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Earth is a type of element that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series , where it used almost exclusively in combat-based situations. It's most notable appearance is in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood .


The Earth element allows the user to control rocks and boulders. It also provides it's user with Earth-damage to the user's attacks.


Earth Ring

An Earth Ring

Like most other classic RPGs, Sonic Chronicles features elemental attacks. Earth is one of the several elements in the game. A primary example of a user of this element in Knuckles, whose attacks, such as the Quake Punch , have Earth power.

Jirna , one of the many Chao in the game, can also provide it’s bonded character with an Earth-based shield, protecting them from damage. The Earth Ring can also provide its user with the Earth element to any of their basic attacks when equipped.

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