Quotation1 Attack with a drill. Press a button repeatedly for powered up attacks. Quotation2
— Basic attack description, Sonic Forces manual[1]

The Drill Wispon[1] is an object that appears in Sonic Forces. It is a Wispon that is themed after the Yellow Wisp. The Drill Wispon can be used by Avatar, allowing the character to penetrate through Badniks, as well as excavate through the ground and climb up walls.



Modeled after the Yellow Wisp, the Drill Wispon is a cone-shaped Wispon that is colored yellow with orange strips spiralling through. It has a hole in the middle of the cone, staying true to the Yellow Wisp-motif. The cone is held together by a black and yellow handle that are attached to a gray grip, allowing the user to properly hold the weapon at a comfortable position.

Features and abilities

As its name implies, the Drill Wispon can use the power of the Yellow Wisp and essentially allow the Avatar to use the power of the Yellow Drill Color Power without transforming into the Color Power. The Drill Wispon can be used as an offensive measure against Badniks.



The Avatar using the Drill Wispon.

The Drill Wispon allows the user to pierce through enemies, spiralling the user forward to destroy the enemies in front of them. It can also allow the user to climb up walls and tunnel underneath the surface to keep moving forward to the goal.

By advancing through the game, the player can unlock different variants of the Drill Wispon. These variants all have the same basic functions, but offer additional skills to the player when equipped:

Wispon no. Skill description
First skill Second skill Third skill
1 N/A N/A N/A
2 Blocks enemy attacks while braking. N/A N/A
3 Awards Rings for reaching a checkpoint. N/A N/A
4 Lets you stop on a dime, regardless of speed. Gives a burst of speed when landing. N/A
5 Increases grinding speed. Extends sliding distance. N/A
6 Increases grinding speed. Applies a protective shield. Gives a burst of speed when landing.
7 Grants Rings when starting a stage. Lets you get up quickly after taking damage. Awards bonus points for collecting 100 Rings.
8 Lets you stop on a dime, regardless of speed. Gives a burst of speed after landing a Stomp. Enables you to perform sequential Wire Attacks faster.
9 Awards Rings for defeating enemies. Grants invincibility for a short time after collecting 100 Rings. Awards bonus points when you collect a chain of Rings.







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