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Quotation1 I've suffered quite the indignity during my last setback. Now the world will be made to suffer in return! Quotation2
— Dr. Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog #12

Doctor Eggman[4] is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an evil human scientist and the arch-nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog. Dreaming of ruling the entire world, he constantly seeks to create his Eggman Empire and spread it across the globe, but his various plots for world domination are always thwarted by Sonic and his allies.

After losing the War between his Eggman Empire and the Resistance, Eggman lost his memory and took up residence in an idyllic town under the alias of Mr. Tinker.[1]


Mr. Tinker

Dr. Eggman as "Mr. Tinker" from Sonic the Hedgehog #5.

Dr. Eggman is depicted as a human with a rotund and burly appearance, his torso and head coming together in an egg-like shape. He possesses no visible neck, a bald head, a bright red nose, and a very bushy mahogany moustache. He also has long, almost disproportionately thin arms and legs.

For attire, Eggman wears tinted, navy blue pince-nez glasses and green-lensed goggles as headwear and an elegant, red coat sporting two square metal buttons on both sides of the chest in gold. These buttons have white straps that run across the coat's sides to identical buttons on the back. The coat also has silver, zipper-like linings down the back, arms and front, yellow cuffs, and two extensions on the front that have large silver buttons. In addition, Eggman also wears white, cuff-less gloves on his hands and a pair of black pants with matching boots seemingly attached to them bearing circular plates on the both sides of the ankles and three square ones riding up the shin.

After losing his memory and gaining the new alias "Mr. Tinker", Eggman began to wear green overalls, a pink shirt, and pink and green slippers.




Sonic recounts some of Eggman's past schemes, from Sonic the Hedgehog #5.

For years, Dr. Eggman has been attempting to achieve world domination, only to be thwarted by Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies at every turn.[4] Some of Eggman's plots have included trying to take ownership of the Chaos Emeralds (multiple times no less),[1] and attempting a plot involving the Death Egg. Each time however, Sonic stopped him.[1]

Perhaps the earliest known conflict between Sonic and Eggman included a battle between the two where Eggman piloted his Egg Viper mech. However, Sonic winded up defeating him.[1][4] Another encounter involved the Space Colony ARK, in which Eggman used its Eclipse Cannon to blow up a part of the moon in order to show the world the power that he wielded. These events lead to Sonic, Eggman and their allies eventually teaming up to stop a bigger threat.[1][5]

Neo threatens Eggman

Eggman being betrayed by Neo Metal Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #7.

Later, Eggman was betrayed by Metal Sonic, who had somehow transformed into a new form known as Neo Metal Sonic.[3] Neo Metal Sonic disguised himself as the doctor and tried to take over the Eggman Empire, clashing with Team Sonic along the way.[3][4] In the end though, the heroes prevailed and defeated the robotic menace, causing him to revert back into its normal form. Eggman would then repair Metal Sonic and remove its rebelliousness from its coding.[3]

When the Black Arms later invaded, Eggman fought this alien menace with his forces alongside other factions, thus giving the heroes of the world the time needed to stop the Black Arms.[5] Eggman would later shatter the planet with the Chaos Energy Cannon, but had his plot undone by Sonic.[1] Eggman soon after attempted a takeover of Planet Wisp, but Sonic put a stop to his plans, thus saving the Wisps inhabiting the planet.[6] Following this, Eggman discovered the Time Eater and used its powers to mess with time.[1] During this incident, the doctor fought Sonic with the Egg Dragoon, but lost.[4] Eventually, Eggman tried using the Time Eater against Sonic, only for the hedgehog to defeat him.[1] Not beaten yet, Eggman attempted a plot on the Lost Hex, but was stopped by Sonic again.[1]

The War and aftermath


Dr. Eggman upgrading Metal Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #7.

Recently, Dr. Eggman managed to defeat Sonic and lock him up, thus allowing his Eggman Empire to conquer the majority of Sonic's world. However, after six months of conquest, Eggman's empire began to fall apart after Sonic's friends freed Sonic.[2] As a part of his preparations for what he though would be the final battle, Eggman began the process of upgrading Metal Sonic to Neo Metal Sonic in order to use him as his greatest weapon in said final battle. In addition, the doctor uploaded his own bio-data into Neo Metal Sonic, giving the robot his genius, drive and vision.[3] He also removed the limitations that kept Neo Metal Sonic from achieving his final form.[7] Before Eggman could complete Neo Metal Sonic however,[3] Sonic and the Resistance broke the Eggman Empire's control over the world. During this decisive battle, Eggman fought Sonic in the Death Egg Robot. After being defeated, Eggman disappeared.[4]

