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Quotation1 I'll be back! With a new robot! Who has an accurate name! And super laser eyes! And he'll feed me ham! Evil ham... Quotation2
— Dr. Eggman, "The Sidekick"

Dr. Eggman is the primary antagonist of the Sonic Boom series. He is a human scientist referred to as the greatest and most powerful supervillain in the present-day world,[26][27] and the arch enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog. Feared around the globe and with unlimited resources at his disposal,[28][29] he seeks to conquer the world and enslave the population.[30] From his island fortress, he concocts many evil plots and schemes against Team Sonic,[31] a group of heroes who always thwarts his plans.

Concept and creation

When developing the character designs, the designers went with a very formal, military-esque attire for Eggman to emphasize his vanity and concern for his own and his robots' appearances, which is an attribute befitting villains.[32]


Unlike his main series counterpart, who is more round around the stomach, Dr. Eggman's torso is more round at the top. He also has more smooth, yet still broad shoulder, and thicker arms. His mustache is also shorter, smoother, and slightly darker, and his legs are slightly shorter with significantly smaller feet. He also has a longer, thicker neck and more oval-shaped head and a smaller nose. He also does not appear to have fingernails.

Supposedly, Eggman's head was once full of hair, but he has since gone bald over the years.[33] He was also born with a vestigial tail, but had it removed years ago.[15]


Eggman in his pajamas.

Eggman's usual attire consists of militaristic garments. He wears a red jacket with yellow cuffs, a front flap attached to one of the buttons and two flap hanging from the back, blue pince-nez glasses, white gloves, a set of grey goggles with flappable green lenses, grey pants and a pair of black boots with high rims. On his right wrist he has his wrist controller.

In addition to his usual clothes, Eggman has a number of additonal attires:

  • For sleeping or otherwise slouching, Eggman wears a pink pajamas with feet, which has the Eggman Industries' symbol on the front and a trapdoor on the rear.
  • For rainy weathers, Eggman wears an overcoat.[34]
  • When exercising or conducting other physical workouts, Eggman wears a red fitness vest with black shorts, a yellow belt, grey running shoes, and grey socks.[26]
  • For mornings or when feeling glum, Eggman sometimes wears a red morning robe with yellow edges.[35]
  • For beach trips or sunbathing, Eggman has a striped old-fashioned diving suit in two color schemes: red and white, or black and white.[3][5]
  • For covert thefts, Eggman has a black bodysuit with a white version of the Eggman Industries' symbol on the front, black shoes, and a black burglar cap.[15]
  • During his graduation, Eggman wore a purple robe and a black square academic cap.[15]
  • While Eggman had the Froglodytes as his servants, he wore a fur cape and a skull hat with long horns in addition to his regular attire.[36]
  • For vacations, Eggman has a blue and white Hawaiian shirt.[37]
  • During the Eggtoberfest, Eggman wore green lederhosen with a yellow shirt, white shocks, brown shoes, and a brown fedora with a red feather.[7]
  • On holidays, Eggman has been known to wear a red and white Santa Hat, a fake white beard and fake white eyebrows. In addition, he wears a variant of his jacket with white fur edges on the front and bottom, black cuffs, white insides, and a red-striped frontal flap.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

In Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Dr. Eggman discovered the ancient Destruction Troops, whose technology far surpassed his own. Identifying their creator as Lyric the Last Ancient, Eggman planned to free Lyric from his imprisonment in his tomb to get the secrets to his technology and become more powerful.

Eggman and Metal vs Team Sonic

Eggman and Metal Sonic vs Team Sonic.

Learning that only Sonic could open Lyric's Tomb, Eggman staged a scheme that made Team Sonic chase after him in his Eggmobile to the tomb, during which he had Metal Sonic come to his aid to content with the heroes. Near the tomb, Eggman sicced his newly acquired Destruction Troops on the heroes, and watched from the sidelines as his troops and Metal Sonic forced Team Sonic into Lyric's Tomb where they accidentally freed Lyric as Eggman had planned.

Lyric and Eggman

Eggman at Lyric's mercy.

Eggman soon found Lyric in the Abandoned Research Facility and tried subjugating him with his own Destruction Troops. To Eggman's surprise, Lyric easily retook control over his robots, so Eggman instead offer a partnership. With Lyric having trouble with Sonic spoiling his plans for world destruction, Eggman was allowed to aid, though their partnership was nothing but uneasy. Eggman was thus sent out to stop Team Sonic and reclaim a map for the Chaos Crystals they had stolen, but failed both tasks, although Lyric let it pass as he had anticipated his failure. The two soon tracked down Team Sonic and their Crystals, but Eggman bumbling made them lose them. While they agreed to dissolve their partnership, Eggman summoned Metal Sonic to destroy Lyric, only for Lyric to take control of Metal and had him launch Eggman away. Building the control-immune Eggman Mech and finding the Twilight Crystal, Eggman returned to overthrow Lyric, but his mech proved inadequate to fight the rogue Ancient who casually left. Eggman thus turned his frustration towards the mocking Team Sonic, but the team trashed his mech and Eggman had to flee.

With the Eggman Mech barely functional, Eggman came to Lyric's Lair as Team Sonic fought Lyric, where he fired a missile at Lyric as he prepared to finish the heroes off. Though the effort made his mech collapse, Eggman saved Team Sonic and allowed the team to defeat Lyric for good. Not long after, Eggman found Lyric's technopathy device which had been removed by Sonic and incorporated it into his wrist controller, laughing manically over his future plans.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Eggman SC

Eggman relaying orders to Metal Sonic over a computer.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Eggman sent Metal Sonic after Team Sonic. When the robot found the group in Ancient Ruins, Eggman appeared on a computer screen and ordered Metal Sonic to attack the heroes, but the robot failed.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice


Eggman holding a lump of Ragnium.

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Eggman discovered the powerful Ragnium mineral on Ragna Rock which could fuel his henchbot and supposedly make them faster than Sonic. Eggman thus arranged a racing competition to humiliate Sonic where he would set Sonic up to lose against his newly assembled EggBot Racers. While mining for Ragnium, Eggman would pipe the by-products from his operations off to other islands, creating fissures that damaged the environment. He also created RagnaBot, a mining robot meant to mine for Ragnium using eco-magnets. However, when RagnaBot failed his testrun as Eggman showed him off to Orbot and Cubot, Eggman labeled the bot a failure and renamed him "D-Fekt." Eggman then assigned his Island Defenders (D-Fekt included) to keep the fissures on the islands open, lest Ragna Rock would explode from the pressure. Meanwhile, Eggman kept mistreating the affectionate D-Fekt for his screw-ups.

When Eggman came to Kodiak Frontier to berate D-Fekt, he took Sonic, who was on the scene, to his racing stadium on Thunder Island with his Eggmobile, only to return Sonic when he beat his racer. Eggman repeated this process until Team Sonic confronted him at his Ragnium mine, just as Ragna Rock was about to explode thanks to the heroes. There, Eggman saw D-Fekt's vast magnetic abilities for the first time. However, Eggman pleaded Team Sonic to save him when D-Fekt went on a rampage by following Eggman's orders to destroy the heroes. While Team Sonic saved Eggman, his Ragnium mine was left destroyed forever. Then, in reluctant gratitude, Eggman gave D-Fekt to Team Sonic as thanks before leaving to check his insurance.

TV series


Eggman was born with a vestigial tail which he had removed years ago.[15] Eggman's childhood is implied to have been rough as well. As a child, he had a dream of running away with the circus, but he never went through with it.[38] Over time, he also wanted to become a traffic cop, but had to give up that dream as well.[39] Supposedly, he also had issues with his mother and reportedly made some desperate attempts to earn the approval of his oppressive father.[20][24]

During his youth, back where he was full of hope, Eggman made his first functional robot, which he named Zippie.[19][23]

Eggman would eventually attend evil scientist school,[24] though he got bullied by vicious girls while in middle school.[40] He also attended summer camp, during which he made his Particle Accelerator.[41] At the end of his studies, Eggman attended campus to get a doctorate in Evil Science. Despite being two credits short of the graduation requirements though, Eggman would still take up the title of "Doctor".[15]

At some point, Eggman was a member of his own improve troupe, the Gigglesnorts.[42] He was also once a head judge in a tofu cook-off, which, according to Eggman, was one of the worst days in his life.[15]

As Eggman rose to villainy, he actively sought world domination.[30] Years ago however, while Eggman still had hair, he met his future nemesis: Sonic the Hedgehog. When they locked eyes, it was, as Eggman put it, "hate at first sight".[33] From then on, Eggman spent his years battling and attempting to catch this pesky hedgehog. However, all his evil plans were continuously thwarted by Sonic and his crew.[25][43] One time, he used his Bash-up Bot to battle Sonic, but it and his minions got beaten.[44] He and Team Sonic also got involved in a time-traveling escapade at some other point.[23]

At some point, Eggman began the Cubot Series, but could not perfect their flawed design and started the Orbot Series instead. While the Cubot prototypes escaped his plans to recycle them, Eggman managed to make his two service robots (and only friends): Orbot and Cubot.[45]

Season one

SBEP1 compete

Eggman in the try-outs to be Sonic's sidekick.

On a regular day where Sonic pursued him, Eggman called forth Burnbot to attack him. After Burnbot lost, the doctor retreated with it. Taking Sonic's advice though, he equipped Burnbot with flamethrowers. Later, Eggman learned Sonic held try-outs for a new sidekick to replace Tails, giving him the idea to apply for the try-out himself (as Sonic welcomed everyone) and then destroy Sonic and Tails. Against Sonic's wishes, Eggman made the cut and faced Tails and Fastidious Beaver in a ground-and-air race. During the race, Eggman brought in Burnbot who made Tails crash into a frozen lake in his Tornado. There, Eggman almost got Sonic with Burnbot's flamethrowers, but Sonic was saved by Tails. With Burnbot defeated, Eggman retreated in vengeance.[10]

For a scheme to exhaust Sonic and Tails and make them easy prey for his Obliterator Bot, Eggman got the duo to let him, Orbot and Cubot live at Tails' by lying that they needed a place to stay while their lair was repaired. Eggman began driving Sonic and Tails crazy with obnoxious behavior and was almost kicked out, but Amy made Sonic and Tails give him a new chance, which Eggman used to keep the duo awake all night. Eggman then revealed his plans to Team Sonic and summoned Obliterator Bot. However, Obliterator misheard Eggman's orders and attacked his lair instead. Eggman convinced Team Sonic to help him however and together they stopped Obliterator Bot, though not in time to save the lair. Eggman thus tried to live with Sonic until he made repairs, but got sent back to his lair.[34]

While spying on Team Sonic with his Fly Bot, Eggman learned that Tails' robot UT was creating tension in the team by voicing the members' private thoughts from the subtext of their speech. To make Team Sonic vulnerable, Eggman secretly switched UT out with a copy that said what he wanted disguised as translations so he could turn the team against themselves. While Eggman's plan went well, he took a break to listen to the real UT vocalizing his self-praise when Tails arrived and offered to become Eggman's assistant in return for UT's freedom. Eggman accepted it and let Tails sent a goodbye message with UT to keep his friends from coming. Outsmarted by Tails however, Eggman found Team Sonic arriving at his lair anyway to get Tails, whom Eggman had to give up to since he had not signed Orbot's job contract. Eggman summoned the Mega to take care of Team Sonic, but when it was beaten, he retreated to his lair.[46] Launching an attack on the Village with his Fire Bot, Eggman (who tried playing innocent) left when Team Sonic defeated his robot. Later, when Sticks sought a pet, Eggman created Cluster Bot for Sticks to adopt and then use it against Team Sonic. His plan working, Eggman visited Team Sonic a week later, confessing to have created Cluster Bot, and gave him a bone as a gift made from robotics he had his minions steal for him recently. The bone turned Cluster Bot into a larger robot that caught most of Team Seam, but Sticks asserted control over Cluster Bot and had him throw Eggman away.[47]

SBEP6 prepare

Eggman prepareing for Modern Lair Magazines.

