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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the SatAM continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Quotation1 I really hate that hedgehog, I hate him, I hate him, HATE HIM, hate, hate, hate, HATE! Quotation2
Dr. Robotnik.
Doctor Robotnik
First appearance

"Heads or Tails"

Voice actor(s)
voice actor(s)

Jim Cummings

Biographical overview
Also known as
  • Robuttnik
  • Buttnik
  • Julian

Snively (nephew)

Physical description









Red pupils and black sclera

Alignment and character traits


Doctor Robotnik is the primary antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Formerly known as Julian until his coup, he overthrew the King of Mobotropolis, renamed the city "Robotropolis", roboticized its citizens to be his mindless Worker Bots and polluted the environment, becoming the dictator of Mobius. He has an army of loyal robots and is assisted by his conniving nephew Snively and pet robot chicken Cluck. His rule is opposed only by the Freedom Fighters, particularly Sonic the Hedgehog.


Robotnik and Cluck

Robotnik and Cluck

Robotnik is a tall human man of imposing girth with a bald, conical head, a dark orange mustache and black eyes with crimson irises. Robotnik is also partially roboticized, resulting in his left arm from the shoulder and down to be completely robotic. In the place of his ears, he had small metal stubs.

His usual attire is a jumpsuit, red above the waist and black below, with yellow lines spanning up, down and around his body; grey leggings; black-and-red boots; wide, red shoulder pads; a black sleeve on his human arm; a yellow cape; and grey gloves.

While Minister of War of Mobotropolis, prior to his coup (before he was partially roboticized), Julian wore a white militaristic uniform with blue chains across the front, black-and-red epaulets, medals on the left side of his breast and a bearskin hat.



Julian with Snively, before his coup. From the episode "Blast to the Past, Part 1".

Robotnik was originally named Julian. He once worked as an assistant for Naugus, a wizard who discovered a limited dimension known as the Void. Julian betrayed Naugus and trapped him within the Void, but continues to dread the possibility of Naugus getting loose.[1]

Julian later headed up the Ministry of War in the King's regime, and was instrumental in winning the Great War for the monarchy. The King allowed Julian to dismantle the military — from his perspective, this was because the War's end no longer necessitated it, while Julian's motive was to set up a coup. Julian stole the plans for the Roboticizer from Sonic's uncle, Sir Charles Hedgehog, who originally had positive intents for the device.[2]

Robotnik's left arm was replaced with a robotic substitute when Sonic knocked him off-balance during an early encounter (his arm getting caught in a roboticizer as he tried to steady himself).[3] His legion of SWATbots make up the majority of Robotnik's army. He will occasionally engage his enemies by himself if need be, using laser weapons either handheld or as part of his left arm. He also employs his nephew, Snively, as his chief adjutant and overall lackey; Snively often serves as a target for Robotnik's rage whenever his plots are foiled.

In the show's final episode, "The Doomsday Project", Sonic and Sally used the Deep Power Stones to destroy Robotnik's headquarters, forcing Robotnik to flee in his hovercraft.[4]

Troll Associates book

In 1994 the book publisher by the name of Troll Associates released a book based on the SATAM wich told a different story than that of the cartoon. In this book Sonic and Robotnik were both orphans raised by Uncle Chuck. Sonic spent all his time running laps around the town, trying to test his speed, and Robotnik spent all his time trying to build robot servants for himself. Even when they were young, Sonic and Robotnik did not get along. One day Uncle Chuck creates power rings in order to allow Sonic to boost his speed and strength, on that same day Robotnik steals parts of Chuck's tractor in order to use them in his robots. While Sonic is out playing with his friends, Uncle Chuck tries to use the tractor, however it doesn't work, and crashes, trapping both Chuck and Robotnik. Sonic hears the cries for help and rushes to save them, unable to move the tractor by himself, Sonic gets a power ring from Chuck's workshop and uses it to move the tractor and bring Robotnik and his uncle to the hospital.

Weeks later, one of Robotnik's robots betrays him and reveals to Chuck that Robotnik had been using household appliances to construct his machines, he then tells Chuck that the reason that the tractor malfunctioned was because Robotnik had taken components from it. Chuck was furious, and so was Robotnik when Chuck grounded him. For the following weeks Sonic and Chuck continue to make more power rings, while Robotnik steals many apliances of the house and uses them to build a powerful robot (made from a fridge) wich he then uses to attempt to destroy Sonic and Uncle Chuck. With quick thinking, Sonic defeats the robot by wrapping it in a garden hose. His robot defeated, Robotnik dissapears to parts uknown.

Eight years later, Sonic is faster than ever and his uncle has opened a Chilli dog stand, with Sonic as his speedy delivery boy. Sonic returns from a delivery and his Uncle gives him a pair of friction resistant shoes that wont burn up due to Sonic's remarkable speed. Sonic then proceedes to deliver chilli-dogs in record time, when Uncle Chuck recives an order for 200 Chilli Dogs. Sonic Speeds off to the address. Sonic Reaches a great factory filled with traps, and he barely manages to escape (although the chilli dog cart is destroyed).

