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The Doom Seed just beginning to sprout, from Sonic the Comic #122. Black and white art by Carl Flint, colour by John M Burns.

The Doom Seed is a flora that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a biological weapon created by Doctor Robotnik while he was based on Flickies' Island.


The Doom Seed is a colossal egg-shaped seed with a green surface. From a single seed, it could sprout millions of gigantic vines to engulf entire cities. Furthermore, it had the ability to sense attackers, allowing it to counter-attack.


Robotnik had Agent X plant the Doom Seed beneath the streets of Metropolis City, where it soon sprouted and overran the city above with enormous vines.[1] Sonic, Amy and Tekno managed to find the Doom Seed before it completely engulfed the city and Amy destroyed it by firing a crossbow bolt with weedkiller tied to it. With the seed dead, the weeds died as well. Metropolis resident Gilbert Grumpy used the dead weeds in his garden as compost.[2]

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