By cheating himself into being nominated for the Awardy Award, Eggman attended the Awardy Awards, but lost the award to Leroy the Turtle. Furious, Eggman attacked with Ballot Stuffer Bot and his Bee Bots. While Eggman incapacitated most of Team Sonic at the gala, Sticks would free her friends, who then forced Eggman to retreat.[48] While going through his mail, Eggman discovered to his joy that his lair was considered to be in Modern Lair Magazine. While the magazine's evaluator Gunther did not like the lair despite the decorations Eggman and his minions made, Eggman convinced him to come back later. To redo his lair until then, Eggman hired Amy. While Eggman had his doubts at first, Gunther approved of Amy's changes when he returned and promised to be back with the photographer. With Eggman taking credit for the work, Amy tried to leave, but Eggman imprisoned her so she could remain as his decorator. The rest of Team Sonic later came for Amy, but Eggman lied to them that she wanted to stay. No sooner, Eggman and his lair were attacked by Team Sonic, who destroyed the place as the photographer came, costing Eggman his spot in the magazine.[49]

When getting an early meal at Meh Burger in front of Sonic to gloat about, Eggman met the fry cook Dave, who was a fan of his. Taking a liking to Dave, Eggman made him an intern at his lair. After Eggman made Dave his protégée, ignoring Cubot's need for repairs while at it, he told an impatient Dave to wait before he could get to the big projects. Furious, Dave locked himself in Eggman's lab and activated Eggman's Doomsday Device. Not to be upstaged, Eggman built another Doomsday Device to outdo Dave. However, due to Sonic and Tails' manipulative aid, Eggman and Dave's adjusted their devices so they ultimately failed. Furious, Eggman fired Dave and gave his assignments back to Orbot and Cubot.[50]

For an ambitious scheme, Eggman created Evil Cookies infused with his own DNA to feed to Sonic and turn him into an Eggman clone. However, his plan backfired when Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks ate them instead. Regardless, the now-evil heroes joined Eggman. Seeing the upside to this, Eggman tutored the group in villainy to beat Sonic. As Sonic came to the lair, Eggman had Sonic's friends corner him. However, Eggman's clones began fighting over who deserved the honor for catching Sonic, leaving Eggman in need of Sonic's help. Involuntary, Eggman was fed a cookie by Sonic with Sonic's DNA, giving him Sonic's powers and heroism. Together, they got the others back to normal with new cookies. While Eggman thought he would now work together with Team Sonic, he was restored to normal since the heroes did not like the idea.[43]

Eggman later planned a fake attack on the dam and left Sonic a message to ambush him. When Sonic did not show up though, Eggman turned to attacking him with his badniks at Sonic's Shack, which at the moment hosted the Gogobas. After losing, Eggman was told by Sonic and Tails that he would be unstoppable with the Gogobas on his side. After negotiating, Eggman got the Gogobas to join him at his lair, but noticed he had been tricked when the Gogobas drove him nuts with their guilt trips.[43]


Eggman gives Orbot and Cubot a party.

To boost Orbot and Cubot's moral, Eggman had them set up a surprise party for themselves. On that day, he also attacked Sonic and Knuckles with his badniks, but was defeated. He then went to town to rob a helium warehouse for the party balloons. For this, he got help from Willy Walrus, but had to escape when the police came. When the party was ready, Eggman erased Orbot and Cubot's memories so the party could still be a surprise. However, while Eggman went for a burrito, Orbot and Cubot left to look for him. When they came back for their party though, Eggman heard that they thought he had been killed. After explaining it all, Eggman erased Orbot and Cubot's memories as a demonstration, but also any clue as to where his Eggmobile was (which Orbot and Cubot had lost).[5]

In another attempt to destroy Team Sonic, Eggman dropped by to unleash Cowbot on them, a robot that would create a massive explosion if destroyed. Back in his lair, Sonic and Tails arrived to warn Eggman that Cowbot was coming to kill him. Plotting to use the heroes to upgrade his defenses for him, Eggman convinced the duo to help, and together they got his defenses ready for Cowbot. While waiting for Cowbot to come, Eggman, Sonic and Tails bonded over roasting marshmallows. When Cowbot arrived, the defenses got gunked up with marshmallows, so they resorted to stopping Cowbot by gunking up its systems too. Amidst their victory, Eggman revealed his secret plan, only for Sonic to destroy his systems.[51]

After selling some Motobugs to T.W. Barker, Eggman fought Team Sonic in his Octopus Bot. While the tides turned in Eggman's favor when the heroes were caught in a rock slide accidentally caused by Tails' Unbolterizer, Eggman still lost. He then retreated to his lair where his TV remote was repeatedly destroyed by Tails while he tried to watch TV.[52] During an laser tag-based exercise, Eggman noticed that the luck balance of the universe had tipped in his favor when he won by accident. Eggman thus began an invasion of Seaside Island with the Mega, certain that his luck would protect him. Sure enough, when he was corned by Team Sonic on the island, his luck enabled him to escape. Knuckles soon after joined Eggman, but due to Knuckles having a case of bad luck, Eggman's good luck was overpowered and the Mega destroyed itself, forcing Eggman and his lackeys to flee.[53]

When a strange meteor hit Seaside Island, Eggman went to claim it with his lackeys. There, he met Team Sonic and raced Sonic to the meteor, which swapped their minds as they touched it. With Team Sonic thinking he was Sonic, Eggman planned to use Sonic's power to destroy them. Before his plan could commence though, Sonic (in Eggman's body) showed up to explain what happened. Naturally, no one believed him and Eggman got the team to drive him off. However, Eggman's cover was blown when Sonic returned with Eggman's army and Tails arrived with the meteor to verify Sonic's claim. Eggman refused to give up Sonic's body, but he soon swapped back after Sonic threatened to clip off Eggman's own mustache.[22]

Eggman lounging in his pajamas

Eggman having sunk into a slump.

After a series of losses to Team Sonic, Eggman began losing confidence, but then stumbled upon Soar the Eagle's life coaching seminar and hired him. Under Soar's guidance and rebuilding with small evil successes, Eggman's esteem was renewed. In his arrogance, Eggman fired Soar during his seminar, but soon found himself unable to make decisions anymore and entered a depression, much to Sonic's shock when he visited. As Sonic drove his friends nuts over not having anything to do, the rest of Team Sonic tried to re-motivate Eggman into battling Sonic again. Though the plan failed, Eggman was still re-motivated by Sonic's impudence and their battles began anew.[54] While playing a game, Eggman discovered that Tails had joined the annoying Lightning Bolt Society. Not liking the idea of this group working with Sonic, Eggman crashed their initiation ceremony, only to discover that Sonic and Amy were only there to get Tails. Eggman tried getting the Lightning Bolts to attack Sonic, but when that failed, he was swarmed by his fans in the group, allowing the heroes to leave.[55]

As Eggman was defeated in his Moth Bot by Sonic, he feigned having broken his neck and sued Sonic for needlessly injuring him. For the ensuring trial, Eggman hired T.W. Barker as his lawyer. Thanks to his machinations and Knuckles' incompetence as Sonic's lawyer, Eggman almost won. When Amy intervened though, Eggman's bluff was revealed, costing him his case, so he resorted to fighting Sonic instead.[56] In a plot to take over the Village's electronics, Eggman disguised robots, designed to turn appliances into weapons, as sauce cans for his tomato sauce which he began selling. Team Sonic noticed this, but Eggman tricked them when they thought the sauce was the problem. Once he had sold enough cans, Eggman initiated his takeover while he was on the Comedy Chimp Show. During the show, Team Sonic came to the lair to stop Eggman, but they were outmatched by his evil can robots. However, Eggman lost his controls to Tails, who stopped the robots. Eggman then accidentally foiled his evil plan by gloating about it in front of a live TV camera, leaving him with thousands of unsold cans.[57]

In a scheme to turn Sonic's speed into his weakness, Eggman faked a horrible noise whenever Sonic ran, tricking everyone into restricting Sonic from running. When Sonic was at his lowest after being kept out of a Crab Bot attack, Eggman, who claimed not to behind the attack, offered his help after sympathizing with him, which Sonic accepted. Eggman gave Sonic new shoes, telling him they muted the noise he made, which were actually devices that turned his speed into power for his Giant Robot. Eggman then attacked Team Sonic with Giant Robot which grew stronger the more Sonic ran, but his plans were ruined when Sonic overloaded the robot with excessively running.[58] Awakening to a rather annoying morning with Orbot and Cubot, Eggman would use his new Egg Tank to attack Team Sonic and capture Sonic. During the battle, when the Egg Tank's weapon was deflected back at him, Eggman countered it with another weapon, accidentally creating a time loop that endlessly repeated the day. With Eggman remaining aware, he used this loop to perfect his attack, only for the loop to reset it. Eggman tried to solve the time loop, but needed Team Sonic's help. After many do-overs, Eggman and Tails found a solution: create a container which only Knuckles was strong enough to move to seal the loop. After several more loops, Eggman got Knuckles to follow the plan and finally broke the time loop, which Eggman celebrated with Orbot and Cubot.[59]

SBEP21 relax

Eggman relaxing in his garden.

