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The Dragogo (ドラゴゴ?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Labyrinth. They are a model of Badniks made by Dr. Eggman.



The Dragogos resemble serpents with dragon features. Their body consists of a single string of floating blue orbs, all of them having a grey underside and curved yellow spikes on the back. Their head is also a blue orb, but possess a flat grey beak with fangs, cartoonish eyes and curved yellow spikes on top of it which resembles a Mohawk.

Powers and abilities

The Dragogos are capable of spitting fireballs from their mouths. They also possess high physical durability, if not virtual invulnerability, since they are unfazed by Sonic's Spin Dash.

Attack patterns

The Dragogos attack patterns consist of launching a surprise assault on the player by popping out of the ground under Sonic. If that fails, they will shoot fireballs in a straight direction.


The Dragogos can only be encountered in Labyrinth of the Sky Zone 4-3 where they will only appear on the part of the ground with the moving blue fields. When they are about to emerge, their shadow can be seen moving along the ground which marks the spot where they will pop out. They are fully invulnerable to the player's attacks, meaning they cannot be destroyed.


  • The Dragogos look somewhat similar a Caterkiller, only that they have a beak and are standing upright.

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