegade creation E.V.E. onto the space station in the future reality Robo-Robotnik's consciousness was stranded on. Once there, Robo-Robotnik appeared on a monitor and explained that the space station was still incomplete, keeping him mired in space until its systems ran down, which would ultimately end his existence. In response, Robotnik Prime convinced him that even if they failed in this zone, by sending him back to his own zone, they both still stood a chance. Following this, he returned Robotnik Prime to Mobius Prime. (StH: #22)

The meeting inspired Robo-Robotnik to fight on, and when he transported Robotnik Prime home, he learned that the Giant Borg's pieces had been distributed throughout the various zones. Locating the piece hidden in that future reality, Robo-Robotnik proceeded to create a new artificial body for himself. He then bombarded Mobotropolis with nuclear weapons, wiping out the Royal Family and the Freedom Fighters, securing his total victory in that zone. (StH: #75)

With all of his enemies killed in his zone, Robo-Robotnik found himself with nothing to do. After discovering the death of his Mobius Prime counterpart, he decided to take advantage of the death of his "other self" by moving to Mobius Prime and wiping out his enemies there, "filling the void" in both his life and Sonic's. (StH: #75)

Conspiring from the Shadows

RoboRobotnik issue72

Robo Robotnik disguised as the original Dr. Ivo Robotnik, pointing out Snively's recorded betrayal and branding him a traitor

Robo-Robotnik proceeded to conspire from the shadows for several months on board a group of satellites he brought with him from his own zone. He used each satellite to cause a series of events on the planet surface, first to open the jail cells in the Devil's Gulag prison to release Snively, the Fearsome Foursome, Drago Wolf and Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg, then to cause an avalanche in the Southern Tundra, which nearly buried Sonic and Tails. Following this he activated a series of traps and robots by the Lost Temple of Shazamazon, restored Kodos and Uma Arachnis to their organic selves, hurled a series of meteorites at Mobotropolis, activated a giant Mutate which attacked and captured Snively, fired a time beam at Knothole which could have destroyed all time, and presented an autobiography on the life of Dr. Robotnik over King Max's speech. (StH: #62, #64, #67, #68, #70, #71, #72)

Shortly afterward, Robo-Robotnik recruited Evil Sonic to go to the other various realities and have the local versions of Sonic hand over their pieces of the Giant Borg in order to reassemble the machine. Evil Sonic succeeded in doing this, but while in the Sonic Underground universe, the last one to give up its piece of the Giant Borg, Evil Sonic confused the local Robotnik for Robo-Robotnik, and gave him control of the Giant Borg. Because of this, Robo-Robotnik deciding he should "cut my losses and forgo the battle-suit", returning to his secret satellites in Mobius Prime for his upcoming scheme to retake Mobotropolis. (SSS: #10)

After returning to Mobius Prime, Robo-Robotnik used his satellites to remove the Robians free will, making them subservient to him. He then had them abandon Knothole and begin working on board his space station. When the Freedom Fighters realized the Robians were absent, they discovered the satellites in space with help from Nicole. Realizing they were likely responsible for the numerous problems which had occurred over the past few weeks, the Knothole Freedom Fighters went to investigate the space stations. Once they arrived on board Robo-Robotnik, wearing a skin disguise to fool everyone into thinking he was Robotnik Prime back from the dead, revealed himself and his use of the Robians as his personal slave labor force. (StH: #73, #74)

After his skin disguise was removed by acid, Robo-Robotnik captured the heroes in a force field, and explained he deliberately lured Sonic and the Freedom Fighters to his space station, as it allowed his Shadowbots to re-capture Mobotropolis. Freed from the force field by Snively, the Freedom Fighters enlisted his help to blow up the orbital platform with Robo-Robotnik on board. Although Robo-Robotnik managed to deport the Robians to the recaptured and rechristened city of Robotropolis, he was prevented from leaving the space station himself when Sonic attacked him. Sonic's attacks proved futile against his robotic body, but soon Sonic's parents revealed they managed to maintain their free will, and were quickly taken by Sonic to the last escape ship. Stranded on board the space station, Robo-Robotnik's body was destroyed along with the station when it exploded. (StH: #74, #75)

Birth of Doctor Eggman and Early Schemes

Eggman upgrade

Robo Robotnik with his new "Eggman" look

Despite his robotic body being destroyed in the explosion along with the space stations, Robo-Robotnik simply transported his consciousness into a new robotic body, which was hidden half a mile below Robotropolis. With his new body, he took on the new name: Dr. Eggman. With the city of Robotropolis recaptured, Eggman attempted to download the location of Knothole and launch an immediate attack. However, Sally, Nicole and Snively successfully planted a virus in the city's computer systems, preventing him from downloading its location. (StH: #75, #76, #77)

After clearing the entire memory bank of all infected data, Eggman discovered a digital file the late Robotnik Prime had regarding the mysterious water beast Chaos. Eggman decided to use Chaos to destroy his enemies. After breaking the Black Emerald and releasing a weak Chaos, Dr. Eggman and a contingent of Shadowbots flew to Angel Island and attacked the Chaos Chamber, shattering the Master Emerald and using its pieces to make Chaos stronger, while also causing the island to fall into the ocean. (StH: #78, #79)

Although Eggman managed to aid in allowing the water creature to evolve into Perfect Chaos, the creature decided it no longer would listen to the dictator's orders. After reaching this conclusion, it thus destroyed his Egg Carrier, sending Eggman falling into the flooded city below. After Perfect Chaos' defeat by Super Sonic, Knuckles and Tikal, Dr. Eggman vowed revenge, and dispatched Silver Sonic II to Station Square to kill Sonic. After a brief battle however, Silver Sonic II was defeated and reprogrammed by Nate Morgan to act as the city's defender. Thus, when Eggman returned, he was chased out of the city by his own robotic creation. (StH: #83, #84, #85)

Before Eggman returned to Robotropolis, the Acorn Kingdom Army and Knothole Freedom Fighters launched an attack on the city, freeing the captured Elias Acorn and obtaining the means to bring Queen Alicia back to health. During this time, Dr. Eggman found himself chased out of Station Square, only to stumble upon the lab and diary of his great-grandfather Professor Gerald. Using his great-grandfather's notes, Dr. Eggman sought about reviving Project Shadow for his own uses. (StH: #88, #89, #98)

Having learned of the Sword of Acorns' ability to restore the Robian's free will, having witnessed it occur on the video files of the Mobian's attack on his city, Dr. Eggman focused his efforts on obtaining the sword. Although he managed to do this, it was stolen from him by Uma Arachnis and given to Kodos. (StH: #89, #90)