From surveillance, Eggman found a Granifer Giganticus whose brute strength could aid his plans. Joining Orbot and Cubot to capture it, Eggman tried to bind the giant with the Bee Bots' Honeycomb Cage, but failed. Sonic, who protected the rock monster, then got the Bee Bots to attack Eggman. Retreating, Eggman tried to unwind in his mediation garden when Team Sonic lured the rock monster there and made it fall asleep to horrible music, which Eggman had to live with or the rock monster would go on a rampage.[11]

When fighting Team Sonic on Seaside Island, Eggman fled into Buddy Buddy Temple with Sonic on his tail. There, the two fell through a floor, damaging Eggman's Eggmobile and injuring Sonic. Trapped deep in the temple and unable to get out alone, Eggman worked with Sonic to escape the temple and its death traps (which would claim his Eggmobile). While clearing a trap though, Eggman betrayed Sonic and left him to be killed by the trap, but then noticed he still needed Sonic's help to get out and saved him. As temple then began to cave in, Eggman and Sonic found a way out as their allies arrived and got everyone to safety. Agreeing to stay as enemies despite their good teamwork, Eggman and Sonic parted ways.[12] Eggman later met a computer virus named Nominatus online, whom he became such good friends with that he let him in on his lair's schematics, though his callous behavior drove Orbot and Cubot away. The duo soon returned to warn him that Nominatus plotted against him though. To Eggman's surprise, Nominatus revealed they spoke the truth, as he had taken over all Eggman's tech to destroy all life. Now running from his own robots, Eggman sought out Team Sonic for help and joined forces with Tails. While the others provided cover, Eggman and Tails sent Orbot and Cubot into cyberspace where they stopped Nominatus. Their alliance over, Eggman promised Sonic a fight next week and left.[60]

Going to Meh Burger on the day after fighting Sonic, Eggman saw Sonic had cut in front of a Motobug holding his spot. Furthermore, Sonic bought the last chili dog Eggman wanted, so Eggman had him get another. However, because Sonic forgot the relish, Eggman hunted him down with his minions. While he was defeated when Team Sonic came to Sonic's aid, Eggman got a parting attack in with the Eggmobile.[40] Some time later, as Eggman was in his office, his lair was hit by one of his own missiles, launched by Amy and Sticks.[61]

SBEP26 notech

Eggman living without tech.

After spying on Team Sonic with Fly Bot, Eggman went to destroy them, only to fall for a prank Team Sonic lured him into by misleading Fly Bot. Blaming the folly of machines, Eggman deserted technology (except Orbot and Cubot) and his lair to start a tech-free life while trying to beat Sonic. Later, Eggman was sought out by Sonic as the island got attacked by his missiles and robots, but Orbot revealed the Lightning Bolt Society, who had seized Eggman's lair, were behind this. While Eggman did not help much at first, he joined Team Sonic after the Lightning Bolts shut down Orbot and Cubot remotely. Outsmarting the group over the surveillance, the allies drove them away, and Eggman returned to his lair.[62] Eggman later went to Meh Burger for lunch, only to go to Chez Amy after getting sloppy service from Dave. Hearing that Amy shared his view on Meh Burger, they made a partnership to bring Meh Burger down, with Eggman blowing Meh Burger up. To Eggman's dismay, Amy took pity on Dave and hired him, who gave Eggman the same old sloppy service. Eggman thus sent his badniks to kill Dave, but Team Sonic stopped them, although the battle destroyed Chez Amy.[63]

Hail Eggman

Eggman starting his dream amusement park.

Seeking to fulfill his dream of making an evil amusement park in the Village, Eggman made several Swifty the Shrew robots to get Sonic banished from his home turf. Once they succeeded, Eggman came to gloat about his plan to the villagers as his Swifty robots tore the Village apart. However, the Village Council undid Sonic's banishment, who in turn sent Eggman flying and stopped his robots.[9] Taking the advice of his accountant to diverse his business, Eggman sought out Monkey-Boy to have him work as his curse-breaker. Upon being rejected, Eggman tried forcing Monkey-Boy to join him with his badniks, but Team Sonic, who was visiting Monkey-Boy, defeated the robots and made Eggman flee.[18] Eggman later attempted to turn Seaside Island's coconuts into Explode-o-nuts with his Spider Bombs for a weird plot but was thwarted by Team Sonic. He soon after came to Sticks' yard sale and tried shoplifting a comic (among other things) repeatedly, but was caught by Sonic until he paid up. However, a stray Explode-o-nut destroyed the comic when he tried to read it.[20]

As his trash began to pile up, Eggman went to city hall to complain, only to find Knuckles as the deputy mayor, whom was impossible to complain to. Seeing the Village in chaos from Knuckles' reckless permits, Eggman became envious and joined up with Team Sonic to stop Knuckles. When they faced Knuckles, his approval stamp ran out of ink, which Eggman then took to gain control over the Village. Despite his robots' aid though, Eggman lost his chance to fix his garbage issue when the stamp was destroyed by Team Sonic and Mayor Fink resumed his position.[64] In a multi-layered plan, Eggman began making a movie that could enslave its audience. While shooting it, during which Sonic and Tails ruined his scene with his robots, Eggman offered Sonic to play himself for his movie to distract him. Though Sonic declined at first, he accepted once Eggman had his caterer Dave cast as Sonic. During the filming though, Eggman rejected Sonic's changes to the script, making Sonic leave. Needing him for one last scene through, Eggman got Sonic to perform his battle against Drill Bot by making him think he was up to something. At his movie's premiere however, Eggman realized he had forgotten to install his mind-enslaver device in the camera and had everyone leave so he could watch his movie alone.[28]

Eggman later launch two attacks which were stopped by Team Sonic. During the first, he was shocked to hear Sonic called Mike the Ox "just a guy," and during the second he accidentally shot Cubot out of the Eggmobile and injured Mike. Later through Fly Bot, Eggman heard from the Lightning Bolt Society that Sonic had retired and Team Sonic was out of town. Rather than risk Sonic returning to fight him, Eggman waited for the right time to strike. When Sonic halted a sheep stampede, Eggman launched a sneak attack in the Eggmobile with Orbot and Cubot. However, their attempt was foiled when Mike warned Sonic, who used the Eggmobile to herd in the sheep and disorient the evil trio before defeating them.[29] Another time, Eggman caught one who seemed like Knuckles when he attacked his lair. However, Team Sonic came to explain that this Knuckles was from another dimension. Knowing this Knuckles' presence put their dimensions at risk of imploding, Eggman released him and gave the heroes the tech to get him home.[65]

Eggman purging

Eggman attacking his old robots.

When the Cubot prototypes began stealing tools, Eggman had to explain his innocence when Sonic and Tails accused him as the culprit. Having also been robbed, Eggman sent Orbot and Cubot to find the prototypes. When Orbot reported back that Cubot had joined the prototypes, Eggman probed Orbot for their location and tried destroying them to keep Cubot from spilling any secrets. His attack failed thanks to Sonic, Tails and Cubot, and he returned to the lair where he put Orbot and the rejoined Cubot to work.[65] Later on, Eggman saw Dave's failed attempts to be a villain, whom he condescend to and bragged about his new Electrocage. However, when Dave accidentally knocked out Eggman out, the doctor was imprisoned in his own cage by Dave, who hijacked Eggman's forces to become the top villain. Eggman was soon after rescued by Sonic (though the doctor was too prideful to accept it at first) and reluctantly told Sonic how to stop Octopus Bot, who Dave was currently misusing. Once Dave was beaten, Eggman retrieved his battered robot.[66]

On New Year's Eve, Eggman, after he failed to beat Team Sonic with his Ball Bots, moped that he had yet to keep his resolution of beating Sonic just once this year. At Orbot and Cubot's party though, Eggman made a Slow Motion Machine after seeing Orbot's slow-cooked roast to get more time to beat Sonic. Using it in the Village Center to slow down time, Eggman made the partially-immune Sonic face him in several games as the Slow Motion Machine had neutralized his weapons. After several loses and voicing his motives, Eggman would beat Sonic in a game (unaware that Sonic purposely lost). Eggman restored time to gloat about his victory, but nobody believed him since it happened too fast, though Sonic offered him some comfort.[24]

Me Want Package

Eggman at the post office.

Having ordered a Background Music Generator to spice up his attacks, Eggman attacked Leroy the Turtle and the post office with Decimator Bot when they failed to deliver his package. However, Team Sonic stopped Eggman, forcing him to go through several troubles to get his package. Meanwhile, Eggman saw Tails' horrible attempts to get Zooey's attention until he (in accordance to the "bro code") advised Tails to just be himself. Once he got his generator, Eggman began an attack which Tails stopped. Seeing Tails had won Zooey over thanks to his advice though, Eggman sat a romantic mood for them.[67] Eggman later caught Sonic entering Bro-Down Showdown to win a new couch for Amy and decided to use this. Joining the game show, Eggman let himself get paired up with Sonic and had Obliterator Bot attack the Village; if Sonic fought Eggman's robot, he would be disqualified from the show for fighting his partner. Despite Eggman's certainty that Sonic would choose to stay the game, his plans were ruined when Sonic chose to stop his robot.[39]

When Knuckles became a celebrity, Eggman offered to sponsor him so to market Eggman Industries, but was ejected. Later, Comedy Chimp sought his help removing Knuckles as host for the Comedy Chimp Show, which Eggman accepted once he was promised to sponsor said show. Eggman thus sponsored an attack on Knuckles at the studio with his robots, but was forced to retreat when Team Sonic reunited against him.[68] Eggman later tried framing Sonic as a thief by having Metal Sonic rob the Village. When Metal stole Eggman's Particle Accelerator, Eggman called in the police and Sonic, where he branded Sonic as the thief using false clues. While Eggman tried twice to get Sonic arrested, Sonic, Knuckles and Earl proved Sonic's innocence by bringing in a beaten Metal Sonic and the stolen goods. Playing innocent, Eggman took his creations back.[13]

Tails vs Eggman Boom style

Eggman vs. Tails.

