Drill Baby Drill is the fourth Challenge Act of Speed Highway Act 2 in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is unlocked after clearing every Stage in the Dreamcast era and is playable only as Modern Sonic.


This Challenge Act stretches from when Sonic starts running down the side of the building in Speed Highway Act 2 to the lobby at the bottom of the building. Unlike in the main Act though, upon entering the building with the lobby while running down the side, the gameplay switches to a 2.5D perspective and lead across several platforms rather than going straight downward.

The second and final section of this Act is full of wooden containers that block the paths. In this Act, they are destroyed most efficiently with the Stomp, Slide and Boost. Among the containers are bombs and on the plaforms are Cop Speeders. Some surfaces are also covered in spikes while other spikes float around horizontally. Additionally, there are certain power-ups along the Act, such as different Time Bonuses and Super Rings.


This Challenge Act starts with Sonic running down the side of the building unhindered. Upon entering the building and switching to platforming, the player must work their way downward to the bottom of the building by crossing plaforms and smashing through containers. After passing the only Star Post, the Act becomes trickier, with floating spikes and more bombs. Upon reaching the lobby at the bottom, the player will find the Goal Ring.


  • When running down the side of the building on the PC version, the game is displayed at sixty frames per second, unlike in the main Act where the framerate usually drops down to forty frames per second or slightly above.
  • The Springs that appear on the walls near the end of this Act launch Sonic without triggering his aura, unlike the other Springs in the game.


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