Weeks later, Eggman discovered a large group of Overlanders, including the Mobius Prime version of his brother Colin Kintobor and his family, had returned to Mobius from a trek through outer space. Having missed his people for so long, and wanting to roboticize this version of his brother, as he had done in his own universe before coming to Mobius Prime, Dr. Eggman created a ruse in order to win the Overlanders trust and lure them into Robotropolis. (StH: #92, #93)

Roboticizing with a Touch

Still existing in a robotic body, Dr. Eggman enlisted the help of his nephew Snively to enable his body to roboticize beings with a single touch. The two set to work, and after weeks of experimenting the process was successfully tested on the Overlander Cheddermund. With this new ability, Eggman hoped to roboticize Sonic and the others by luring them into the city using Nate Morgan as bait. Although the Freedom Fighters went to Robotropolis and managed to restore the free will of the Robians there using the Sword of Acorns, which was given to Sally by Uma Arachnis, they managed to escape the city when Nate turned off the city's dome shield. Having remained behind, Dr. Eggman roboticized Nate, turning him into a robotic statue as he had done to Cheddermund. (StH: #94, #95, #100)

When Hope pointed out she felt Dr. Eggman was responsible for the Robians, he proceeded to inform the Overlanders they were all suffering from radiation poisoning, and needed to be roboticized or they would die. When Colin learned that Dr. Eggman was a robot and had convinced Snively to help him, Dr. Eggman roboticized Colin as well as Lady Agnes, hoping to also roboticize Hope Kintobor with them. Hope was rescued before she could be captured however by Sonic the Hedgehog. Soon afterward, Eggman demonstrated to the Overlanders they could retain their mobility as long as they wanted to be roboticized, by roboticizing a willing Snively. However, the Overlanders decided to leave the city with the Freedom Fighters, as the Mobians pointed out Dr. Eggman waited for them to get radiation poisoning until it was too late. The Overlanders were allowed to leave, as Eggman felt watching their suffering would be more enjoyable. (StH: #105)

Due to the reality-warping of Chaos Knuckles, Dr. Eggman was able to create a device to bring back the original Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The two mad scientists then schemed to lure the Knothole Freedom Fighters into Robotropolis and use the same device to disperse their molecules. However, having learned from Dr. Quack that without the device the original Dr. Robotnik could not exist, the Freedom Fighters went along simply to gain access to the device and destroy it. Following this, the original Dr. Robotnik's molecules dispersed forever. (StH: #108)

Body Hopping and De-Roboticized

As a robot, Dr. Eggman maintained his ability to transport his consciousness into new robotic shells. Following the destruction of Robotropolis due to a nuclear strike from Station Square, Dr. Eggman began constructing a new robotic body for himself in the ruins of Old Megaopolis, though this was detected by Station Square's spy agent Rouge the Bat. When Rouge went missing, the President hired Sonic and Bunnie Rabbot to investigate. Bunnie freed Rouge while Sonic destroyed Eggman's new robotic body with a piece of dynamite. (StH: #110, #116)

While stranded in cyberspace, Eggman attracted his system's self-defences, allowing Snively's consciousness to be transported into a new robotic body. After Snively made a new look for himself, Eggman destroyed the body and emerged in his new robotic form, telling Snively he was the main villain. In this form, Dr. Eggman traveled to the Forbidden Zone where the Fearsome Foursome, Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg and Drago Wolf offered to sell him back one of his old factories. Dr. Eggman agreed in order to shake Drago's hand and roboticize him, as well as roboticizing the Fearsome Foursome. Before he could roboticize Sleuth however, Sleuth informed him he would give him Sonic the Hedgehog, who traveled to the Forbidden Zone to rescue his childhood friend Tommy Turtle. Sonic managed to grab Tommy from Sleuth and nearly escape, causing Eggman to switch his attention to Sleuth and roboticize him. Just before he did however, Sleuth threw a grenade which destroyed Eggman and Snively's robotic bodies, and caused Sonic to think Tommy had died in the explosion. (StH: #117)

Shortly after this encounter, Eggman found himself captured along with Snively, Sonic and Tails by an alien race known as the Bem. Eggman and Snively were transformed back into flesh and blood, and forced to battle for their lives against a roboticized Sonic and Tails in order to prove whether or not flesh is superior to metal. After losing to Mecha Sonic and Mecha Tails, both Eggman and Snively were sent back to Mobius in their organic forms. Additionally, they are unable to re-roboticize themselves due to a side-effect of the Bem's de-roboticizer. (StH: #118)

The Xorda Crisis and Re-Conquering Mobius

Not long after this, Mobius was attacked by another alien race called the Xorda. The Xorda had attacked Mobius over twelve thousand years ago when the planet was still known as "Earth", and had thought all intelligent life had been wiped out. When the Xorda encountered ships carrying Overlanders, the descendants of humans, they returned to Mobius to find the planet still inhabited. When the Xorda attacked Eggman's forces, he realized the Xorda posed a legitimate threat, and asked for an alliance with the Kingdom of Knothole, but at the price of surrendering half of the his acquired territory to the Kingdom. With the help of Sonic and Sally, the Xorda ship was forced to retreat. Unwilling to leave the job unfinished, the Xorda left behind a device called the Quantum Dial intended to destroy the world and the entire solar system. Sonic successfully prevented the device from going off, but was teleported to another side of the universe in the process, leaving everyone to believe he died. (StH: #124, #125)

Now unopposed by Sonic the Hedgehog, Eggman seized the opportunity to re-conquer sections of Mobius which were lost after the original Dr. Ivo Robotnik's death, thereby creating the Eggman Empire. Establishing a new capital city for his empire in New Megaopolis outside the ruins of Old Megaopolis and Megaopolis, Dr. Eggman also went about creating two robotic "children" to replace the still-missing Snively, who disappeared during the Xorda's attack, called Mecha and A.D.A.M., the latter being a sentient computer virus which controlled most of the Eggman Empire's systems and robotic armies. (StH: #130)

Dr. Eggman also took this time to strike a deal with the Dingo Regime, providing weapons and other support for them in return for their allegiance and becoming his enforcers on Angel Island. With the Dingoes now an ally and under the new leadership of Kage Von Stryker, he successfully conquered the Angel Island and maintained control of it for months, enslaving most of the Echidna population. During a bid to captured the Master Emerald, the Brotherhood of Guardians managed to defeat Eggman's Egg Pawns, but were captured in their weakened state by Dr. Finitevus, leaving the echidnas and Master Emerald under the sole protection of Locke until the Dark Legion chose to aid him. (StH: #138, #139, #183)

In addition to taking over the echidna settlement on Angel Island, Dr. Eggman sent in his forces to invade the hidden city of Albion, having its location provided to him by Dr. Finitevus who also sabotaged the city's defenses. With the city defenseless, Eggman's forces destroyed the city. (StH: #182)

Writer Ian Flynn has stated the intention was that Albion's citizens were captured and sent to the Egg Grapes where they perished.

