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The Klagen (クラゲン Kuragen?) is a robot that appears in Sonic Heroes. They capture team members so that the player must destroy them to free the captured team member.

They also appear in Sonic Rush and in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations.


Klagens are grey robots with purple and cyan coloration. It has a UFO-like disc for a head that has a single purple eye. It has two arms that hang down and two discs at the end of the arms that it uses to capture a team member. The Klagens have three HP.


Main article: Gold Klagen

There is a gold variant that teleports the captured team member to a location farther ahead in the level after a set period of time in captivity. Tails' description of this robot is "If that Gold Robot captures one of us it will take them away, we have to destroy it before any of us get caught".


  • The Normal Klagen has a time of about 20 to 30 seconds before it releases the captured Team Member.
    • Sometimes the Klagen's programming will glitch and it will keep the Team Member forever until either the area is left or the robot is destroyed.
  • Its body model could have been reused from the Sonic Adventure Badnik Egg Keeper.
  • Its name is probably a mangling of Kraken.


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