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The Double Punch[1] is a move that appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It is a technique utilized by Chaos 2 where it strikes with its fists.


Sonic Adventure DX 2016-11-24 17-22-40-509

Chaos 2 using the Double Punch in the air.

When performing Double Punch, Chaos 2 stretch its arms forward for a devastating attack. While the move is being performed, its fists glow.

In gameplay, the Double Punch is used during the Chaos 2 boss battle. One needs to watch out because the move can turn towards Knuckles while extending and strike out, so do not get too close even while in mid-air. After using this move, Chaos 2 will remain in place for a while, giving the player an opening to attack Chaos 2 with.

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