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Doomsday Project is a DVD of Sonic cartoons released by DiC Entertainment in conjunction with NCircle. This DVD consists of five episodes from season one and two of Sonic the Hedgehog which were originally aired in 1993 and 1994. This DVD is unique in that it mixes episodes from seasons one and two of the series. The DVD's total running time is approximately 110 minutes. It was released on 9 August 2010.[1]


The Freedom Fighters run into a swashbuckler named Ari battling Swat-bots. Sonic diverts the Swat-bots, allowing Ari to escape. After hearing that Robotnik is holding his band of Freedom Fighters hostage, Sonic decides to help Ari free them, but there's something about him that Sally doesn't trust. Her instincts prove to be correct.

When Uncle Chuck's "bug" reveals Robotnik's search for the legendary deep Power Stones, he informs Sally, who tries to retrieve data regarding the Royal Family Secret. When the Freedom Fighters find out that Robotnik has the first stone, they realize that he must never obtain the second one. After obtaining the real second stone, Sally congratulates Sonic, but then discovers that the plan was really devised by their newest Freedom Fighter, Tails.

On a mission to contact the first Freedom Fighters on the King's list, Sonic and the others are forced to travel through a tunnel which carries a curse against everyone else. They encounter the Wolf Pack and their female leader Lupe, who are trying to prevent the destruction of their land by a prototype P.O.D. from Robotnik's Doomsday Project.

When a P.O.D. lands in Knothole, Sonic and Sally realize that the Doomsday machine is already in operation. The Freedom Fighter groups break into the Doomsday machine, only to find that Robotnik had let them in. That night, as the Freedom Fighters celebrate their supreme victory over Robotnik, Snively, now on his own, decides it's his turn to rule.

When Robotnik launches a spy orb that intends to uncover the Freedom Fighters' location in Knothole, Sonic and Rotor launch themselves up to the orbiting spy sphere aboard a homemade rocket powered by Robotnik's discarded booster engine that fell in the great forest. Once on the heavily guarded sphere, Sonic and Robot try to find the spy centers before they locate Knothole.


On the back cover, the description for Harmonic Sonic repeatedly refers to Rotor as "Robot".

Other features

This disc also contains many sneak peaks of other DiC cartoons such as Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.




  • The back cover lists "Harmonic Sonic" as the "Bonus Episode", but it is first on the play menu.