When Sonic returned months later, Dr. Eggman decided to initiate Operation: Triple Threat; a nuclear strike against Station Square and Knothole, while also sending a horde of upgraded SWATbots to take down the force field containing the nuclear radiation around the nuked Robotropolis. The horde was intercepted at Fort Acorn by the Mes Braves Battalion, the Chaotix and an expeditionary force from G.U.N. while the Knothole Freedom Fighters attacked Dr. Eggman and his battleship armed with the nukes. Eggman managed to escape from Shadow the Hedgehog, who arrived as well to stop the mad doctor's schemes, but the nukes were delayed from launching when Tails occupied A.D.A.M.'s thought process, giving Bunnie Rabbot the time she needed to destroy the battle ship. (StH: #130, #131, #132, #133)

Shortly after this failure, Dr. Eggman sent in his forces to invade Golden Hive Colony, capturing or killing most of its citizens and turning it into one of the Eggman Empire's polluting bases. It was also around this time that Locke had been captured while holding off Dingo forces while the Dark Legion relocate the Master Emerald to the Hidden Palace Zone. Learning of his father's capture, Knuckles the Echidna went to Angel Island with Sonic and the Chaotix and successfully rescued Locke with the help of the Dark Legion. However, Dr. Eggman, not wanting to rely on the Dingoes, sent his new agent Hunter to capture some of the free echidnas as well as retrieve the Master Emerald. Hunter successfully sent numerous echidnas to the Egg Grape Chambers including Remington, but was soon defeated when Knuckles transformed into Super Knuckles and sent Hunter flying off the island to his death. Rather than think of it as a loss, Eggman told his 'daughter' Mecha that given the amount of people captured by Hunter and sent to the Egg Grapes, it was a partial victory. (StH: #138, #139, #140, #141)

Eggman then launched a large-scale offensive against the Kingdom of Knothole, using his massive Egg Fleet to inflict heavy damage via aerial bombardment, effectively destroying the entire Kingdom and Freedom HQ. During this attack, he managed to capture the entire population (bar Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy), transporting them to his Egg Grape Chambers to be used as a source of fuel for his city. He also engaged in a one-on-one duel versus Sonic wearing his newly created power armor called the Egg Beater, thrashing Sonic physically and psychologically before he departed. Eggman came to regret his decision when the four survivors launched a rescue mission that foiled his plans and liberated the prisoners. The Mobians were subsequently transported to New Mobotropolis when Nicole altered the programming of the Egg Beater to transport them there, as opposed to the Egg Grape Chambers. In retaliation, he redeployed his Egg Fleet (lead by Snively) to attack the city's shield while he fought Sonic in his Egg Beater. The combined might of Sonic, the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix proved too much for his power armor, resulting in its destruction and causing Eggman to flee. (StH: #175, #176, #177)

Turning of the Tides

When Dr. Eggman learned of the return of Enerjak, he accepted Sonic's proposed temporary alliance so that the two could defeat the chaos demigod. Arriving at New Mobotropolis during Enerjak's attack there, he successfully had the Egg Fleet transport him to the last Egg Grape Chamber. Keeping his end of the bargain, Eggman withdrew from New Mobotropolis with the captured Enerjak, saying he wanted the place kept tidy for when he decided to return and destroy it. However, Eggman underestimated Enerjak's power, and was shocked when the demigod escaped captivity and destroyed not only his Egg Fleet but the vast majority of New Megaopolis. Following this, Eggman withdrew to his bunker with Snively and the recently-arrived Dimitri to plan. (StH: #180, #181, #182, #183)

Following the defeat of Enerjak, Eggman accepted an alliance proposed by Lien-Da for the remaining Echidnas loyal to her to become the new Dark Egg Legion in exchange for robotic enhancements. Eggman agreed knowing that he'd already given the title of Grandmaster to Dimitri, despite Lien-Da only allying under the terms that she would be the Grandmaster. (StH: #184)

Sometime later, Eggman sent Metal Sonic to attack Freedom HQ, only to discover that it was under the control of Scourge the Hedgehog and the Suppression Squad. Metal Sonic was just about to leave when Eggman heard Scourge say he was planning to take control of the areas that the Eggman Empire had conquered, causing him to have Metal Sonic attack Scourge. When Sonic arrived, Eggman realized that Metal Sonic was outnumbered and built a duplicate of Scourge, Metal Scourge, to help. While the doctor was watching the battle from the Eggdome in New Megaopolis, Dimitri came to him and demanded to know why he had not yet built a new Badnik army to help the Dark Egg Legion. Eggman revealed that he had planted bombs in the cybernetics of the Legion's members, causing Dimitri to realize just what he had gotten himself into and leave. Eggman presumably continued to watch the fight between the two hedgehogs and his robot duplicates until the latter were both destroyed. (StH: #191, #192)

However, this did not discourage the good doctor, who proceeded to construct yet another Metal Sonic. This newer version was equipped with a special engine which would allow it to travel to other dimensions. Upon activation Eggman told it to locate Sonic, who at the time had been trapped on Moebius. When Metal Sonic teleported itself there without orders, Eggmans began to yell and throw his tools around in a fit of rage. (StH: #195)

Dr. Eggman later created a new weapon called the Egg Phoenix and used it to counterattack the Freedom Fighters'/Chaotix's assault on the Eggdome. The Egg Phoenix proved to be a match for the two groups, but Sally came up with the plan of having Sonic, Vector, Knuckles, Tails and Bunnie use teamwork to lead the Egg Phoenix straight up into the air to make it stall out. With the fires out on the Egg Phoenix, Saffron, Charmy and Ray planted Neutralizing Mines on the craft's hull allowing Tails to deactivate the Egg Phoenix and caused it to crash. Eggman escaped unscathed and ordered Snively and Dimitri to round up the Dark Legion for the final battle. (StH: #197, #198)

The day after, Dr. Eggman dispatched the last of the E-100 Series, E-123 Omega to hunt down and destroy the rogue E-102 Gamma, much to Omega's displeasure as his original programming was to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog and not this lower task. The Freedom Fighters and Chaotix then launched an assault on the Eggdome in an attempt to defeat Dr. Eggman once and for all, while the Dark Egg Legion held them back. Secretly following Snively's plan, the legion later retreated to let Sonic get through and even saluted him when he was about to confront Eggman. Sonic then went down the chute where Eggman was waiting in his Egg Tarantula. (StH: #199 SU: #3)

