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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

An overhead map-view of Downunda.

Downunda is an island continent on Mobius, and represents the Real-World continent of Australia, as many people state that Australia is 'Down Under', being right at the bottom of the planet in the Southern Hemisphere. It holds the last remaining Tasmanian Devil tribe at its ruins.


Many different kinds of Mobians live there, many of which do not live elsewhere. It was the original site of Echidnaopolis before Angel Island was raised into the sky, leaving a huge crater in the land. Knuckles' grandfather Athair lived in the crater with the Ancient Walkers for many years, until Tails made his first visit to the island.


While Doctor Robotnik ruled Mobius, Downunda was controlled by his sub-boss Crocbot. Crocbot was opposed by the Downunda Freedom Fighters. When Tails came across Downunda during his solo adventure, he assisted in the team's attack on Crocbot's lair. During his attempt to escape, Crocbot's tank was knocked off balance and it fell into the crater. The explosion seemingly killed Athair, as the rising smoke looked like his head and after this Athair had moved on to a higher plane, coming back to Mobius only in the form of a ghost.

It was later revealed that Crocbot had survived the explosion and used some Combots to build a prison camp within the crater, in which Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot were trapped. The camp was liberated by the Downunde Freedom Fighters, finally ending Crocbot's control of the continent once and for all. During the destruction of the camp however, Crocbot succeeded in planet a mind control device on one of the Freedom Fighters, Duck "Bill" Platypus. He used "Bill" to recruit other platypuses to imprison the Downunda Freedom Fighters and take control of the continent again. His plans were foiled by the Freedom Fighters with the help of Sonic and Tails, and his remains were brought back to Mobotropolis. Downunda has lived in peace since then.

Downunda is the only place to find a certain rare ore that Robotnik needed for his Ultimate Annihilator.

When Doctor Eggman begin building his Dark Egg Legion Chapters, Duck "Bill" Platypus tricked Eggman into giving him a chapter so he could hamper the Doctor's plans to seize the continent.


  • Downunda is based on the real world continent of Australia (and is presumably the Australia of the far future). Its name is derived from the colloquialism Down Under, which refers to the fact that Australia is located entirely in the Southern hemisphere.
  • The great crater in the southern part of the Island could quite possibly be a reference that represents an overturned Uluru/Ayres Rock that is a large real-life monolith in the centre of Australia.

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