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The E-02 Rhinotank (リノタンク Rinotanku?) is one of the E-Series robots. It first appeared in Sonic Adventure.


Rhinotank is a rhinoceros cyan-colored robot that charges towards the player at high speeds and appears to be based on the RhinoBot from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Game appearances

Sonic Advance


The Rhinotank appeared again in Sonic Advance where it was given a new design.

Sonic Rivals

Rhinotank made an appearance in Sonic Rivals as one of the collectible cards the player can collect randomly from racing in Story and Challenge Modes.

Sonic Generations

This Badnik reappears at Emerald Coast in Sonic Generations. It is given a much greener texture compared to its previous appearances.


Sonic Adventure

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Sonic Generations

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