Descent Into Madness

Confronting his rival about how he had conquered the planet, Eggman's sanity was pushed to the breaking point as Sonic taunted and recounted the numerous times he'd defeated the dictator and a long and grueling battle ensued. Sonic soon gained the upper hand and struck Eggman down by destroying the Egg Tarantula as the evil doctor was ejected from the machine, causing the doctor to lose his mind entirely right after Sonic proclaimed his victory yet again. As Sally walked in on the scene, she found Eggman lying on the ground, now having descended into madness and babbling incoherently. At this point, Snively walked in, remarking how Sonic had not just defeated his uncle, he had broken him. Instead of rejoicing at the defeat of their oppressor, Sonic and Sally merely looked with pity and horror at what had become of the once-mighty Eggman. After the Freedom Fighters left New Megaopolis to celebrate, Snively placed Eggman in a padded cell and handed over control of the Eggman Empire to the Iron Queen. (StH: #200)  
Insane Eggman

Eggman after he loses his sanity.

Escape from the Eggman Empire

Sometime after Sonic, Monkey Khan, and the Freedom Fighters fail in their attempt to ambush the Eggman Empire, and then nearly fend off the Empire's attack in New Mobotropolis, Snively visits Eggman in his cell in the Detention Level, telling him how the Eggman Empire is succeeding on its goals without him. He also tells Eggman how he is treated "decently for once" and that he "found love" when the Iron Queen took over the Empire. Unable to understand what Snively is telling him, Eggman continues to utter words to himself, such as "they always loved Colin more..." and "hate that hedgehog...". Frustrated by Eggman's inability to hear him, Snively decides to leave the Detention Level, saying to him that "there's no point in gloating when you can't understand me". While continuing to mutter to himself, Eggman suddenly says "Cell block override authority Epsilon-Gamma-Gamma", which causes the door to his cell to unlock. Hearing the sound of his cell unlocking, Snively goes to investigate, and discovers Eggman outside of his cell and has come loose from his straight jacket. When Eggman sees Snively, he grabs him by the collar and pulls him to his face, asking him "What are you doing out here?! Snoo-ping as usual?!", which indicates that Eggman has not regained his sanity. After escaping the Detention Level, Eggman hijacks a machine that he calls the "Tortoise", and uses it to escape New Megaopolis. He eventually encounters Sonic out in the Great Forest, while apparently looking for Knothole under some trees. When Eggman sees Sonic, it takes him a moment to remember who is, and when he does he begins to attack at Sonic wildly with the Tortoise. He is eventually stopped when Tails shows up and disables the Tortoise. As soon as Sonic goes up to Eggman to tell him that "they were done fighting for the day", Eggman punches Sonic in the face and proclaiming his "victory" over Sonic, and loses consciousness afterwards. When confronted by the Iron Queen and her subordinates (the Dark Egg Legion and the Yagyu clan), Sonic orders Tails to take Eggman to New Mobotropolis while he fends off the Eggman Empire. The Freedom Fighters arrive soon after Tails accomplishes his task to help Sonic fight the Empire. After the Freedom Fighters retreat back to New Mobotropolis, they decide to place Eggman in a cell, where they hope he will be safe so they can use him as a hostage in order to gain some influence over Eggman's former Sub-Bosses in the future. (StH: #202, #203, #204, #205, #206)

Recovery and Escape

After the Iron Queen took control of Nicole, transforming her into Iron Nicole, the Iron Dominion gained control of New Mobotropolis. Sonic, Sally, Tails, and Monkey Khan fled to break up the four houses. Chuck was imprisoned in a cell next to Eggman and the insane Doctor asked how the "Robot-sizer" was coming along, which gave him a cold rebuke from the hedgehog. At the mention of "Eggman", he started remembering that he used to go by "Julian" but that it had been a long time since he had done so. Studying his glasses he began mumbling: "I go by Robotnik now, and sometimes... "Eggman" ...of my Eggman Empire..." And he put on his glasses again and slowly began regaining his sanity as well as began thinking of why he couldn't beat Sonic. Eventually, he found the answer, leading him to fully recover, and stated to a visiting Snively that the reason he could never defeat Sonic was due to the hedgehog's over exposure to Chaos Energy, making him the embodiment of chaos, an unforeseen variable in any experiment. When Snively came around, he told his nephew and asked to be released but was refused, Snively then said that he is finally being treated fairly and that he found love. Eggman retorted that Snively was not really in love and that he was only using Regina as a stepping stone for his own gain. This caused Snively to run out with his eyes full of tears while Eggman laughed evilly. After the Iron Dominion was defeated, Snively panicked, ran to the detention center, freed his uncle, and escaped. They then took a hovercraft and retreated to the Eggdome, all the while Snively asking if he had a plan and Eggman replying that he already had a plan in mind.

In Hiding

While in hiding, Dr. Eggman continued work inside his Eggdome, while keeping tabs on his foes. During this time, he was able to restore Lien-Da to a state of "normalcy", restoring her cybernetics and forced Snively to end his relationship with the Iron Queen. When Sonic, investigating the Eggdome, encountered the beast known as the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra. However, Eggman, in his desire to be the only one to defeat Sonic, sent a robotic hummingbird to destroy it. Soon after, Eggman and Snively entered the Special Zone and confronted the Zone's guardian, Feist, in an attempt to obtain one of the Chaos Emeralds. He shot down Snively and ended up taking the Chaos Emerald when he was given the choice of bringing back either it or Snively. However, he outwitted Feist by using a teleportation device to scoop Snively out.


With Sonic and the Freedom Fighters busy dealing with the returned Ixis Naugus, Eggman used the time to reappear, using his prize to activate his latest weapon - the Eggdome's true form, the Death Egg Mark 2. Appearing over New Mobotropolis, he forced the Freedom Fighters and Naugus to temporarily work together. Inside the ship, Eggman unleashed the Silver Sonic Mark 3 on Sonic and Sally. Annoyed at Sonic wanting to stay and fight Silver Sonic, Sally took off on her own, leading to Eggman aiming an automated gun at Sally and shooting just as he activates the Death Egg's weapon.


