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The Egg Bishop (エッグビショップ Eggubishoppu?) is a magician-like robot that first appeared in Sonic Heroes as an enemy.


It looks similar to a red-colored Egg Pawn with no legs. It wears a pointed hat and has a red skirt-like covering with colored tips resembling a robe in the place of legs. It also carries a staff.

Game appearances

Sonic Heroes

The Egg Bishop first appeared in Sonic Heroes and is only encountered in Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion. In this game, their pointed hats are colored dark blue with a stripe of a lighter shade of blue and have their robe-like covering tips colored blue. They are usually accompanied by other enemies since the Egg Bishop lacks any direct offense to attack the player. When the Egg Bishop spots the player, it will cast a spell that fully replenishes the health of its surrounding fellow robots including itself. Using Power Formation attacks can destroy it in one hit. If the player uses Speed Formation's Tornado Jump (or Homing Attack at level 3) on an Egg Bishop, it causes it to flip over and become an Egg Magician.

Sonic Rush

Egg Bishops also appear in Sonic Rush. In this game, they wear grey-colored pointed hats with a red stripe and the tips of their robe-like coverings are colored yellow. They appear at Acts 1 and 2 of Mirage Road. Unlike their appearance in Sonic Heroes, these Egg Bishops launch small energy pulses from their staffs to attack when they spot the player. These pulses will fly across the screen horizontally so the player must avoid standing directly in the Egg Bishop's line of sight. They can be destroyed with a Spin Jump. The Egg Bishops, though, do not have healing powers or the ability to transform into the Egg Magician like their counterparts in Sonic Heroes.



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