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E-01 Baby Kiki (キキ Kiki?), also known simply as Kiki, is an E-Series robot from the game Sonic Adventure.


Baby Kiki is a monkey robot that resembles the Coconuts Badnik. Its usual method of attack is to hang in trees or other remote areas and throw bombs at the player.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

Baby Kiki appeared in Emerald Coast, Twinkle Park, Red Mountain and Hot Shelter. One Baby Kiki that is locked in a cage serves as the key to enter Red Mountain, and can only be destroyed by Sonic the Hedgehog's Light Speed Attack after finding the Ancient Light.

Tails is the only playable character that doesn't encounter a Baby Kiki normally (unless he glitches into the levels listed above).

The E-08 Kart Kiki in this game looks like Baby Kiki, but attacks by driving a bumper car towards enemies instead of by throwing projectiles.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Kiki appears in the DS Adventure Tour, in which he ruins a patch of flowers until Daisy beats him in a snowball fight. After this, Kiki opens a gate and retreats to get repaired. 

Sonic Generations

Baby Kiki reappears in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations at Emerald Coast. It acts the same as it was previously on Sonic Adventure.



E-01 toy

As part of the Sonic Adventure Toy Line made by the company Toy Island, Baby Kiki was released as an accessory with the Dr. Robotnik action figure. Baby Kiki has five points of articulation, a removable tail and a bomb which he cannot actually hold without the application of some kind of adhesive (other small characters in this collection were Froggy and Chao both of which had zero points of articulation.). Kiki is one of three Badniks from Sonic Adventure to be translated into an action figure (the other two being E-102 Gamma by ReSaurus and Spinner by Jazwares). The Dr. Robotnik figure was re-released as a Sonic X toy, without Baby Kiki.


Sonic Adventure

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Sonic Generations

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