During the Genesis event, Robotnik spent his time capturing and placing small animals inside robotic shells for his Badnik Army in preparation of global conquest. After his nephew reported back to him about an incident, Doctor Eggman decided to investigate himself. Finding a group of Mobians in the Marble Zone, he recognized the blue one as the one who had bullied his nephew and opened fire on Sonic after a brief exchange of words. As the rodent avoided his weaponry, Eggman eventually cornered him on a pillar in a lava field. Gleefully preparing to finish the hedgehog off, the doctor was attacked by a reprogrammed Buzzbomber which he swiftly eradicated, only to leave himself open to a direct and critical hit from Sonic. With his Egg Mobile severely damaged and spewing smoke, the scientist retreated while shouting threats of his master plan, despite not being entirely certain of all the details of it himself.

Eggman escaped to the Scrap Brain Zone where he waited for the Freedom Fighters. When they came, he trapped Sonic in a force field near some elevator shafts and then attacked him with balls of electricity. Before he could do anything else though, Antoine fell through a hydraulics pipe and into his arms. In the distraction, Sonic smashed the pipe elevator he was sitting in and Eggman hid in another pipe elevator as Sonic was freed from the force field. Unluckily for the doctor, Sonic caught him as he tried to sneak away and smashed his Egg Mobile, causing him to fall into a pit below.

Eggman survived the fall however, and returned to the Death Egg to check up on his plans. Like Snively, he did not seem to remember well the effects of "Phase 1" to his scheme, but stated "Phase 2" to be a global one-shot "robotization" after the Death Egg was fully recharged with the seven Chaos Emeralds in their possession. He then brushed off his nephew's concern about the dimensional disturbances, saying that he would soon win and proceeded to work on a "logic puzzle", referring to Sonic.

Eggman returned to the planet and went to the Metropolis Zone, awaiting for Sonic in his Egg Mobile. Once the hedgehog arrived, he congratulated the "Rodent" for coming this far, this time causing a memory reaction in Sonic. This annoyed Eggman greatly, not wanting it to go further, and he deployed replicas to attack Sonic. Midway through the battle, all power across the zone shut down due to the actions of the Freedom Fighters in Oil Ocean Zone. Eggman then fled to the Death Egg in a shuttle with Sonic grabbing on in hot pursuit. Aboard the battle station, Eggman confirmed to Sonic that the world was falling apart, but would be "cemented" once the Death Egg's robotizer made everything his "robotic slave".

Piloting his Giant Mech, Eggman viciously attacked Sonic, saying he changed the world to stop the hedgehog from interfering with his plans like always. With Sonic all but beaten, the doctor then made the mistake of telling him the Death Egg was powered by the Chaos Emeralds right before rushing Sonic under his foot, only to find he survived and had grabbed a broken power cable, using the Chaos energy in it to become Super Sonic. Incredulous that the hedgehog still lived, Eggman was infuriated as all his attack were trumped and had no effect on Sonic. After Snively attempted to warn him the planet was beyond saving, Super Sonic slammed his Mech into a wall with Eggman cursing him while he used Chaos Control to undo the reality warp, washing the world again in white.

Return To Roboticizing

Eggman's not-resetting button

Eggman found himself pushing the cosmic reboot button to no avail. He screamed at Snively in frustration, but his nephew was unable to give him the answer for the malfunctioning device. He remembers the events of Genesis, and that it was Sonic who reset everything back. He asks him for the status of stage two, and after Snively confirmed him that it was done, Eggman flew off, telling his nephew not to worry about Sonic and Sally, as they cannot stop him this time. Arriving at the main deck where the roboticizer is, he greets Sonic and Sally by explaining to them that the first white flash had indeed reset the world, shaving away the permanent side-effect of the Bem's De-Robotization. He continues by saying that roboticizing mechanical elements make them explode, stating that it will take care of Station Square, G.U.N. and New Mobotropolis. Sonic attacks him in rage, but Eggman sends him his new Metal Sonic, with a damaged Silver Sonic III following behind. Eggman realizes that Sally disappeared and prepares to hunt her down, but Sonic spin-dashes through his Egg Mobile, sending him to the ground . He picks up a gun to defend himself against the hedgehog, and orders Snively to fire the world roboticizer. Not knowing that Nicole and Sally tampered with the device, the whole charge diverts to the main deck, causing an enormous explosion, destroying Metal Sonic and Silver Sonic III, and gravely injuring Eggman and Sonic. This accident makes him think that the world wasn't reset, and he sadly remarks that Sonic survived the blast. He tries to defend himself with a broken pole, but Sonic smashes him to the ground. As the hedgehog continues to mock him, a robot hand appears from the wreckage . While Sonic glances in horror, Eggman laughs maniacally to what is in front of his eyes: a roboticized Sally.

Once Sally (Now Mecha Sally) had grabbed Sonic by the throat, Eggman ordered her to come along, with Sonic in tow, and proceeded to drop Sonic from the slightly damaged Death Egg. Upon leaving New Mobotropolis, he began to experiment with Sally, and started to create new parts for her for combat purposes.

While his Egg Legionnaires frantically tried to stabilize the Death Egg with what little power they had left Eggman opted to use it for the Egg Annihilator Beam despite a protest from Snively that was swiftly quenched by his latest addition to the Death Egg's staff. The assault, however potent, was foiled by a now crystallized Titan Metal Sonic and without any power to spare, the doctor and his forces were forced to flee. While his nephew updated him on their current state with the damaged Death Egg and missing Chaos Emerald Eggman promptly ignored him as the doctor preoccupied himself with something far more interesting, namely checking up his newly acquired enemy-turned-minion. Growing annoyed with Snively's sniveling over the lack of power, damages and missing "battery" Eggman menacingly informed his lackey that the Egg Mites would handle the repairs, while he had prepared numerous refueling depots long before even thinking about using the Chaos Emerald as a power source. The distracted dictator then merrily told him to relax and get out as he continued to work on the princess, vowing to make the most of her current state.

Shortly after, Eggman was contacted mystically by Ixis Naugus, who told him of the Freedom Fighter's plans to relocate ex-king Elias Acorn from New Mobotropolis to his old home in Feral Forest. The next day, Eggman attacked Elias and the Freedom Fighters, using his new, upgraded soldiers, a rebuilt Metal Sonic, and Mecha Sally. He watched gleefully as the Freedom Fighters were overpowered. Following his recent patterns, he settled for a lesser victory by commanding Metal Sonic to self-destruct while latched on to Antoine. Mecha Sally returned to the Death Egg and they retreated, leaving Elias alive and Antoine barely alive.


