The Drop Dash (ドロップダッシュ Doroppu Dasshu?)[1] is a recurring move in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When performing this technique, the user makes a quick dash just after landing.

Concept and creation

According to Christian Whitehead, the Drop Dash was designed with new players in mind.[2]


When performing the Drop Dash, the user curls into a ball as they drop down to the ground, upon where they will instantly dash into a Spin Dash in either direction when landing on the ground.[1]

In gameplay, the Drop Dash is charged in midair when initiated. Doing so will release the Spin Dash once the playable character touches the ground.[2] This allows the player to gain instant speed just after a drop or jump from midair. However, the dash will not be executed if the player takes damage before landing.

Game apperances

Sonic Mania

The Drop Dash made its first appearance in Sonic Mania as a move used exclusively by Sonic the Hedgehog. Super Sonic can also use this move, where he causes a mini earthquake upon impact with the ground. To perform the Drop Dash in gameplay, the player has to execute the following actions. The move will then be initiated upon landing:

PS4 Switch XB1 PC
Press and hold PSSquareButton/PSXButton/PSObutton during a jump Press and hold Switch y/Switch a/Switch b during a jump Press and hold X button/A button/B button during a jump Press and hold [A] / [Q] / [S] during a jump

Sonic Forces

The Drop Dash is scheduled to make an appearance in Sonic Forces as a move utilized by Classic Sonic.


  • In Sonic Lost World, it is possible to use a move that is similar to the Drop Dash when the player keeps on jumping while using Spin Dash.


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