Sonic returns home to discover that Uncle Chuck and their dog muttski are missing and, the Chilli Dog stand is destroyed, Sonic is then ambushed by a group of robots. He quickly destroys them and reads the logo on one of them to Discover that his childhood rival Robotnik has returned and is the culprit behind Uncle Chuck and Muttski's dissapearences. On the way back to the factory, Sonic meets Sally Acorn who tells him that she is the princess of Mobius, and that her father, the king, was captured by Robotnik. Sonic and Sally quickly become allies and manage to sneak into Robotnik's factory, where many of the inhabitants of Mobius have been captured and hypnotized by Robotnik. Sonic and Sally are discovered by SWATbots, but Sonic uses a power ring to destroy the robots and save Chuck and Muttski. Sonic and Sally escape into the Great forest were she tells him of the freedom fighters and invites him to join them, Sonic accepts and she leads him to Knothole village. Sonic then uses the power rings to de-hypnotize Chuck and Muttski.


Robotnik is cruel, sadistic, cantankerous, ruthless, and egotistical.

Robotnik has a relatively short temper and is often brash and overconfident with his designs. A personal grudge he holds against Sonic frequently clouds his better judgment. This is shown when he took the chance to fire a missile at Sonic even though his escape pod was short on fuel and if he fired the missile, he would crash (but the missile didn't fire because of damaged circuitry).[5] He has also tried to roboticize Sonic to be his slave several times, but this has often failed. Despite this, his personality isn't all doom and gloom. Some scenes, especially in the secound season, he could be a bit silly and clownish, such as in the episode 'game guy' he used a giant pinball machine to fight sonic, or in 'dulcy' where he got frozen solid. And in the doomseday project, he complemented sonic, considering him 'a most worthy advasery' and edmitting he is 'almost sorry that its over.' However, he was still very repulsive character, and not above lying, backstabbing and murder to accomplish his goals. He also appears to have intense xenophobia towards the mobians, and thinks 'the two-handed man' should be king, And that, along with the fact he doesn't robotacize snively implies he considers humans the superior species.

Production background and future plans

Because the producers of the show had been given no definitive backstory, they created a "White Paper" setting out the histories of the characters. According to Ben Hurst, Julian and Snively were human space travelers from Earth who travelled thousands of years into the future because of time dilations effects of space travel. On returning home, they found that humans had gone extinct and animals had mutated into sentient beings and renamed the planet Mobius. In Hurst's own words:

Quotation1 Well, bearing in mind that we were given no history of the Sonic characters when we came on board, we created a "White Paper" that created a history for the characters. This doesn't mean that what we created is the definitive backstory. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the document, but as I recall, Julian and Snively were part of a space expedition from about 2200 (or thereabouts). Julian attempted a takeover of the colony, but his technology got out of control and he wound up destroying everything, narrowly escaping with his (and Snively's) lives.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, a nuclear holocaust had destroyed human life as we knew it - and the animals who survived mutated into sentient beings and built the society which you see in the form of Mobius. Einstein's ideas of the passage of time during faster-than-light space travel kick in and thousands of years have passed by the time Julian and Snively returned to find this "Animal" world. Well, Julian's thought was that in the land of the four-pawed critters, the two-handed man is king and so he set about to take over - as outlined in Blast to the Past. Quotation2

Ben Hurst, at the newsgroup (1997/1998)[6]

The cartoon ended after two 13-episode seasons, but the same characters continued to appear in the American comic Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series based on the show.

Television writer Ben Hurst said that, had the cartoon not been canceled, it would have been revealed in the third season that Robotnik survived the destruction of Doomsday by being sucked into the Void, where he was captured by Naugus, serving as the wizard's lackey just as Snively had served Robotnik himself before.[7][8]


  • "I really hate that hedgehog, I hate him, I hate him, HATE HIM, hate, hate, hate, HATE!"
  • "We're home, Cluck. I do miss the beauty of this place when I'm away."
  • "Before this day is done, you and the Power Rings will be right in the palm of my hand."
  • "Snively, what color is my heart?"
  • "Excellent! Stand by for my signal! Air Command. Sweep laser fire, Forward."
  • "My, such a challenging tone. Hardly appropriate for a princess. Not to mention the slender of poor Cluck species. Where is the hedgehog?"
  • "Now let's see if that Power Ring will live up to it's name."
  • "A nice dream. But dreams are meant to be...broken."


  • Robotnik is one of only three video game characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series who appear on the show, the others being Sonic and Tails.
  • This version of Robotnik is considered to be one of the best incarnations of the character in the franchise to date, due to being more ruthless, frightening, threatening and sadistic than his video game counterpart.





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