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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Doctor Eggman Nega
Doctor Nega 01
First appearance

Sonic Universe #1

Biographical overview

Dr. Nega

Physical description




  • Black coat with yellow wrist hemline and stripes on shoulders and arms
  • Red body suit with yellow and black-striped boots
  • Dark blue sunglasses
  • Grey goggles with a single green lens
Alignment and character traits


Powers and abilities
  • Genius intellect
  • Expert mechanic
  • Advanced piloting skills

Doctor Eggman Nega is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off comics. He is a mad scientist, who is currently single-handedly waging war with the Zone Cops. He created Johnny and Captain Whisker, and is a great enemy of Blaze the Cat and Zonic the Zone Cop.



Dr. Eggman Nega, Johnny, and Whisker being defeated by Sonic, Blaze, Marine and Tails.

Dr. Eggman Nega had only appeared in flash-back sequences, explaining more of the events behind Sonic the Hedgehog #160, #161, and #180. Blaze the Cat explained to Shadow the Hedgehog that after the Sol Emeralds disappeared, she began having strange visions. Dr. Eggman Nega was in these visions.[1] He later sends Johnny,[2] and Whisker after the heroes. Dr. Eggman Nega led an army of robot pirates, but were all defeated.[3] Though, later on, it is noted by Blaze that Dr. Eggman Nega, Johnny, and Whisker survived, and still make attempts at their goal.[4]


Dr. Eggman Nega is described as eloquent and sophisticated, but also frightening ruthless and power mad.[5]

Powers and abilities

Eggman Nega has a genius intellect that is on par with Dr. Eggman, though he believed to have an even greater intellect, given his success with interdimensional travel and that he is waging a successful one-man war against the Zone Cops.


  • Dr. Eggman Nega's name was changed and his appearance concealed in shadow because the character of Eggman Nega is unavailable to the comics because of issues with Sega. Writer Ian Flynn explained on a forum post that he had to push hard to use the character at all, and had to make clear that they would only be vaguely hinting at him. He hopes that the character will become more available in the future.[6]

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