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Quotation1 You are late Shadow... From now on, my eye shall follow and observe you for me... Quotation2
Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog

Doom's Eye (ドゥームズアイ Do~ūmuzuai?) is a creature that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is Black Doom's third eye,[1][2] separated into a Black Arm organism that acts as a "seeing eye" for Black Doom. It was destroyed during the confrontation with Super Shadow.


Doom's Eye takes the appearance of a black and dark purple starfish with six black-tipped squamous probes and a brutally large red-orange eye in its center. Emerging from its eye and moving along its limbs, it has six blood-red lines.


In Shadow the Hedgehog, Doom's Eye located Shadow and gave him Black Doom's mission to collect the seven Chaos Emeralds for him. It would afterwards appear during the gameplay of the Stages where it would give Shadow his Dark missions

During the battle with Devil Doom, Doom's Eye serves as the only weak spot for this boss. Attacking Doom's Eye while it is merged with Devil Doom can damage him, but it will transfer between Devil Doom's two faces after being attacked to avoid damage.

Powers and abilities


Doom's Eye projecting a hologram of Black Doom.

Doom's Eye provided more of a reconnaissance role for Black Doom and thus held skills most sufficient for these tasks. It could relay what it saw directly to Black Doom and allowed Black Doom to speak through it to the recipients not in the same location as him. It could also project talking holograms of Black Doom from its eye for more personal conversations. It was as well capable of levitation and could move through midair at super speeds.[3]

Being little more than an extension of Black Doom, Doom's Eye could exert Black Doom's hive-mind commands to his Black Arm troops on the ground and as well dethatch and reattach to Black Doom's body. Doom's Eyes has also an extreme awareness of its surrounding environment, such as energies and approaching dangers, which it can send back to Black Doom.



Jazwares Shadow and Doom's Eye pack

  • In late-2012, Jazwares released an accessory of Doom's Eye tagged along with a Shadow figurine.
  • When airborne, Doom's Eye sometimes moves around like a squid, although it is only seen diving in the CGI-cutscenes.



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