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Quotation1 Trust me, dear doctor. I made my career out of studying you. Quotation2
— Dr. Starline, Sonic the Hedgehog #11

Doctor Starline[4] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an anthropomorphic platypus and a shadowy scientist who is highly interested in Dr. Eggman and his work.

Concept and creation

According to Evan Stanley, Starline was made as a spiritual successor to old white echidna villains, namely Dr. Zachary and Dr. Finitevus.[5]


Doctor Starline is an anthropomorphic platypus with grey fur that covers most of his body. His beak is black-colored and narrow with nostrils on the front, and he possesses red eyes, black eyelids, and a thick tail. He also has three thick hair turfs on his head that are combed over the right side of his head. His front hair turf also possesses a black highlight.

For attire, he wears a purple and red tuxedo with golden cuffs, orange pince-nez glasses, and webbed black gloves with the left one having an orange hypnotic device attached on the top and golden-tipped fingertips. He also wears black boots with golden buckles, red soles, medium-high heels, and upward-turned pointy toes.



According to Starline, he has apparently made a career out of studying Dr. Eggman.[4]

The Battle for Angel Island

Starline hired Rough and Tumble to capture Dr. Eggman, as he wanted to return the amnesiac Eggman, who had become a good-hearted handyman, to his former glory.[2][4] After the skunk brothers brought Eggman to Starline's base in the Final Egg and strapped him up, Starline revealed himself to Eggman and told him of his intention to restore Eggman's former personality. Ignoring the amnesiac Eggman's pleas, Starline started to electrocute him with a specialized pair of goggles. Later, after completing the first round of Eggman's "procedure", Starline asked Eggman if he was feeling more like himself.[4]


Starline is calm, collected, formal and confident. However, he is also ruthless and cruel, as he was willing to force Eggman to be a part of an evidently painful procedure against his will to bring him back to normal. He also appears to be a fanatic of the Eggman Empire as he wanted to bring its leader back to his former glory.[4]

Powers and abilities

Being a scientist, Starline possesses a high intellect.[4]





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