With the arrival of the Robot Battle Royale, Eggman joined the tournament with a robot of his own and easily made it to the finals, where he faced Tails' Hypnobot. Having stolen Hypnobot's override code, Eggman took control of Tails' robot and won the match. Eggman then went to Tails' Workshop to take over Tails' inventions using Hypnobot's robot-controlling abilities to create a new army. However, his plans failed when Tails retook control of Hypnobot and made Eggman's robots dance, making Eggman flee in shame.[19] During a heat wave, Eggman began harnessing solar power which he used to cut his energy bill and super-charge his Badniks for an attack on the Village. However, the latter alerted the Archipelago Homeowners Association to his illegal robot housing. To avoid eviction, Eggman hid his robots while he had the association over for dinner to prove he had no robots. However, a power overload made Eggman's robots go nuts and expose his fraud despite his efforts, so he imprisoned the association instead. When Team Sonic freed them however, Eggman convinced the association his robots were art, although he would spent the night repairing them.[14]

Becoming a Fuzzy Puppies collector, Eggman bonded with his fellow game enthusiast Amy at a fan meeting. Forming a part-time friendship, they spent their free time together playing Fuzzy Puppies, with Amy turning Eggman into a top player. Although Team Sonic soon discovered their friendship, Eggman still came with Amy to Puppy Con where he distracted everyone with a rockslide he framed the Lightning Bolts for while he stole a rare game piece from Stratford. Caught in the act, Eggman played Amy for the game piece, which he returned after losing so to keep his friendship with Amy, who threatened to end it.[69] Hoping to demoralizing the Village by raiding its toy-and-game factory, Eggman was stopped by Team Sonic. Calling five-against-one unfair, Eggman convinced the team to fight him one-on-one. Using manipulation, Eggman fooled the group one by one while stealing their gear (except for Knuckles, whom he tricked into making him a component) which he used to capture Sonic during their face-off. However, the rest of Team Sonic then arrived and worked together by switching out when needed to defeat Eggman and his stolen gear. He was then left him encaged with Sonic (as payback at Sonic for his snarkiness) by the group.[1]

Eggman the Winner

Eggman stealing a trophy.

During a test of his new Obliterator Bot in the Village, Eggman was beaten for the millionth time by Team Sonic. Jealous that the team got an award for this, Eggman wanted one himself. When the mayor would not give him one though, Eggman stole one instead. To Eggman's fortune, when Team Sonic tried to stop him, their image specialist kept them from attacking him. However, Sticks got the team's act together and Amy sent Eggman flying.[1] Eggman later came to see a fight between Knuckles and the new supervillain Charlie, with the novice villain getting defeated, much to Eggman's chagrin.[70]

Eggman eventually called all the local villains to his lair, including Shadow the Hedgehog (much to Eggman's glee), to form a team under his leadership to destroy Team Sonic. Since the others wanted to lead though, Eggman had them do team exercises, making the disgruntled Shadow leave. Though saddened by Shadow's leave, Eggman was re-inspired as his team agreed to his leadership. At the attack, Team Eggman split Team Sonic into different fights, leaving Eggman, Giant Robot and Charlie to face Sonic. When Eggman started to lose though, Shadow came to destroy Sonic himself. Geeking out, Eggman accidently ruined Shadow's fight. With Team Sonic regrouped and Shadow having left, Eggman was thrown around by the heroes as payback.[42]

Season two


Eggman attacks Tommy Thunder.

Upon attacking a baker over an order mishap, Eggman was sent flying by Team Sonic when he tried fighting them with his Bee Bots. Soon after, Eggman attacked Tommy Thunder with his robots when Tommy called the doctor out on local TV. However, his attack was foiled by Sonic.[2] Eggman later went into space with Orbot, Cubot in his Egg Rocket to work on a satellite when he found an asteroid on a collision course with earth. Although he had a bunker ready for this, Eggman used the situation to earn a profit by putting spots in his bunker up for sale for the villagers to ride out the impending apocalypse in. Having persuaded the officials from following Team Sonic's plan of action, Eggman's scheme went well until Eggman had his rocket confiscated by the Wolf Policeman, unaware that Team Sonic would use it to destroy the asteroid. After picking his bunkmates, Eggman got trapped in his bunker by an asteroid fragment.[71]

While siphoning the water from the Unnamed Village to sell it back to the villagers, Eggman was discovered when Sticks caught him announcing his plan for her podcast.[72] In return, Eggman had Eggman Industries sponsor Sticks' new TV news gig to control its contents.[73] Out of habit, Eggman then dropped by the Village to announce his plan to vaporize the water with his new invention, only for the angry villagers to tear it apart.[72] When in his lair, Eggman though he had ghosts when his stuff began moving by itself, but after reviewing his surveillance with Orbot and Cubot, he discovered it was Sonic, who was stuck on another plane of existence. Exploiting Sonic's absence, Eggman ambushed the Village with his Badniks, but was held off long enough by Team Sonic for Tails to rescue Sonic, who helped his team defeat Eggman.[74]


Eggman watching Tails' endeavors.

Back home after failing to capture Sonic with Vacuum Bot, Eggman noticed (via Fly Bot's surveillance) Tails' attempts to capture Sonic due to a bet Eggman sparked. Exploiting this, Eggman attacked Sonic with Bee Bots when Tails trapped him. However, while Eggman argued with Orbot and Cubot, Tails railed Team Sonic, who saved Sonic and sent Eggman and his cohorts flying.[25] Back home after another loss to Team Sonic, Eggman was inspired to carry out an underwater scheme since Sonic feared water. After a side project, Eggman went out to sea in a Wave Machine to prep a tidal wave to destroy the Village. When Team Sonic found him though, Eggman was disappointed that Sonic had his team back out. When Sonic, Knuckles and Amy finally faced him underwater, Eggman attacked with his pod, Crab Bots and new Shark Bots. However, Sonic would redirect the Wave Machine, leaving Eggman to get swept back to his lair, which got destroyed.[75]

Sending Dreamcaster to hypnotize the villagers and Team Sonic, Eggman gradually turned the residents into his zombie slaves and had them build a world-controlling satellite. However, Eggman noticed Sticks had eluded Dreamcaster's influence. Although Eggman made Sticks flee, she returned with gear that let her free her team and foil Eggman's plan, forcing the doctor to retreat with his lackeys.[76] Eggman later attacked the Village, only to get repelled by Tails' new defense. He thus tunneled into the Village and attacked with his Egg Tank and new Scorpion Bots. Though he used the flaws in Tails' defense to his advantage, Eggman still lost. Back at his lair taking a shower, Eggman met who he thought was Tails coming to join his side, only to discover he was one of many dimwitted copies invading his lair. Eggman thus joined forces with Team Sonic to round up the copies, and helped the heroes remerge the copies into the original Tails.[77]


Eggman with his robots turned against him.

Having lost to Team Sonic in his Egg Tank, Eggman made Orbot and Cubot go home alone for criticizing him. As Eggman kept giving them unfair tasks and scorning them however, the duo decided to strike. Eggman tried having his other robots cover Orbot and Cubot's jobs, only for his callous attitude to make them join the strike. Seeking new minions to run his lair and break the strike, Eggman hired Fastidious Beaver, Mike the Ox and Wolfie (making Sonic and Amy attempt a supposed rescue). While his new minions grasped housework, Eggman realized they were too disobedient when taking them out for ice cream. With the trio leaving him when he told them to fight Sonic, Eggman made his robots return by promising to treat them better (but still without respect).[4]

After failing to violently boost his Fuzzy Puppy collection's value, a new law forced Eggman to get a permit for villainy. Failing the exam, Eggman had a upgraded Orbot get the permit rather than wait for a do-over so he could guide Orbot from the background. However, while executing Eggman's schemes, including the theft of Tails' weather machine, Orbot went power-mad as his tactics had more succes that Eggman's. Orbot thus left with Cubot to become his own villain. When Orbot destroyed the permits' records though, Eggman could be a villain again, and took credit for what had transpired while Orbot was reset. However, he returned Tails' weather machine when it proved too troublesome.[78] Attempting another attack on Team Sonic, Eggman left once his robots were beaten and would soon after review a new falafel restaurant.[79]


Eggman and Sonic as evil partners.

Spying on Team Sonic, Eggman tried trapping them in an airtight ruin. Sonic, however, broke the team out, beat Eggman's backup and nearly killed Eggman with a new mech suit. Retreating to his lair, Eggman met Sonic (now possessed by his mech suit) and accepted his proposal for a partnership. When Sonic upstaged him during a scheme to strong-arm the Village though, Eggman plotted to steal Sonic's Mech Suit, only for Sonic to hear him. Attempting escape, Eggman was shot down by Sonic over the Village before Sonic was returned to normal.[80] Wanting to destroy Sonic, Eggman created a robot designed to predict Sonic's every move named FiendBot. When Eggman used FiendBot during his testrun to attack Sonic though, FiendBot betrayed Eggman and drove him off to become Sonic's friend. Eggman thus replaced FiendBot with a non-sentient energy blaster drone that used his data, which Eggman would use against Sonic when he and his forces attacked Team Sonic and FiendBot. When FiendBot sacrificed himself to save Sonic though, Eggman was sent flying by the heroes.[81]

Hoping to find Ancient mech suits, Eggman conducted an excavation search until Team Sonic found him. Feeling insulted by Sonic, Eggman got his workforce destroyed when he made it attack Team Sonic, forcing him to go home with Orbot and Cubot.[27] Eggman later spent several days battling Team Sonic (minus Knuckles) using his Badniks and others asserts. During the last of these showdowns, Eggman got distracted by a confused Knuckles when he did appear, leaving him and his Eggmobile to get knocked away by Sonic.[82] During a power outage soon after, Eggman was left without electricity to power his lair and most of his robots, which he would use as an alibi when Team Sonic came by his lair and accused him of causing the blackout.[83] Learning that the villagers planned to rename their Village, Eggman got them to hold a referendum between his and Amy's town name propositions. Using bribery and smear campaigns, Eggman won. However, he hid a clause in the ordinances that made him the Village leader upon winning the vote. With Team Sonic unable to oppose him legally, Eggman prepared to demolish the Village and build his own theme park until Amy showed him that Sticks owned the Village. Trying to get his way by force from there, Eggman was beaten by Team Sonic and sent into retreat by Sticks.[84]


Eggman exploiting his victory.