Having somehow survived his defeat, a seemingly amnesiac Eggman turned up in a small idyllic village. The villagers quickly locked Eggman up, only for Eggman (now displaying a friendlier disposition) to break out and reinforce his cell. The villagers proceeded to test Eggman for days, and never once did he show signs of his villanous ways, giving them the conclusion that he suffered from amnesia. Eventually, the villagers nursed his wounds and took him in. Returning the villagers' kindness, Eggman would repair anything the villagers brought him, both big and small. In time, Eggman became beloved by the village, who began calling him "Mr. Tinker".[1]

Approximately a month after disappearing, Eggman would, after observing a child cry over a broken wagon from the shadows, promise that he would soon fix it and "everything" else.[2]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Eggman was eventually discovered by the Chaotix, who wanted to bring Eggman to justice. Having a hard time believing the story about Eggman's amnesia, the team interrogated and observed Eggman for a couple of days, only to conclude that his amnesia was legit. However, this presented the Chaotix with a new dilemma: whether or not it was right to penalize Eggman now that he was a good man with no recollection of his evil deeds.[1]


Sonic meets "Mr. Tinker", from Sonic the Hedgehog #5.

Eggman was soon after introduced to Sonic, whom the Chaotix had brought in, by Charmy. Seemingly not remembering Sonic, Eggman attempted to greet him. However, Eggman got scoffed by a suspicious Sonic, who began questioning him. When Eggman proved unable to answer Sonic's questions, Vector had him return to his work while he and the others discussed what to do about Eggman. When Badniks then approached the town, Eggman took in upon himself to ensure the safety of the village's children, much to the surprise of Sonic, whom Eggman begged to help them. After the Badniks had been dealt with, Sonic and the Chaotix decided to leave Eggman to his new life in the village. Eggman's thus had a proper greeting with Sonic when he and the Chaotix prepared to leave. However, after Eggman expressed his hope that the hedgehog would come back to visit so that he could show him "Eggman Land" once it was completed, the group noticed Shadow and Rouge on the rooftops, with the former seeking to eliminate Eggman after hearing him mention "Eggman Land".[1] When Shadow tried to get to the nervous Eggman however, Sonic intervened and lured Shadow away. Eggman subsequently withdrew to his house with Rouge watching over him until Shadow returned. The hedgehog abrasively demanded that he showed him "Eggman Land", to which Eggman complied: he took the heroes to a cabin that held a kids play area that he had been constructing in secret. Eggman explained that name "Eggman Land" came to him while constructing it, and believed it to be a ridiculous-sounding name that the kids would find funny. After Shadow and Rouge departed, Eggman and Sonic shared some parting words, with Sonic promising Eggman that he would be back soon.[5]

The Battle for Angel Island


Eggman being electrocuted, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

While singing for the children playing in his Eggman Land amusement park, Eggman received a visit from Rough and Tumble. The skunk brothers proceeded to kidnap Eggman, who cried out for help as he was being taken away.[7] He was subsequently brought to a laboratory and was restrained. There, Eggman met Dr. Starline, who was interested in bringing back Eggman to his former glory. Despite Eggman's protests against being anyone else but the one he was now, Starline ignored him and started to electrocute him through the use of special goggles. After finishing the first round of his procedure, Starline asked Eggman if he was feeling more like himself.[8]


Dr. Eggman is an evil and megalomaniacal genius who is constantly planning to take over the world. Arrogant, raucous and narcissistic, he prefers to show up and claim responsibility whenever he is carrying out his villainous deeds and make himself known to his enemies after he comes back from a defeat;[4] as put by Sonic, subtlety is not Eggman's forte.[9]

As Mr. Tinker, Eggman displays a very different disposition, being a friendly, humble and modest man who loves children and helping others out. Mr. Tinker also displays a somewhat cowardly streak, being afraid of his own robots, although it does not keep him from helping and comforting the innocent.[1]

Powers and abilities

Eggman is a brilliant scientist and inventor with seemingly limitless mastery over technology. His remarkable skills as an engineer and programmer are best evidenced by the armies of robots and mechs he has created for his numerous schemes. He is also an incredibly skilled pilot: able to manipulate many different kinds of his own mechs, robots and vehicles in difficult battles with Sonic.[4]




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