After quietly scheming, Snively tried to throw the Eggman Empire into disarray by broadcasting a message that Eggman had been killed and the Empire was done. He locked Eggman out from the systems and fled the Death Egg to gather Hope and join Regina. Eggman activated Orbot and Cubot to help him regain control and to act as his new lackeys. He transported the Dark Egg Legion's leaders to the Death Egg to reveal that he was alive and to give the order to capture Snively if possible and to be on the lookout for the missing Chaos Emerald. He revealed his latest project, another Metal Sonic, Mecha Sally (which he promoted he roboticized himself), and the new Metal Knuckles and Metal Tails. Later, he took Orbot and Cubot with him on a ship to chase after Snively, who had left the tracking systems open.

Tracking his wayward lackey to Central City, the capital of the United Federation, Eggman continued the hunt in his usual subtly and launched a full scale attack on the city with an army of Egg Swats and three large mechs to smoke him out. Aboard his Egg Camel the doctor (repeatedly) tried to agitate Grandmaster Hugo, whom Eggman had brought along to show him the nation he once protected at the mercy of the Eggman Empire. But the brainwashed cyborg soldier responded with a monotone Yes, Sir, at every turn, much to Eggman's disappointment. After a fairly one-sided battle between the imperial forces against Omega and the defending G.U.N troops Eggman noticed Snively making an escape and recalled all units from the battlefield to pursue him, allowing the clearly outmatched Federation to claim "victory" as he left.

Making his way through Yurashia in search of Snively, Eggman soon reached Stormtop Village and proceeded to sack it with his robot army. After some resistance in the form of his other wayward minion Eggman unleashed his new main enforcer on Monkey Khan who couldn't bring himself to harm her. Flanked by Orbot & Cubot, Eggman decided to do a little terrorizing on the villagers unless they told him where to find the imprisoned Iron Queen, which they told him right away to his disappointment. Questioning his former vassal about the whereabouts of his tenaciously treacherous nephew, Regina was predictably less than pleased with the good doctor's visit and none too helpful. Interrupted in mid-conversation by Khan who had managed to drain Mecha Sally's power and desperately told him to give her a new battery Eggman gleefully replied that she ran on Power Rings, and pointed out that his crown was the only substitute to the monkey. While his revived minion restrained Khan after he gave her his crown Eggman presented him with a control crown to replace it and smugly summarized the spoils of the day. Then Snively arrived on the scene, seated on the towering Iron Oni's shoulder. After tearing Regina's entire prison cell/well from the ground and loudly declaring his defiance of Eggman right in the doctor's face, Snively turned the Iron Oni on his uncle at Regina's request. Undeterred, Eggman told his former minions that he hadn't even begun fighting yet.

Towering over his uncle with the Iron Oni, Snively, declared the Eggman Empire his and threatened to destroy his former leader once and for all. Eggman however sent Orbot obtain a robot to combat Snively while he himself remained and stalled, trading banter and insults back and forth with his nephew. Finally, after Snively was considerably riled up by Eggman's allegations that his relationship with Regina was an illusion, Eggman summoned the mind-controlled Khan and had him attack the Iron Oni, only for Regina to use her Technomancy and transform the simian into Iron Khan, who then entered battle with Mecha Sally while Eggman himself frantically fled from the approaching Iron Oni. With his Egg-Swat guards distracting Snively Eggman found Orbot and Cubot (who hadn't selected a robot, much to Eggman's chagrin) and summoned a robot himself—the Egg Beater II, which was immune to Regina's magic. Eggman commandeered the robot and entered battle with Snively, and after sustaining a small amount of damage succeeded in grabbing the Iron Oni and preventing it from attacking. Receiving an omni-tool from Orbot, Eggman proceeded to sabotage the Oni, cutting power lines and shifting its internal balance. A simple push afterward was enough to destroy the entire Iron Oni, leaving Snively and Regina unconscious. Eggman loaded up the two in a Prison Egg, boarded his Egg Mobile and retrieved Mecha Sally from Khan (who had been freed from Regina's control) without hassle, allowing Khan an opportunity to rescue the village as well.

Later Regina awoke in the Prison Egg, finding herself in the Dark Egg Legion's base in the United Federation territory, and Eggman explained to her that he should have believed her and Snively's romance from the beginning, which would've saved him a great deal of trouble. He then snapped his fingers and summoned Snively, who hugged Regina and the two thanked him for his mercy. Appointing the two Grandmasters (and demoting Hugo Brass), Eggman left after informing them that he expected them to play his "game" along with the rest of his minions. Later still, Eggman taunted the real Snively outside the latter's Prison Egg cell, explaining that not only did he defeat Snively, he also increased his authority over the D.E.L., defeated G.U.N., terrorized some Mobians, and even learned the location of Hope Kintobor so he could single her out. Finally, Eggman revealed that the "Snively" he left in the U.F. D.E.L. base was in reality a robotic Infiltrator—one created by Snively himself—and that Regina was unlikely to discover the ruse any time soon. Adding that the real Snively was going to stay in the Prison Egg for the rest of his life, Eggman left his former lackey to rot, leaving with but a "Game over, Snively. Thanks for playing."

Pursued by Team Fighters

Dr. Eggman invaded Furville with the intent to roboticize and/or legionize the population. Believing no Freedom Fighters will get in his way Dr. Eggman unleashed his forces (including Mecha Sally). They began terrorizing the city and abducting the civilians. Dr. Eggman's victory was cut short by the arrival of Team Fighters. Having underestimating his enemies once again Eggman called for a full retreat to restock and refuel and to think of his next strategy.

After moving his Death Egg to the temple in Shamazon, Eggman thought about using his DEL to take over the Wolf Pack and Felidae, but the peace between them gave them larger defenses. Mecha Sally told Eggman that the leaders of the two nations maintained the peace, so in order to end the peace, the leaders would be kidnapped, causing the two tribes to suspect the other one did it, causing them to turn on each other and leave them vulnerable.

Mecha Sally succeeded in kidnapping the two leaders, but however, Queen Hathor was able to escape thanks to Chief Lupe's help. Eggman wanted to roboticize Lupe, but because she might have the Bem's immunity, he decided to legionize Lupe instead. This plan eventually failed, since this DEL chapter(including Grandmasters Drago Wolf and Razorclaw) was defeated by Team Fighters and their allies, and Lupe was rescued.

Eggman decided to invade Feral Forest, where Elias and his family relocated. Eggman tried to kill the ex-king, but Team Fighters thwarted him. He also tried to attack New Mobotropolis again, but failed thanks to the Royal Army and Team Freedom. When Team Fighters chased him, he used the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra-in the body of Titan Metal Sonic, to kill them. He supported Lien-Da when she invaded Albion. Eventually, he moved his base to the Northern Tundra.