Upon receiving one bad service too many from Dave the Intern, Eggman sought revenge on Meh Burger and its customers. Approaching Meh Burger's owner, Mr. Slate, Eggman convinced him to replace Dave with his competent robot workers. Attenting the improved Meh Burger's reopening soon after, Eggman trapped Meh Burger and the attendies, including most of Team Sonic, in a force-field and sent the whole site towards space. As Eggman enjoyed the solitude though, Meh Burger was brought back down by Sticks and Dave, leaving Eggman stuck with Meh Burger's bad service again.[85] Eggman later tried stealing the Fregosi Sapphire at its unveiling with his minions, but Team Sonic stopped him. He later saw Amy had adopted a Bee Bot and soon called it back remotely. Using Amy's love for his Bee Bot, Eggman had it join other Bee Bots identical to it, thereby making Team Sonic unable to attack them, who helped him steal the Fregosi Sapphire from Knuckles. Using the gem to power Mega Bot, Eggman had it attack Team Sonic when they came, followed by his Bee Bots when Amy joined too. When Eggman had Mega Bot shoot Amy's Bee Bot when Amy found it though, Amy beat Mega Bot in revenge, costing Eggman his gem.[6]

Having made his Eggs-Boson Super-configurator, Eggman joined the Science Fair Awards with his invention to prove his genius, but got disqualified for being too tall. Longing for unconditional love to cheer him up, Eggman made a robot mother named Mombot. While Eggman loved Mombot at first, she would criticize his next attempt to defeat Sonic and set up playdates with Sonic and co. so they could make peace. With Mombot grounding him for trying to defeat Sonic on their playdates, Eggman planned to erase her files, but could not bring himself to do it and instead sent her on a world cruise.[86] Putting on clown makeup for unknown reasons, Eggman took a few trips to the local jungle where he came across Tails and Sticks. He soon after took a break from villainy with some of his robots to pursue his circus dreams by joining T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders, only for him and T.W. Barker to fight Team Sonic for Knuckles. This time, Eggman was beaten when the team fed him sleepwalk-inducing berries.[38] Feeling left out by Team Sonic while spying on them, Eggman attacked the Village. After the team beat him, Eggman played a prank on Tails before going home. Tails and Knuckles arrived later to have him explain the thieves who stole Tails' Build-it Box. Recognizing one of the thieves as Nominatus, Eggman helped Team Sonic battle Nominatus, Retro and Beta with his Badniks when the trio tried to manifest Nominatus' army in the real world and conquer the planet. Stopping the trio, Eggman helped Tails shrink them. He then took the trio prisoners and kept them as pets in his lair.[87]


Eggman and Morpho.

Returning from the beach after failing to beat Team Sonic with his robots when Sonic upset him, Eggman was visited by Steve Eggman―his supposedly lost brother. However, Eggman's mistrust made him kick Steve out after a brief look in his lair. Eggman then tried attacking Sonic with Decimator Bot, but due to a miffed Steve's intervening, Sonic beat him. Eggman soon met Steve again, who revealed he was a morphing Eggman robot from another dimension, and that all he had done was for a plan which had driven Team Sonic apart for Eggman. Eggman and "Morpho" thus attacked the Village and cornered a vulnerable Sonic, but when Team Sonic reunited and beat the opposition, the two villains would retreat.[3] Eggman later executed his next plan after spying on Sonic's latest escapade, which led to him and his robots facing Team Sonic in battle. However, ESC's Fastidious Beaver would halt their fight when a widabit arrived. Eggman was then knocked away in his Eggmobile by widabits that stampeded through the area.[88]

When Eggman took his Eggmobile to Team Sonic's charity car wash, he attacked them with his robots when he thought they took from his change cup. There, robot-supporters Mighton and Bolts helped Eggman beat Team Sonic when his robots got trashed. Taking them to his lair where he fed them lies, Eggman learned from Mighton and Bolts that they were from a city of robots named Morristown. Planning to conquer Morristown, Eggman sought to get its location from Mighton and Bolts, only to imprison the duo when they saw his true colors and tried to leave. However, Team Sonic soon came and freed Eggman's captives, who comically hurt Eggman as payback, in the insuring battle.[16] As Eggman recuperated from his defeat with a bath, he saw his robots leave him after they got infected by a malware signal.[89] This loss left Eggman severely depressed until his robots returned to him. He would shortly thereafter retrieve a frozen Hypnobot from a lake after detecting the robot's signal.[35] Reactivating Hypnobot in his lair, Eggman discovered the robot was now sentient, and bonded with him over their shared hatred for Sonic and Tails. As Eggman repaired and upgraded Hypnobot, the two formed an alliance to take over Morristown and destroy Sonic and Tails. Eggman thus allowed Hypnobot to take command of his robots and lead him to Morristown, which their army stormed. Despite Team Sonic and their allies standing in their way there, Eggman managed to corner the heroes when Hypnobot got Morristown's residents to aid his army. It was then that Team Sonic fought back with Team Cybonic as support and Hypnobot got destroyed. His ally gone and his army outmatched, Eggman decided to retreat.[17]


Eggman getting attacked by his FleaBots.

When attempting to steal candy from the Male Fennec's store, Eggman left empty-handed after Team Sonic beat his new HugeBot. Figuring that big robots were not enough to beat Team Sonic, Eggman made miniscule FleaBots and had Orbot and Cubot plant them on Team Sonic under his watch. With the team now an itchy mess and in quarantine, Eggman completed his robbery. He later cranked up his FleaBots and unleashed his Badniks on Team Sonic when they came to foil his scheme, but lost his FleaBot controller in the scuffle, which Tails used to make the FleaBots stick to Eggman. With his controller destroyed afterward, Eggman was left to remove his robots manually.[90] Eggman later formulated his next big plan while Team Sonic was busy, which led him to attack the Village with the Mega. However, Team Sonic beat the Mega when the Lightning Bolt Society intruded on their battle, leaving Eggman to retreat.[91] While out on a walk later on, Eggman met what he thought Sonic. Feeling that Sonic was ignoring him, Eggman tried to sneak attack him with Orbot and Cubot's aid, only to attack him with his army when that failed. Noticing that this Sonic was a decoy doll however, Eggman rampaged through the Village in anger until Amy and Sticks confessed that they set the doll up to distract him so they could relax. As payback, Eggman attacked the girls with his Badniks, but he fled when the duo beat them. He soon returned to get the Sonic doll for himself though.[33]

Having failed to beat Team Sonic with his robots after luring them into a trap, Eggman noticed his trash had begun piling up. Taking Orbot's advice, he had Mayor Fink remove it, only to get a fee for it. To raise the needed funds, Eggman turned his lair into a hotel, but had to service annoying guests (including Team Sonic) and extend his business. When Cubot then told that a Secret Review Magazine reviewer, who could make his hotel profitable, was coming, Eggman ignored his guests while trying to please those he thought was the reviewer, such as Redd Heron, until he heard that it was Amy. Had enough, Eggman took his guests hostage to make Fink void his fees. However, Team Sonic escaped, and during the fight with Eggman, his lair got blown up by his Doomsday Device. Fortunately, Redd generously gave Eggman the insurance to pay his fees and repair his lair (which also restored his trash issue).[41] Shopping later at the DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse with his lackeys, Eggman revealed he was not a real doctor when forced to show the clerk his credentials (which got him banned). When Eggman later went to Meh Burger, he saw he had become a joke to the villagers due to his missing Ph.D. His threats ignored as they kicked him out of town, Eggman went back to school to get his Ph.D. However, Eggman was unprepared for this, and his cruel teacher, Professor Kingsford, made him the class goat. After weeks of failure, dragging his class down, and a loss to Team Sonic, Eggman's only hope was acing the final exam, which he stole the results for. Although Kingsford noticed this, Eggman's attempt to cheat earned him his Ph.D. in evil.[15]

SB HL Promo 2

Eggman in the Haunted Forest.

After visiting Barker's Haunted Forest, Eggman thought its ghosts were after him. While he studied exorcism, Sonic and Tails messed with Eggman until they showed him that the Haunted Forest was fake. When Eggman thought real ghosts were in his lair however, Barker got him to sign his properties over to him to lose the ghosts. With no home, Eggman tried becoming Sonic's neighbor, who showed him that he got conned by Barker, who needed his lair for his attraction. With Barker keeping him from his lair using his robots (although Eggman did ruin his attraction), Eggman had Orbot and Cubot plant a virus in his robots that made them turn on Barker. To save himself, Barker undid Eggman's contract, and Eggman used his reacquired resources after shutting the virus off to fight Team Sonic.[92] Observing later Sonic's victory over Charlie's Mech Suit, Eggman build a feature-filled MeBot to show everyone up, but made it too power-consuming. Despondent, Eggman took Amy's advice at Meh Burger and talked with Charlie about his issue. When Charlie mentioned the Tummel Crystal which could power any mech suit however, Eggman went to excavate it from below Buddy Buddy Temple. When they breached the Froglodyte Caves however, his robot workers got taken out by a natural AI-disabling pulse. Fortunately, the incoming Froglodytes mistook Eggman for a kingly figure, allowing him to employ them to force Gogobas to mine for the crystal. Although Sonic, Tails and Amy came and ultimately blew his ruse, Eggman still obtained the Tummel Crystal for MeBot. However, Eggman and MeBot were defeated by Sonic and his mech suit, and Sonic took the crystal.[36]

Tired of breezy Sunday mornings, Eggman made an Anti Gravity Ray to rotate his lair. However, after briefly taking his eyes off his invention, Eggman saw it had gotten stuck on Cubot in high gear, which made Cubot nuts and turned him into a floating gravity field that picked up anything. Eggman himself got caught in Cubot's gravity field and was pulled along with it despite calling for his robots' aid. However, he freed himself with his Gravity Boots when Cubot got flung out of the lair, before Cubot got blown to Hedgehog Village. Eggman tried in vain to stop Cubot, but when he saw Sonic try to save the day, he left him to it while he focused on getting fries from Meh Burger, during which he briefly experienced increased gravity from his device. After that fiasko was over, Eggman made Cubot, Orbot and his other robots turn his lair manually.[93] Seeking later the closed rec center to build a private a rec center on top of it, Eggman went to buy it from the mayor. When he learned he had to win it in a sports match though, Eggman agreed to a soccer match with Team Sonic, who wanted the rec center too. Since his robots could not play soccer, Eggman, inspired by Orbot, went to Roboken with a fake peace offer and tricked Team Cybonic to wear mind-controllers at negotiations, making them play for him. After showing his team to Team Sonic and promising to free them after the match, Eggman, after seeing Team Cybonic train with Team Sonic, programmed his team to be meaner (but dumber) to give them an edge. At the match however, Eggman's team would lose. Eggman tried attacking Team Sonic with Team Cybonic as revenge, but when the heroes undid their clones' mind control, they got some payback at Eggman.[94]


Eggman getting defeated by Chumley.

