The Drop Dash (ドロップダッシュ Doroppu Dasshu?)[1] is a recurring move in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When performing this technique, the user makes a quick dash just after landing.

Concept and creation

According to Christian Whitehead, the Drop Dash was designed with new players in mind.[2]


When performing the Drop Dash, the user curls into a ball as they drop down to the ground, upon where they will instantly dash into a Spin Attack in either direction when landing on the ground.[1]

In gameplay, the Drop Dash is charged in midair. Doing so will release the Spin Attack once it touches the ground.[2] This allows the player to gain instant speed just after a drop or jump from midair.

Game apperances

Sonic Mania

The Drop Dash made its first appearance in Sonic Mania as a move used exclusively by Sonic the Hedgehog. To perform it in gameplay, the player must holds the jump button when airborne.[2] The move will then be executed when Sonic touches the ground.

Sonic Forces

The Drop Dash is scheduled to make an appearance in Sonic Forces as a move utilized by Classic Sonic.


  • In Sonic Lost World, it is possible to use a move that is similar to the Drop Dash when the player keeps on jumping while using Spin Dash.


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