Two-Universe Tyrant

When Eggman repaired Metal Sonic after Shard destroyed him, he added a new touch for him to get revenge on his predecessor: a soft-defiance kill-switch that would give his toughest minion free will, but still have him retain his loyalty to his master. (SU: #50)

Soon after this, Eggman was about to give a rant to his Grandmasters to find the blue Chaos Emerald quicker when Dr. Wily appeared on his screen with the exact gem he wanted. After hearing that Wily was "the greatest robotics genius on Earth", Eggman told Wily that they existed in different dimensions. After hearing that Wily wanted to take over his world with his technology, and a "young upstart" always ruined his plans, Eggman realized he and this man were kindred spirits. Later, Eggman told Wily how to craft a dimension using Chaos Energy, and later they met in this new zone they turned into their base called the Skull Egg Zone. After settling in their new zone and altering it to their liking, they built their flying fortress, the Wily Egg.(WC: #1)

Eggman returned to his world for a while. When Metal Sonic was rebuilt, he told Eggman that Shard was neutralized, but his Power Gem was lost. Eggman ordered Metal Sonic to still save Sonic for later, but go to the Inter-dimensional Gateway to meet a "base villain". Later, when Team Fighters were invading the Death Egg Mark 2, he traveled back to the Skull Egg Zone to begin his plans with Dr. Wily. (SU: #50, StH: #247)

In the Wily Egg, Eggman used the Cosmic Reset Button to send both their home worlds into a Genesis Wave. Wily wanted to resurrect his lost Robot Masters, but Eggman had another idea. (WC: #0, #1)

Due to he and Wily rewriting the history of Sonic's world, Eggman's history and memories were changed to be nearly identical to that of his game counterpart's.

Later, Eggman and Wily sent Bass and Metal Sonic to kidnap Tails, and they brought him to the Skull Egg Zone so Eggman and Wily could roboticize him into Tails Man, the first of a combination of Robians and Robot Masters dubbed the Roboticized Masters. They ordered Copy Robot to kidnap Sonic's other friends to make an army of Roboticized Masters that were then ordered to steal a Chaos Emerald from the Mega City bank. Mega Man and his brother tried to stop the heist, but they failed and the Roboticized Masters got away to Sonic's world along with Metal Sonic, who was only seen to Mega Man as a "blue blur". Meanwhile, Sonic saw one of his friends get kidnapped by Copy Robot, and Mega Man caught up with Sonic, who he thought of as the blue blur that helped steal the gem from the bank, as Sonic mistook Mega Man for the one who kidnapped his friends, and the two started to fight each other, much to the pleasure of the doctors, who were receiving footage of the fight from Tails Man. (WC: #1, #2)

During Sonic and Mega Man's fight, Eggman and Wily received one more Chaos Emerald and several more of Sonic's friends from the Roboticized Masters and Copy Robot, respectively. Eggman was surprised when he saw Mega Man go through a Warp Ring from nowhere. Hearing that the man who made this was Mega Man's creator, Dr. Light, he ordered Bass and Metal Sonic to kidnap him. When Sonic and Mega Man were talking, the doctors sent Tails Man to eliminate them, but Tails Man was de-roboticized by Mega Man. When Sonic, Mega Man, Rush, Tails, and Proto Man entered the Skull Egg Zone, the doctors sent Copy Robot, the Genesis Unit, and the eight Roboticized Masters to stall them. They revealed that they recovered the seventh Chaos Emerald, so they went to work preparing their ultimate weapon. When Sonic and Mega Man reversed the roboticization on the Chaotix Roboticized Masters, they deployed the two Shadow Men to slow them down. (WC: #3, #4, #5, #6, #7)

As the Roboticized Masters fell, the doctors began to waver in their confidence. In fact, the two began secretly plotting to betray the other once their ultimate weapon was completed. Even though all eight Roboticized Masters were recovered, they still had the Chaos Devil, another Roboticized Master (Rouge Woman), and Dr. Wily's entire army of Robot Masters to their advantage. (WC: #8)

The doctors had fun by throwing a Moto Bug and a Mettuar in Dr. Light's cell, but they bonked into each other, and Dr. Light reminded them that they have lost control of their plans before, and they might lose control again this time. Later, when Dr. Light tried to contact his allies, Eggman stated that Light really was a liability in their plans, and ordered Metal Sonic to throw him out the Wily Egg's drop hatch. (WC: #9)

Later, Eggman asked Wily how the battle was going, but Albert was furious about what he tried to do to Thomas. Eggman said that he had to be dealt with as he knew too much and was going to contact Mega Man, but Wily said that he wanted Light embarrassed, humbled, and defeated, but not dead. Bass quickly informed the feuding Docs that their enemies intruded the fortress and they dispatched the Mega Man Killers as well as Bass and Metal themselves to keep them occupied while they had their final weapon online. The two headed off to prepare their Egg-Wily Machine X while glaring at one another and thinking about how the other's time in their little plan was up. (WC: #10)

When Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily were finishing the Egg-Wily Machine X, they heard damage from Duo's fight with the Chaos Devil. After Wily stated that their fight could disrupt the Genesis Wave generator and reset their worlds, Eggman said that the Genesis Wave was at such a delicate stage, that not only would their dimensions revert, they could collapse. Eggy told Wily to focus, and after Albert said that he was not wild about the name, Eggman stated that "Egg" and Wily Machines" are each of their naming conventions, and "X" is the crossover of their designs. While they kept finishing the machine, Eggman continued to plot against his partner. After they confront and defeat Metal Sonic and Bass, Sonic and Mega Man are stormed and knocked out by the Egg-Wily Machine X. Later, when they wake up and are trapped in capsules in the Wily Egg's main room, they see that the docs have all the Emeralds, and the Roboticized Masters were just a distraction. When the docs say that they can use all the gems to make a super-charged Genesis Wave, Mega Man is confused, saying that the worlds have already been rebooted. The docs state that they could only alter some things with THIS Genesis Wave, and with all the Emeralds, they can become gods, do anything with the universes, and even erase Sonic and Mega Man from existence. (WC: #11)

Rock tries to get Wily to come to his senses, but Al tells him that Eggman has opened his eyes to the notion of reshaping everything as he sees fit saying that the plan is "one of Eggman's overly extreme notions that's actually appealing" making Eggman say, "Don't get lippy with me in front of the children!" Sonic warns Eggman that this is the second time that he's tried this and asks if he was EVER worried about completely breaking reality. Eggman replies with, "Oh, our world is bent so far out of shape, it's bound to SNAP! Yes, I gleefully abused the fuzzy space-time of this Zone to kidnap your friends and find all the Chaos Emeralds, and without you catching on! But..." Suddenly, Wily objects, saying that Eggman told him that the Skull Egg Zone would let them cheat the rules of reality, not break their worlds. However, Eggman assures him that since they have all seven Emeralds, any damage that's been done will be completely erased when they reshape everything. Wily calms down, saying that Eggman should've told him about these things.