Using his Badniks, Eggman attacked Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, who were babysitting baby Chumley at the time. To Eggman's misfortune, Chumley wound up in his Eggmobile during the fight and messed with his Eggmobile's console, causing his machines to shut down and allowing Team Sonic to beat him.[95] When Eggman later visited Mombot, he met Morpho again. As the two began arguing, Mombot persuaded them to work together. This prompted them to send Sonic to a dimension without him and then have Morpho take Sonic's place to destroy Team Sonic. However, Morpho could not get Sonic's character right, so Eggman worked on his acting. When Sonic returned with his team and beat them up though, Eggman and Morpho would recover at Mombot's.[96] Eggman later joined the auto race on Race Day, which Team Sonic was participating in too. When Race Day arrived, Eggman used his Eggmobile's car module for the competition. As the race proceeded, Eggman would be left as the only racer with a winning chance, thanks to his car's gadgets and the racers taking each other out. Because Eggman stopped to do a victory parade however, Sonic would catch up to him in a new car and win the race. Regardless, Eggman still received a participation trophy, which he rubbed in Sonic's face.[97]

Upon getting a chain letter on FriendSpace, Eggman went to get a third FriendSpace friend to forward the letter to (as he already had Orbot and Cubot). After a fruitless search though, Sonic would add him on FriendSpace. Eggman misused this kindness however by sending Sonic so many posts that he unfriended him. Wanting revenge, Eggman made a social network named Scrambler which Sonic could not join. After making his site popular, Eggman got many online friends, but felt they were no real friends. When Sonic then got Eggman to let him use Scrambler, Eggman unfriended him as payback. He then deleted Scrambler to upset its users too, having decided to make enemies if he could not have friends.[8] Not long after, Eggman went out shopping, during which Team Sonic (wrongfully) accused him of stealing Amy's Hammer. Now all worked up, Eggman attacked the team with his Ball Bots, but got defeated.[98]

SB TMOL Promo 3

Eggman trying to stop Sonic's delivery of his order.

Eventually, Eggman saw a TV commercial that featured Sonic (now a Meh Burger delivery boy) advertising Meh Burger's new delivery service with the promise of a less-than-three-minute delivery of an order, or it would be free. Eggman thus sought to humiliate Sonic and get a free meal by making Sonic late for the delivery of his order. After his first attempts failed, Eggman make a plan to slow down Sonic; while tricking Sonic to deliver extra orders before his own, Eggman made Sonic tackle several obstacles. When Sonic was stuck trying to get to Eggman in his lair, Eggman thought he had won. However, a screw-up Orbot and Cubot made allowed Sonic to deliver Eggman his meal on time.[99] Starting his own evil online ticket business, Eggman faced Team Sonic in his lair when the team came to stop him. During the subsequent battle, a malfunction in the HQ room made the lair's sorting system send Eggman and Knuckles to the lair's storage room, with the lair's lockdown protocol trapping them there soon after. Upon finding Zippie there, Eggman realized he could use morse code to communicate with the other rooms through the pipes. Hearing from the others through this method that the lair's Mootonium was about to explode, Eggman told them how to undo the lockdown, thereby allowing everyone in the lair to escape before the lair blew up. Though Eggman mourned his loss, he was cheered up when Knuckles showed he had saved Zippie.[23]

Seeking some time off, Eggman left for the Villain Retreat, although not before programing his Bee Bots to attack Team Sonic on sight. However, his vacation got interrupted when Sonic came and convinced him to help stop Tails, who had become evil and taken Eggman's Bee Bots for himself after merging with one. Setting Tails' Matter Transporter to unmerge Tails and the Bee Bot, Eggman had Sonic lure Tails and the Bee Bots out (while wearing a silly costume) so Team Sonic could subdue Tails. Once Tails was returned to normal, Eggman resumed his vacation.[37]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

Doctor Eggman Sonic Boom Comic

Dr. Eggman facing Sonic in the Big Boy, from Sonic Boom #1.

At some point, Eggman planted the Rock-cyborg beneath Tails' house. Later on, Eggman fought Sonic with his Big Boy, until Tails, Knuckles and Amy came and helped beat the mech, forcing Eggman to retreat. The next day, Knuckles arrived at his lair and wanted to join him, after having an argument with Amy.[100] Accepting Knuckles' offer, Eggman patched up and upgraded the Big Boy to engage Team Sonic again. This time though, he distracted the team, allowing Knuckles to capture his teammates, with the exception of Amy, whom Eggman captured with the mech. With the trapped heroes onboard the Big Boy, Eggman headed towards the local village, though uncertain of what to do with it. However, he was betrayed by Knuckles, who had remained loyal to his teammates the entire time, and got rid Eggman's lackeys. As Knuckles tore the Big Boy apart, Eggman retreated while his prisoners escaped.[101]

Returning to his lair, Eggman had Orbot and Cubot repair and upgrade the Big Boy. Eggman soon took off in his mech to attack the island again, unaware of the Big Boy's lack of proper structure caused by Orbot and Cubot's fight over Amy's Hammer. No sooner, the hammer ricocheted out of Eggman's mech which caused it to fall apart.[102] Repairing and upgrading the Big Boy once more, Eggman agreed with Team Sonic to have a showdown on the beach. However, when Team Sonic forgot to show up, Eggman tracked them down in the Big Boy with Orbot and Cubot. Engaging Team Sonic, his Big Boy proved more than a match for the heroes. Amidst the battle, Sticks showed up with a weapon to defeat Eggman, which worried him, but when she revealed the weapon to be a rock, Eggman threw a tantrum and considered going home until Orbot restored his resolve. However Eggman was defeated when Sticks threw the rock at the Big Boy, where it ricocheted into the mech and destroyed it. As such, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot retreated to their lair, where Eggman revealed to Orbot and Cubot that he had another creation ready for Team Sonic.[103]

Boom Shaka-laka


Eggman hosting the Eggtoberfest, from Sonic Boom #5.

As Eggman tried selling a bridge to destroy in the Village Center, but failed, he realized that to better pull off his schemes, he had to earn the villagers' trust. When he failed to earn it by showing goodwill and had a brief skirmish with Sonic who mocked him, Eggman set up the Eggtoberfest carnival to buy the villagers' trust. He was nearly attacked by a mob when he realized he forgot to hire operators for the rides, but he convinced Team Sonic to fill in. However, when it turned out the villagers were not buying his scam, Eggman set his army loose on them in vengeance, only for it to be destroyed by Team Sonic. Amidst the ruins though, Eggman encountered Comedy Chimp who gave him the idea to challenge Team Sonic to a go-kart race so he could get their bio-data for Project Hodge Podge.[7][104]

Deploying his Courier Robot to Team Sonic, Eggman contacted the heroes over the robot's video phone and challenged them to a supposedly fair race in his Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix. Though Sonic refused, Eggman goaded him into accepting on behalf of the team. At the race, Eggman provided Team Sonic (excluding Sticks) with go-karts and allowed them to take the lead while his Bio-scanning Who-za-ma-whats-its copied their bio-data. Eggman then incapacitated the racers one by one with traps and robots until only Sonic was left, whom Eggman dropped into a ravine on a rigged bridge while he headed for the goal.[104] However, Sonic returned, and despite launching all his traps, Eggman could not keep him from taking the lead. Eggman thus engaged his Spider-Kart and kept Sonic from the goal. However, Tails, Knuckles and Amy then attacked him in Tails' Plane, distracting him enough for Sonic to win. Having lost because he broke his own rules, Eggman was surprise-attacked by Team Sonic, who destroyed his Spider-Kart, leaving him to flee on his mangled vehicle.[105]

Following his MeBot's humiliating loss to Sonic, Eggman bought a gorilla as a henchman for a new approach. When Eggman received the gorilla though, it thrashed him and his lair, forcing Eggman to get Sonic to remove it. Eggman later saw it perform on TV and was so impressed with it that he ordered a new one.[106] Eggman later lost an earpiece and suspected Team Sonic took it, making him monitor them for clues. When that proved fruitless, Eggman found his earpiece when he accidentally stepped on it. He then received the new gorilla he ordered, only for it to beat him up too.[107]

Other game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Eggman Sonic Dash 2

Dr. Eggman in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom.

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Dr. Eggman always appears in the opening sequence of a level where he flies by in his Eggmobile and taunts the player before disappearing. Later updates to the game sought to that Eggman and his Eggmobile could be fought during certain events as the game's only boss.

In later updates to the game, Eggman makes an appearance on the High Score menu, holding the second place with a score of 875,000 points.


Dr. Eggman is a short-tempered, ego maniacal, outspoken, raucous and pompous evil mastermind with some noticeable sardonic wit. He has all the qualities of a classic villain: he looks, talks, and dresses like a bad guy and has selfish and unmotivated dreams of conquering the world, the destruction of his enemies or both.[14][30] A would-be tyrant, Eggman has a hunger for power, a thirst for destruction, and as well a desire for attention, adulation and a little respect.[30][78] Loving to brag, he holds a high view on himself which makes him highly arrogant and gives him a sense of self-entitlement. This attitude has lead him to deny his numerous failures (referring to them as practice runs[25]), deem his terrible actions justified, and privatize otherwise public rights.[43][46][72] Driven by a constant desire to ultimately enslave the entire world,[30] he is determined to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals, even if that means causing meaningless destruction, getting into otherwise awkward situations or joining an enemy more powerful than he is.[30] His uncaring personality is mostly due to his over-inflated ego, as he only views himself with utmost pride.

Complementing his arrogance, Eggman is rather vain. He is very concerned with how he and his robots look like[32] and takes great pride in his mustache, which he grooms professionally and would give up his chance at power to preserve.[22] Despite having unlimited resources at his disposal, Eggman can be rather stingy as he refuses wasting more money than needed and always complains when he thinks his money are going down the drain.[22][66] While sometimes showing the tendencies of a neat-freak, Eggman actually has poor personal hygiene.[7]

Eggman is a complicated guy when it comes to his relationships. While contradictory to his previous villainous exploits against them, Eggman has no trouble cutting loose and having fun with his enemies at appropriate times, whom he can even show a sincere fondness of. In the case of Amy, he remains her enemy on the battlefield, but in their free time they are "Fuzzy Puppy buddies."[69] Though this comradely behavior is sometimes a front he uses to exploit his enemies, Eggman is willing to provide genuine help to his enemies as he believes the "bro code triumphs the enemy thing."[67] Also despite being extremely reliant on his robots, Eggman has a bad habit of mistreating them with his callous attitude and abusive care.[4]

For all his smarts, Eggman is deranged, immature and buffoonish in behavior, and his schemes are usually more zany and petty rather than threatening.[69] Also, despite being a self-proclaimed "man of science," he can just as easily believe in the supernatural, and shows signs of phasmophobia.[74][92] Possessing an overly obsessive focus on achieving whatever goal comes to mind, Eggman tends to overlook crucial details in his plans, having more than once risked the entire existence of the world in order to nudge a victory over his enemies or concocted evil schemes that would ultimately mean nothing in the long run.

It has been stated that Eggman used to be full of hope in his youth.[23] However, his years of failures have left him with a more pessimistic attitude. Also, even though he refuses to give up on his ambitions, no matter how many losses he has to endure, Eggman has been known to sink into depressions after a particular painful streak of losses.[54][75] Even if he should be at his lowest however, Eggman is quick to pick himself up once he is struck by inspiration.

