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Dr. J Kintobor

Dr. J. Kintobor

Doctor J. Kintobor is a heroic, alternate universe version of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He is the ruler of the city Kintopolis.


Doctor J. Kintobor's appearance is the same as Doctor Eggman's, except the color of his outfit is reversed to be primarily white, with red stripes. His mustache turns up at the sides, so that his whiskers go above the top of his own head.


In an attempt to harness the Chaotomic energy of the Chaos Emerald, Kintobor performed experiments on Knothole Island, a secluded island far out to sea. However, the experiment resulted in unexpected radioactive fallout, which mutated the local wildlife (the alternate Mobius's versions of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix) into giant, Godzilla-like monsters.

Archie Sonic - Dr. J. Kintobor

In hopes of stopping this threat, he developed a Roboticization virus that would turn the creatures into immobile robots. Doctor Kintobor succeeded with his Mobius's version of Charles Hedgehog. Over time, the creatures began developing an immunity to the virus, resulting in the cyborg Rabbot-Zilla. Only with the help of Sonic the Hedgehog, who had been brought by Zonic the Zone Cop, was the creature defeated. Afterwards, Kintobor modified the Giant Robotno battle machine to run on Sonic's speed, allowing Sonic to use it to retrieve a Chaos Emerald that Kintobor needed to power his other machines. In honor of the hero, Kintobor modeled the first of his new creations after Sonic. He also expressed great remorse at the news of what his counterpart in Sonic's universe, Dr. Robotnik, had done to that Mobius. (SSS: #12)


  • His name is Robotnik but backwards.

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