Suddenly, though, Knuckles, Blues, and Thomas crash into the room, taking both heroes and villains by surprise. As Knuckles and Blues batter the Egg-Wily Machine X's cockpit, the Docs nervously work to get their weapon powered back up. They soon launch into the air and Eggman warns Wily to not draw too much energy from the Genesis Chamber. Wily opposes him by saying that he said that their power was limitless to which the egg-shaped chap replies that it may only potentially be and they need to protect the Genesis Wave at all costs. After Knuckles clangs onto their cockpit to do some more damage, though, Wily's had enough and tries to activate his personal defense systems. However, when they don't respond, he's thrown for a loop as Eggman cackles away at his earlier sabotage. He doesn't laugh for long, though, as his weapons are also disabled when he tries to repel Proto Man. They each realize the other's betrayal and start arguing.The Docs work towards repairing the fruits of their treacherous acts all the while smack-talking each other and just as Knuckles is about to deal the final blow to their cracked and fizzled Egg-Wily Machine X, they harness the full power of the Emeralds to activate a full system restore, making their mech more powerful than ever.

The two call a temporary truce and try to mount an attack on Team Rad Red when Sonic and Rock make it to the Emeralds, going Super and taking huge swipes at the monstrous machine, halting it.The Docs look in shock at their golden nemeses before firing everything that they've got at them. Super Sonic and Super Mega Man maneuver past and shoot down the projectiles as they come, Sonic urging Rock to be as reckless as possible due to their new invulnerability. Rock fires a super Mega Buster shot at the Machine, but the Docs dodge it. However, this opens up a window for Sonic to come in with a super spin attack at their back. The machine repels Sonic with a laser and puts up a shield, causing the heroes to try a new tactic. After reminding Rock of his invincible state, Sonic distracts them by banging at their shield repeatedly so the gold robot can unleash a huge blast, shattering their defense. Eggman screams, "AHH! I hate that robot!" Sonic and Rock make short work of the rest of the machine's weapons as the Genesis Wave starts to take effect. The doctors are defeated by a Super Sonic Shot. Despite Wily's claim that it's over, Ivo refuses to listen and starts quickly repairing the machine's severed head to create a makeshift Egg Mobile which he then uses to rush recklessly towards Sonic. Eggman slams into him and shoots him, causing Sonic to lose focus and mess up. They are both enveloped in their new world. (WC #12)

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Eggman crash landed in the middle of nowhere with his memories of the events before the Super Genesis Wave intact. He come to realize that much has changed due to his action of trying to prevent Sonic to restore reality. After making contact with his minions he start to take ride after ride in order to reach the Death Egg II and once he did his first order was to send Metal Sonic to kill Sally in order to make sure that Sonic doesn't see her alive.


Eggman's most well known ability is his masterminded plots and schemes which only fail due to Sonic and his friends. He is a remarkable scientist and engineer with the IQ of 300, as evidenced by the armies of robots and mechs he's created. Some of them within mere hours. He is an incredibly skilled pilot: able to manipulate many different kinds of his own mechs and robots in difficult battles with Sonic. Eggman used to have the ability to roboticize someone with a single touch, as well as transfer his consciousness between robotic bodies, enabling him to survive "death".


Being described on several occasions as being many times more evil and nasty than Robotnik Prime, Dr. Eggman has shown himself to be far more prone to toying with his opponents than his Mobius Prime counterpart. As opposed to simply wiping out Knothole from the get-go, Dr. Eggman decided to "have fun" with his Mobian enemies and take the time and resources to engage in "war games". Eventually he grew tired of this, and decided to use the Mobians as a source of fuel for his capital city via the Egg Grape Chambers. When his mechanical "daughter" Mecha asked if there wasn't a far more efficient and easier method to powering his city, Dr. Eggman responded "Where would the fun in that be?"

Like Robotnik Prime, Dr. Eggman is also arrogant and egotistical, both of which may be his greatest weaknesses. He has a habit of frequently putting "Egg" into the names of numerous inventions and places (Egg Fleet, Egg Pawn, Egg Lobster, and Egg Grape Chamberm, just to name a few). When Hunter was capturing Echidnas en masse, a crudely designed Eggman face was seen above each capture. As a matter of fact, the Egg Pawns needed only a mustache to have Eggman's face. Meanwhile, Eggman has the annoying habit of thinking that his plans are foolproof, even when the flaws are quite obvious, (Metal Scourge done on the fly, Egg Grapes needing retooling for Enerjak, telling Dimitri about the explosives, etc.) and not realizing that there may be a problem until it's too late.

Eggman temper
Dr. Eggman has been known to show some childlike behavior, sometimes when his plans don't seem to work, which will often result in him out bursting into rage upon certain failures.

Following the destruction of his entire city, the loss of 99% of his forces, the betrayal and subsequent deaths of his children and his never ending litany of defeats at the hands of Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, Eggman began to fall apart mentally, frequently ranting utter nonsense to no one in particular, not bothering to think things through, and suffering sporadic memory loss (He referred to Snively as "Colin" and the Dark Egg Legion as the "Alliance"). In one instance, he was perfectly willing to use a super-weapon that would destroy not only the Freedom Fighters, but also half of his own headquarters and everyone in it at the time simply to finally rid himself of Sonic, which Shadow and Rouge both note as proof that Eggman is losing his mind. Also Snively openly admitted that "The big guy is losing his marbles".

After his defeat by Sonic in their "final battle" the evil doctor went completely insane from his repeated losses and hatred of Sonic, leaving him unable to differentiate between events that occurred ten minutes ago from those that occurred ten years ago; for example, he used the Egg Tortoise to search for Knothole long after he himself destroyed it. However when Uncle Chuck was being escorted into the detention center, he asked how his invention, the "Robot-sizer" was coming along, which was over a decade ago.

By the time the Iron Dominion solidified their hold on New Mobotropolis, Eggman had, as Snively put it, "reasoned [himself] back from the brink." He had even theorized the reason he could not defeat Sonic but Snively still kept him locked away until the dominion's defeat was imminent. After returning to the Eggdome, Eggman had seemingly regained most of his sanity, though displaying slightly more prominent mood swings than before. Eggman has said that Ixis Naugus is the reason why he likes science more than magic.


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