Despite his self-proclaimed status as evil and powerful, Eggman's acts of villainy can be rooted from a childlike desire to be acknowledged; if Eggman snagged an legit invite to Sonic's next sleepover, he would consider it a victory.[108] In fact, Eggman is a very lonely man who suffers from an emotional void that he tries to fill out by involving himself in others' lives. This is best exemplified in the complex relationship he has with Sonic.[87] He has also had several less-than-malevolent hobbies and passions that he has enjoyed outside of his villainy, hinting he is not all bad.[11][26][42] It has also been pointed out that Eggman is quite fickle; in the case of D-Fekt, Eggman shifted almost instantly from boasting proudly about D-Fekt's abilities to berating him for being made a failure when his abilities did not work as intended. Similarly, Eggman tends to make mountains out of molehills over the most measly or mundane things when he feels he has been wronged, which he justifies on the grounds that it is the "principle that counts."[2][40] He also never forgets any grudge he might have.[85]

While Eggman's pride and arrogance are his core parts, they are also his greatest weakness, as they make him far too overconfident and prone to announce his plans prematurely which ultimately leads to his downfall.[51][72] Excessively self-delusional, he thinks others secretly admire him and only mock him out of jealousy.[22] Also, when feeling upstaged by greater evils, Eggman will devote himself to overthrow his contenders and establish himself as the top villain around.[80] When in situations over his head though, he is willing to abandon his pride to get help, even if it means demeaning himself.[34] He is also laidback and is noted to be somewhat of a doofus as he misses out on great opportunities to eliminate Team Sonic.[100] He also prefers tactics that involves as much destruction as possible (despite how much better a subtle approach would be) and he can pretty much only handle situations in a villainous manner.[63][78] Because of all his flaws, no one really considers him a true bad guy;[109] however, this also works in Eggman's favor as people tends to underestimate him, which makes him an unpredictable opponent.[1] Eccentrics aside, Eggman is still a highly intelligent, deceptive and manipulative individual under the right circumstances who can play his foes right into his hands and make some very dangerous devices.[1] Also, while things might not always work out for him initially, he is always working behind the scenes to get the upper hand and come out on top.[30]

Powers and abilities

GR12 3D Group 12 AllBots RGB

Eggman with his various robotic creations.

Eggman is a brilliant scientist, mechanic and inventor whose mastery of technology is nearly boundless, able to create all manners of machines, mechs and robots, and Doomsday Devices capable of undoing creation.[50] According to Orbot, he is the greatest genius that has ever lived,[26] his intellect only matched by the likes of Tails and Bolts.[110] His remarkable skills as an engineer and programmer are best evidenced by the armies of robots and weapons he has created for his numerous attempts at world domination and destroying Team Sonic, some of which he has been able to build and program in a very short time. He is also a very skilled pilot, able to manipulate many different kinds of his own mechs and vehicles in difficult battles with Team Sonic. He is also able to understand and speak in morse code.[23]

Another of Eggman's skills is his masterminded plots, manipulations and schemes which nearly always succeed in some way. However, even when successful, his plans usually fail due to Sonic and his friends and his own arrogant overconfidence.

Physically, Eggman has above average strength, being able to break a ping pong table with one hit.[24] He has as well been noted to be surprisingly agile for his age[1] and can dodge laser fire from five opponents at the same time, showcasing great reflexes.[53] Eggman has also shown remarkable durability, having survived getting slammed halfway into a boulder and getting shot down in his Eggmobile by Sonic's Mech Suit.[80]


Main article: Wrist controller
Eggmans gaunlet

Eggman's wrist controller.

Dr. Eggman wields a wrist gauntlet which is equipped with a device that originally belonged to Lyric. This device lets him manipulate anything electronics that are not manually controlled. In addition, it can fire various types of beams, such as lasers, force-field beams and teleportation beams It also has some more novel functions, like an alarm for schedules and a music player.

Sonic Cookie Eggman

Main article: Sonic Cookie Eggman

After eating an Evil Cookie infused with Sonic's DNA, Eggman acquired Sonic's powers and moves, including his super speed, agility, reflexes and spin attack. However, he lost these powers after being restored to normal.[43]


Physically, Eggman has rather poor health. He possesses cholesterol issues and severely lacks in stamina, the latter which making him unable to run or exercise for very long before he is exhausted.[6][22] This is likely due to being severely out of shape. Additionally, while Orbot and Metal Sonic seem smart, most of Eggman's robots appear incredibly stupid and incompetent. None have been capable of carrying out basic tasks, never mind beating Sonic. This dimness has expanded to Eggman himself, who tends to cook up needlessly convoluted and generally petty schemes, none of which have actually granted him any real success despite his intelligence.


Team Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is Dr. Eggman's arch enemy. The two of them have hated each other since they first laid eyes on one another[33] and many of Eggman's schemes center around ensuring Sonic's destruction. However, their relationship is very complex, with Eggman always being in an internal struggle between his hatred for Sonic (which he has liken to the "fury of a thousand suns"[17]) and his neverending thirst for Sonic's attention to fill out his emotional void. In fact, Eggman has such an unhealthy obsession with Sonic that he keeps a doll of him around, and he feels just as provoked into attacking Sonic when he feels ignored by him as when Sonic is intentionally taunting him.[33]

As enemies, Eggman acts very hostile towards Sonic whenever they fight, all while being very vocal about his sense of superiority towards the hedgehog and his intent to destroy him. Outside their fights, however, they are much more relaxed, allowing themselves to be near the other without conflict. Sometimes, they will even hang out together. At times, whenever he finds himself in situations over his head, Eggman is also not above asking (or begging) for Sonic's help. He also often lets himself fall for Sonic's taunts and sarcasm, which frustrates him to no end. For all his annoyance at Sonic, however, Eggman is well aware of how to successfully use his ego against him.

Awkward relationship

Eggman and Sonic's awkward relationship.

Due to his desire for Sonic's attention, Eggman has shown a certain fondness of him and has displayed an interest in becoming his friend,[10] even calling themselves "bros" while camping with him.[51] In truth, one of Eggman's reasons for spying on Sonic so often (besides in hopes of finding a way to destroy him) is to get a sense of involvement in Sonic's life.[87] In Eggman's own opinion, just because they are sworn enemies, it does not mean they cannot be friends.[58] Their frequent encounters have left Eggman with a profound knowledge of Sonic's character and his preferences, enough to get them to the finals of Bro-Down Showdown.[39] Eggman also possesses intricate knowledge of Sonic's abilities and has constructed many traps that can counter them. Also, when dealing with a common threat or problem, they are willing to put aside their differences and work together, even at times showing a sense of good-spirited comradery and well-oiled teamwork. However, they both agree that they can never really be friends since they are arch enemies.[12] More often than not, though, Eggman only uses his attempts to befriend Sonic as a mean to further his plans.

For all their opposing ways, Eggman and Sonic are ultimately co-dependent and need each other in their lives. Although Eggman often carries out his evil schemes for his own selfish purposes, he tends to feel disappointed and unfulfilled if Sonic does not show up to stop him.[43][75] Similarly, without Eggman to fight, Sonic becomes too bored, and without Sonic to challenge him, Eggman has no motivation to be a villain and will sink into a slump of self-pity. For better or worse, their never-ending conflict is what drives them and keeps their lives balanced.[54]

Miles "Tails" Prower

Eggman and Tails together

Eggman and Tails working together.

Another one of Eggman's most loathsome enemies is Miles "Tails" Prower, who assists Team Sonic in thwarting his plans.[17] In spite of their mutual animosity, Eggman acknowledges Tails' intellectual prowess and is seemingly the only one Eggman considers his peer.[46][59] As such, he has more than once called Tails in to help with scientific problems he cannot solve on his own, with the two of them often working in perfect sync. The two also usually join forces in the field of science when dealing with a common threat.[51][59][60]

Eggman and Tails have at lot in common, being both inventors and highly intellectual, and, like Sonic, Eggman is not above showing some occasional fondness of him. However, they both agree that them acting like friends is awkward.[60] Even so, Eggman is willing to give Tails genuine help as seen how he helped him get closer to his crush Zooey, even when he did not have to.[67]

Knuckles the Echidna

Eggman and Knuckles

Eggman gloating as Knuckles tries to join him.

Knuckles the Echidna is another of Eggman's enemies on Team Sonic who always thwarts his plans. However, he does not think highly of Knuckles, nor does he see him as much of a threat. Between them, Eggman considers Knuckles an imbecile and thinks so little about him that he does not even care about remembering his name,[111] meaning he usually gets it wrong.[22] Knuckles' stupidity is also a constant source of frustration for Eggman.[43][64] Whenever Knuckles seemingly defects to Eggman, however, the doctor always welcomes him (presumably seeing it as a victory on his behalf), although the outcome is always disastrous for Eggman.[53][101]

Amy Rose

Another member of Team Sonic who always thwarts Eggman's plans is Amy Rose. Like the other heroes, Eggman views her in general as his enemy and always tries to destroy her. While Amy is usually the most sympathetic towards him on Team Sonic, Eggman does not take kindly to her attempts to consult him or probe him about his feelings and deep-seated issues.[20][34]

Eggman and Amy Fuzzy Puppy Buddies

Eggman and Amy playing Fuzzy Puppies.

Amy is the only person on Team Sonic whom Eggman has established a stable (part-time) friendship with, having bonded with her over their shared passion for Fuzzy Puppies; while they agree to remain enemies on the battlefield, they come together in their spare time to play Fuzzy Puppies and normally have a great time. Eggman even willingly gave up one of his plans in order to preserve this part of their relationship.[69]

Sticks the Badger

Sticks the Badger is another one of Eggman's enemies from Team Sonic who always thwarts his plans. As thus, he seeks her destruction just as often as the rest of her team. Although they do not have much interaction, Eggman thinks of her as pretty much insane, referring to her as "the crazy one."[62] Eggman also knows Sticks well enough to think of ways to prey upon her paranoia and superstitions.[1] Regardless of his animosity for her, Eggman seems to respect Sticks' courage to an extend.[76]

Orbot and Cubot

Orbot and Cubot are the closest and only things Dr. Eggman has to friends and even considers them family.[34][112][113] On a personal level, Eggman cares very much about Orbot and Cubot as he would be completely alone without them.[62][113] However, he will never admit to them (or himself) that he has a soft spot for them.[4][113] Instead, he often tells them how little they mean to him and that they cannot last long without him (the latter of which is partially true).[4][5][60] Another thing Eggman will never admit to Orbot and Cubot is that he depends on them to handle the menial, yet crucial household tasks in his lair, as none of his other minions possess the necessary skills.[4]

Eggman getting hugged

Eggman getting an uncomfortable hug from Orbot and Cubot.

