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Dragon's Lair

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Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair
Appearances and Overview
Game appearances

Sonic and the Black Knight
(First and only appearance)


A cave inhabited by many dragons


Southeastern border of The Highlands

Nearby areas

Crystal Cave

Playable characters
(story mode)
Level number


Boss fight

Earth Dragon

Dragon's Lair is the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth area of Sonic and the Black Knight. It is a cave located in the highlands and possibly connected to Crystal Cave. This area holds another barrier stone.


Sonic travels in this area in the pursuit of the last barrier stone, but he must battle a dragon in order to reach it. It is unknown what the barrier stone says.


Dragon's Lair is a cave where the Earth Dragon lies. It also features Thunder Dragons that the player can run on.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Dragon's Lair Howard Drossin 4:39
Dragon's Lair


  • The level's name and the boss in this level are possibly based on the 1983 video game Dragon's Lair.
  • In the third section of the battle against the dragon, cutting down one of the stone pillars can make quick work of the dragon.
  • In the boss fight, when playing as Sonic, one of the quotes he says makes a reference to the FinalHazard from Sonic Adventure 2. At the beginning of the fight he mentions fighting a dragon with Shadow.

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