Eggman usually views Orbot and Cubot as unintelligent and hopelessly incompetent.[60] He similarly does not trust them to be in control of very much while he leaves them on their own.[37] Being an evil genius, he also considers it his obligation to mistreat them.[43] He thus gives Orbot and Cubot little but terrible and abusive treatment in return for the often grueling assignments he gives them, such as dismissing their company, berating them on a daily basis, having them set up their own parties, and constantly erasing their memory files.[5][34] Eggman has even developed a subconscious habit of ending every random observation he makes with an insult at them, and bashing them with a magazine is one of his hobbies.[24][64] While Orbot and Cubot are (mostly) loyal to Eggman, they are not perfect and they have a tendency to say things he does not want to hear.[112]

Lightning Bolt Society

Dr. Eggman holds a great deal of general dislike for the wannabe villains in the Lightning Bolt Society. Whereas the group looks up to the doctor, Eggman thinks of them as losers and dolts (for a lack of better words). He has as well been pestered by the group on more than one occasion, who has repeatedly rummanged through his trash and even once took over his his lair.[55][62]

In spite of his dislike of the group, Eggman has occasionally taken a shine to some members. He likes Willy Walrus for being a honeydripper and once allowed him to join him on a robbery.[5] Initially, he also liked Dave the Intern for his enthusiasm and admiration of him, prompting him to make Dave his intern and eventual protégée. However, he fired Dave in spite after he disobeyed him.[50] Also, despite having sworn he would never team up with them,[55] Eggman also let them join Team Eggman (although this was most likely out of desperation).[42]

Shadow the Hedgehog

It Takes a Village To Defeat a Hedgehog promo

Eggman taking a selfie of himself and Shadow.

Dr. Eggman holds a great deal of idolization for Shadow the Hedgehog, admiring him for how popular, cool and edgy he is. In fact, when Eggman believed Shadow to have joined Team Eggman, he claimed to be "geeking out." Acting very much like a fanboy around Shadow, Eggman will anything to please him despite getting nothing but rejection in return. Eggman also clearly acknowledges Shadow's strength, admitting that without his help, Team Eggman stood no chance of beating Team Sonic.[42]

While Shadow often voices how a bother Eggman is to him and tries to get rid of him, Eggman never seems to mind it.[42]


Eggman's biological family have been mentioned at various times by Eggman himself and his foes, although it is implied Eggman did not have the best of relations with them. In fact, when confronted with the possibility that he had a brother, Eggman admitted he could not trust such a character, suggesting he has trust issues when it comes to family.[3] His villainous behavior once prompted Amy to remark that he had "Mother issues" which he vehemently denied.[20] He also claimed to have spent extra hours studying evil in an effort to impress his oppressive father.[24] However, he does appear to appreciate the wisdom of his great-aunt.[18]

When he felt the need for unconditional love, Eggman made a robot mother named Mombot, whom he programmed to love and praise him unconditionally. While Eggman insists that he is Mombot's son, he still maintains his position as her creator. Unlike most of his other robots, Mombot is the only one Eggman has shown open affection for. At first, Eggman loved all of Mombot's mothering and hoped to get her approval, but he began to dislike her when she started to use tough love to criticize his failures and suggest a lesser career for him. Things only got worse when Mombot embarrassed him by making him go on playdates with Sonic and ground him in front of Sonic. At the same time though, Eggman could not help but obey her. Eggman eventually tried to destroy Mombot, only to realize that he still loved her too much and instead send her away.[86] Since then, Eggman occasionally comes by Mombot's new home to visit her.[96]


Like with Team Sonic, Eggman's relationship with the villagers of Seaside Island is somewhat complex. On one hand, the villagers genuinely fear Eggman, as he constantly endangers and harasses them with robots of all sizes, and many of his schemes involve conquering or even destroying their Village. Despite his many attacks though, the villagers are always left mostly unscathed, though Eggman has harmed some of them before (he once broke Mike the Ox's leg, and has put Lady Walrus' baby into danger countless times). However, the civilians generally do not view Eggman as a true villain, and have even shrugged off a few of his schemes due to their perceived harmlessness. Regardless, Eggman is normally able to trick the villagers for his schemes, who always seem to overlook that he might be up to something. In spite of their tendency to ignore his evil antics, the villagers have at times expressed suspicion about Eggman's intentions, and have even admitted that he smells.[7]

On the other hand, despite being recognized as their enemy, Eggman is often seen casually walking among the citizens without causing trouble or attracting attention, even abiding by their rules and having casual conversations with some of them. He has even been known to support the villagers at times, though only when it aligns with his preferences. During these moments, the villagers nonetheless act casually and display little more than mild annoyance if anything. They will also not hesitate to show up and watch him whenever he makes a scene.

Lyric the Last Ancient


Eggman facing Lyric's wrath during their first meeting.

In Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Lyric the Last Ancient was at first Eggman's mightiest ally (the rogue Ancient being more powerful that Eggman) and later his greatest rival in villainy. Having learned of Lyric's marvelous technology, Eggman orchestrated Lyric's release to enslave the snake and get his secrets. However, when Lyric turned the tables on Eggman upon meeting him, Eggman forged an uneasy "partnership" with Lyric, using their common hatred for Sonic, to survive. However, Eggman never acted as more than a meek minion around Lyric out of fear of his wrath and often addressed him with the outmost respect. In return, Lyric saw Eggman as utterly useless.

In truth, Eggman secretly plotted to overthrow Lyric and become "top dog". When Eggman made his move though, Lyric turned his weapon against him, dissolving their collaboration. Still determined to defeat "that rat of a snake", Eggman returned with a new mech to combat Lyric, only to be practically ignored. In the end though, Eggman ensured Lyric's downfall by distracting him in his final battle with Team Sonic.




Dr. Eggman is the only boss of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. He can fought with any character during certain events, such as "Bauble Battle" and later "Egg-mania". The boss battle takes place along the regular route of Eggman's Lair.

Boss guide

During the boss battle, Dr. Eggman constantly flies further down the road in his Eggmobile while the player cases after him. As he flies, Eggman will drop random amounts of red plasma bombs/red baubles and blue plasma bombs/blue baubles on the three lanes of the road.

Making any form of contact with the red plasma bombs/red baubles will damage the player, so they are best avoided. However, rolling into the blue plasma bombs/blue baubles can knock them back at the Eggmobile, disorientating Eggman briefly. For each such hit, the player will earn points and build up a Combo. The longer the battle last though, the more difficult it gets to avoid obstacles while counterattacking Eggman.

For this boss battle, Dr. Eggman has infinite health, meaning he cannot be defeated traditionally. Instead, this boss has the player work to earn the highest score possible by providing a continuous source of points.


Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom Android - Egg-Mania Event05:08

Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom Android - Egg-Mania Event


"Minions attack!"
—Eggman's most frequently-used attack command.
"I didn't even bring any weapons. Here, check my pants."
—Eggman offering Sonic to search him, "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"
"Hey, Sonic. Bro to bro; what's up with you and Amy?"
—Dr. Eggman, "Cowbot"
"I'm... I'm all alone... You Lightning Dolts have left me no choice. Time to get my tech on!"
—Eggman's reaction to Orbot and Cubot being deactivated, "Eggman Unplugged"
"Believe me or don't. It's no hair off my mustache. You're the one doing the Funky Chicken in the middle of Town Square."
—Eggman criticizing Tails' attempts to win over Zooey, "Tails' Crush"
"It's happening...Shadow's joined Team Eggman! I'm geeking out here!"
—Eggman's reaction to Shadow joining the fight, "It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog"
"That's right, stand there like fools! Because that's what fools do; they stand!"
—Eggman plotting on Sonic & co., "Eggman Unplugged"
"Why do all my social interactions end like this?!"
—Dr. Eggman after having his evil plot defeated, "Tommy Thunder: Method Actor"

Quotation1 True--all the world's a stage, and I'm the star! Quotation2
— Dr. Eggman, Sonic Boom #4

"I didn't mean that literally. It was a taunt! It's Villainy 101!"
—Eggman explaining his "taunt" at Sonic in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


  • It is implied that Eggman has a habit of pretending to be Sonic, and even getting his minions in on the act.[22]
  • According to Cubot, Eggman sleeps with an evil nightlight and sings in the shower.[60]

One of Eggman's grammy nominations.

  • Eggman has earned a number of Grammy Awards.[26] The only reason he got them however, is because he bought 500,000 copies of his own albums.[114]
  • Eggman has taken improv classes.[12]
  • Eggman has an agent.[18]
  • If his Grammy Awards are any indication, it appears that Eggman can play the keytar.[26] He can also play the piano.[86]
  • Eggman owns a pair of orange lucky shorts with flower patterns on.[75]
  • Eggman has his own food blog.[79]
  • Eggman wears pants in size "husky".[85]
  • It is hinted that Eggman may be allergic to wool.[86]
  • Eggman likes to wear his pajamas while working.[87]
  • According to Eggman himself, he suffers from low blood-sugar, suggesting that he may be Diabetic although it is unknown what type.
  • Eggman is a "SonAmy" (the idea that Sonic and Amy are in a relationship) shipper.[115]
  • Eggman never brings enough underwear with him when he goes on travels.[16]
  • Eggman likes his eggs sunny side up the most.[116]
  • Strangely enough, Eggman wears a shower cap while bathing, despite being bald.[77]
  • Eggman has a gym membership which he never uses.[92]
  • Some of Eggman's favorite ice cream flavors include vanilla, French vanilla, vanilla bean and garlic.[97]
  • Eggman's favorite music is dubstep polkacore.[23]
  • Eggman's favorite color is "clear".[23]
  • Eggman salvaging Lyric's machine-controlling device in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was first hinted by Steven Frost on Twitter.[117]
  • In an interview with Mike Pollock, it was revealed that Eggman is still shaped like an egg, albeit an upside down egg.[118]
  • According to Bill Freiberger, Dr. Eggman is very wealthy, which accounts for his production of numerous costly robots and other costly activities.[119] However, he is still subject to cash flow problems,[120] as seen in "Inn Sanity".
  • Dr. Eggman is the only non-robotic character in the series who does not visibly blink, though he has never been seen without wearing his dark glasses.
  • Eggman does not wear his wrist controller in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom.
  • In the Brazilian dub of "The Sidekick", Sonic and Tails refer to Eggman as "Robotnik", the original name for Eggman in western territory.
  • The only Sonic Boom video game Eggman has not appeared in to date is Sonic Boom Link 'N Smash!.
  • A running gag in the Sonic Boom television series is that Eggman, despite being a supervillain with limitless potential for evil, is still hamstrung by bureaucracy.

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